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Britain may want to clean up their Mess – Palestine

By Korifaeus


The major issue of continued conflicts in Israel, it seems, is the word ” Palestine”.
” There was never a Palestine and since there never was a Palestine the lands currently inhabited by Arabs, referred to as Palestinians, belongs to Israel “, is a repeated argument by Israelis insisting both the West Bank and Gaza should become part of Israel.

Just the other night i watched some TV News shows ( Fox’s Hannity ) where Israelis, living in close proximity to Gaza, used this very example calling for Gaza and Gazans to be ” gone”, to incorporate the land into Israel. It was a bit what eye-brow raising to hear Jewish people make such statements, considering such statements were made of Jewish people not so long ago, as in Britain’s “Jewish Question”, which appears to’ve now become the ” Palestinian Question” proposed by some Israelis.

As opposed to some Israeli’s believe that a Palestine never existed, it indeed existed and many Israelis sport the name ” Palestine” as country of birth on their Birth certificates and Passports, just as many Palestinians do. If anyone is at fault regarding the use of the word ” Palestine”,and “Palestinians”, it’s Great Britain, but i’ve yet to hear an official word from Great Britain to explain and take responsibility for the sake of peace.

Another problem adding to the misunderstandings regarding the word Palestine, is the lack of common history education in Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox Religious Jewish communities, only learning history according to the Torah ( Hebrew Bible), thus not taught about events having taken place in our time, outside of different eras of Jewish persecution.

Click here for the etymology and origin of the name/word Palestine

Palestine was the official name given to the southern part of Ottoman Syria by Great Britain, who took control of the region in 1920, after the first world war = called the British Mandate of ” Palestine”. Each and everyone born between 1920 and 1948 was called ” Palestinian”, not Israeli, because no such country existed as yet and came only into being in 1948. The main spoken language during that time was Arabic, also spoken by Jewish people who’d lived in the area for ions, including Yeshuvis, i.e., Indians of Sephardic descent ( Yeshuv being an archaic Vedic term for Joseph, via Yushev/Yusef; the tribe of Joseph being Sephardics ( from which the term ” Shepherds” derived).

Not only were the aforementioned called Palestinian, their passports and birth-certificates stated ” Palestine” as the country of their birth ( when born between 1920 and 1948 ) Thus did a Palestine ever exist ? Yes it did, and not so long ago. But when the state of Israel was founded, parts of what made up The British Mandate of Palestine, was divided from Israel, with the West Bank given to Jordan ( also created by Britain, formerly Trans Jordan), and Gaza given to Egypt.

More than half of those now inhabiting Gaza and the West Bank are descendants of Jewish refugees having flocked to British Palestine to escape persecution in eastern Europe during the first Aliyah (1800’s) all the way until 1945, with the area in which they lived closed off when Israel was founded in ’48.

That’s why they’re called Palestinians, because many are descendants of those born in what was then called ” Palestine”.

Thus as far as disputes regarding the name “Palestine” is concerned, i believe it’s time for Britain to clean up its mess.


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