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The United States and Israel – A Conflict of Interest

By Korifaeus


In my heart i want to believe that none of the atrocities and wars currently reported about in the news, are real, instead i want to believe they’re manufactured stories, created by truly wise people who have the benefit of all people at heart. As such they use all of what technology has to offer and create Green Screen footage with areas being bombed, while in actuality none of this is really happening.

Much like war movies are created, using actors and fake blood, i want to believe in my heart that that’s what’s in actuality occurring, and that the news footage we see on the news is just that – studio footage with computerized green screen bombings.

Like so:

I’m incapable of fathoming that what we’re seeing on the news can really be happening, especially in this 21st Century, with World Leaders and U.N. representatives “discussing” the bombings, and “expressing” their outrage while leisurely sitting in a pleasant chair, but no action taking place to stop it.

It’s is so gruesome and unfathomable to me that the only way my heart wants to see it, is that none of it is real – can’t be real, because what would it say about us ? In order to find sanity in all of this, the only possible scenario i can come up with is that none of it is real, and that we who believe all we see on the news, can’t imagine that there are people smarter than us in this world, who came up with a plan to prevent war, while ” we ” are the ones who continue to be in a barbarian state of mind.

But what if it’s true and these things are really occurring ?

I just finished reading through the Foreign aid summary of the Congressional Research Service and was mind-boggled by how the system of providing ” Foreign aid” to Israel actually works. See http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf

Should America complain regarding the current conflict in Israel ? One of the greatest financial benefactors from the conflict is Lockheed Martin, a U.S. Company, with military equipment purchased with Tax dollars from Lockheed and other U.S. companies for approx. 3 billion Dollars annually, which Israel is provided with in form of “Foreign Aid”. This Foreign aid, however, is Economic aid to our own country, with U.S. Companies making a profit, thus benefiting from this aid via the tax payer’s funds with which the military equipment is bought. I’m wondering if perhaps there is a conflict of interest, by which the State Department can’t possibly function as a neutral party ?

You see, that’s why i have the need to believe there are true wise men in this world who long ago made a plan to prevent wars, using green screens, actors and fake blood,to be shown on the evening news for those still craving entertainment involving violence – because anything else is just too unfathomable to me.



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