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A Farce of Geo-Political Proportion – Sony and North Korea

Knock, knock, who’s there
By Korifaeus

A Motion Picture Studio, Sony, is about to release a movie whose plot involves the intent of the CIA trying to persuade a wanna-be Journalist to assassinate Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea.

Trailers of the up-and-coming movie are shown on TV, and the next thing we hear is that private emails of Sony executives have been hacked, eventually released to the media, for the world to see what these executives privately feel about movie stars, etc.

Number 1 immediate suspect of the Cyber attack is North Korea, said to be upset at the upcoming movie, titled, ” The Interview”, because it involves an assassination plot against the North Korean leader/dictator.

Fast forward, the Movie will not be shown in Theaters, and the President of the United States makes a public statement ( Paraphrase ) , ” Sony should have released the movie, and not allow a foreign country to intimidate them from their right to freely express themselves.”

Excuse me, who in the White House briefed the President on this issue ? Terrible homework, whoever it was having briefed the President. Because…. not Sony decided not to release the movie, rather the “movie theaters ” decided not to show the movie for the safety of the movie goers.

So now the President of the United States vows a response to the North Korean cyber attack, according to the news ? Private emails of a ” Private ” business were “supposedly” hacked by officials of a foreign country, North Korea, and the President of the U.S. pledged to respond ( according to the news ) quote, :” “in a place and manner and time that we choose”.

The Sony movie, ” The Interview”, which “supposedly” upset the North Korean leader, is a satire, from what i can see from the trailers. But there’s one problem with the movie, satire or not, and that is that it involves the real Name and likeness of an actual present leader, and regardless of satire or not, it involves a ” threat” to assassinate this ” REAL LIFE” Public figure and actual leader of North Korea, thus it’s not covered by the First Amendment = Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Opinion, Freedom of Expression, because a ” Threat” is a Criminal offense NOT covered under the First Amendment, nor Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It doesn’t matter if North Korea is our Enemy or not. It doesn’t matter if Kim Jong Un is an evil Dictator or not. What matters is that a well known real person’s name, who happens to be the official actual leader of an actual country, was used in that movie plot and that was extremely nearsighted by Sony, and whoever green lighted the picture.

Unless …….the whole thing had nothing to do with North Korea – which is thus far only a suspect accused of the hacking – and it turns out to be an “INSIDE JOB” by someone inside Sony itself, with the emails knowingly and intentionally released – President Obama having been notified about it, including the humoring emails about him – why else would he now defend and stand up for Sony ? He has a good sense of humor and whoever possibly briefed him on the big Ad-Campaign for ” The Interview” did apparently a better job than briefing him on the release-issue of the movie.

But seriously; had they written the movie in ways of Sacha Baron Cohen’s ” Dictator”, or any other motion picture, for that matter, in which a fictional character of a fictional country was used, it would have been a different story, and a true Satire, and most certainly covered under the First Amendment. But using a real life leader of a real life country ( that officially happens to be our enemy) is a Geo-Political provocation for which Sony should take full responsibility – Not the American people, and most certainly not their primary representative, the President of the United States. It’s between Sony and North Korea, no one else.

If the movie ends with the North Korean leader actually being assassinated, then it’s in terribly bad taste, and understandable if North Korea interprets it as a threat. If the movie ends with the assassination attempts ( many of which are actually funny ) NOT succeeding, thus no harm done, then i’m sure Sony could persuade Dennis Rodman to see Kim Jong Un to straighten it all out, IF…… North Korea was positively behind the attack, that is.



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