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CIA Torture Techniques of the Antiquities

The Un-Intelligence Committee
By Korifaeus

Yes, i read through the “Torture” techniques the CIA supposedly used on terrorists, and yes i saw the interview on Fox by Megyn Kelly with the Psychologist said to’ve interrogated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

What i find curious about this entire ” Controversy” is that the Intelligence Committee was given the entire Documents of Procedure regarding this Torture Program, and the Committee gave their okay. Now, however, after the CIA, as i understand it, released the documents, the Committee is pointing the finger at the CIA, as in …. ” How could they do such things ”

Are we missing something here, Mister and Mrs Intelligence Committee Members ?
The CIA did not do any such thing behind your backs, nor without approval , thus sent the documents with the intended procedures to you, the Representatives of the People, who then looked through it and you gave your okay.

Are you, dear Representatives, now trying to make yourself look better by attacking the CIA, as though THEY’re the Barbarians having engaged in these procedures ? It was you who gave their okay prior to the CIA putting it into action.

But let’s go a step further and into the realm of 21st Century reality. What kind of mindset would believe that the Central Intelligence Agency – the biggest Intelligence Collecting Agency in the World, with advanced ” secret” technology 50 years ahead of what we’re familiar with, would engage in such antiquated techniques ?

For my part i just can’t fathom that torture would be used nowadays, when interrogations of highly dangerous suspects was already done via Narco-Analysis in the 60’s. Truth serum, like Sodium Thiopental, etc., have been used since the early 20th century. It’s much more realistic to believe that terrorists with possible knowledge of dangerous plots against humanity, would be injected with a serum that doesn’t cause pain nor cause bodily harm and makes them talk. And best of all, they won’t remember they talked 🙂

It’s also not unlikely that the actual interrogation program is Classified – top secret; after all, we’re talking about the Central Intelligence Agency, and to release Documents about interrogation techniques, to then be broadcast around the world, would jeopardize operations, etc.

A truly delightfully brilliant action, in a “WHAT IF ” sense, is……. had the CIA created documents with fictitious interrogation/torture techniques to be presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee to see what the Representatives of the People have to say about it – how they’d react to it, and if they would okay it. The first people who should Psychologically be tested, after all, are those in Government positions, getting to know their mindset, their character/ personality, etc.
Me thinks they didn’t pass the test.
Especially when it comes to common knowledge of international interrogation techniques used since the early 20th century, thus one must wonder from which backward dimension they’ve been governing this country, if they can’t even think of ” laughing gas ” ?

Uh, oh 🙂



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