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MOSSAD – A Mediocre Intelligence Agency ?

Unorthodox Intelligence
By Korifaeus


The Mossad is the Intelligence Agency of Israel, and the basic agenda of an Intelligence Agency is to prevent harm coming to the country, by secretly spying on others. One of the first logical things to do to prevent conflicts, thus harm, is to create organizations in a country, or area, that bares a possible threat.

Let’s take Hamas, for example. A farsighted Intelligence Agency would have created an Organization like Hamas, with the lead structure of the organization made up exclusively by their own = Intelligence and Military personnel. This would be created to “attract” those wishing harm on the country, thus all those with violent agendas toward a country would flock to the organization to take part and become a member.

But it would not only attract people, say in the West bank or Gaza, but also World Wide, with groups wishing harm on Israel, to use that example, supporting the organizations platform and agendas and become part of the organization. With the help of the media, the organization would be known to the world in no time, getting an infamous cult status of sort, while the Intelligence agency gains insight into all and every fraction and the different groups’ plans, thus able to prevent harm.

If the Mossad has thus far not established such an organization, one couldn’t but call the Agency mediocre, considering it deems itself under a constant threat by surrounding nations.

Intelligence agencies internationally are equipped with the most advanced technology the world has to offer. To understand exactly how far ahead the technology used by Intelligence is, try to remember the first time ( if you’re old enough) you saw Star Trek on TV, with the show presenting us with a technology we would ourselves be using 30 years later.

As a quick reminder, the crew of Starship Enterprise ( this was the 60’s ) communicated via “Satellite” Wi-Fi with the inhabitants on different planets- using giant plasma screens. Once beamed down to another planet, the crew used cellular phones, for example to tell Scotty to beam them back up. Automatic doors would open throughout the ship, much like we have nowadays in our local supermarkets.

It seemed almost unimaginable that such technology could ever exist one day, ‘cuz it was so far out to us during a time when we still used rotary phones. Televisions were huge boxes that first needed to warm up before the picture became clear – with TV antennas on the roof and smaller antennas on top the TV. And forget about remote control; one had to make the strenuous effort to get up from the couch, to change the ” 3 ” channels via the buttons on the TV set.

That’s how far technology used by Intelligence is ahead of our time = at least 30 years ahead of the technology we use. Ergo: the technology we regular folks currently use is technology Intelligence used some 30 to 50 years ago. Thus technology used nowadays by intelligence is….well, difficult for us to imagine that such technology could even exist = WAY ahead of us.

Intelligence operations are fashioned after the most brilliant strategic plans, ( as the word “Intelligence” implies ) thus not to have created an organization, as mentioned above, with which to catch a culprit seeking harm on Israel, makes one question if the Mossad is capable of doing its job.

All they found are the addresses where some rockets are hidden, as well as the phone numbers to call and warn the occupants about a missile aimed at the building ? That’s all military intelligence found out ? Or where tunnels succeeded to’ve been created right under the nose of the Mossad ?

And no spies in Gaza observing the tunnels being built ? No looking into if buildings were in actuality build with the cement bags Israel sent to Gaza for rebuilding, with the cement actually ending up being used to build tunnels, according to the IDF, because cement bags having come from Israel were found in the tunnels.

The same goes for the building of illegal settlements. No one notices, apparently, that illegal settlements are being built, and after the “completion” of construction,….. the completed settlements are being destroyed.

Nor did anyone apparently see rockets being brought to Gaza, and most importantly, no spy was anywhere to notice rockets being shlepped into the tunnels, etc. ?

Knock, knock, who’s there…….


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