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” The Holocaust” – When the World insists on Answers

The Buck stops here
By Korifaeus

There’s a time when one can no longer continue to just watch the happenings as presented in the media, taking all of what we’re told at face value, especially when perceiving way too many inconsistencies that just don’t add up. And when such a time has arrived one has the obligation to speak up and insist on answers and the time has now come.

In a free world, in which we live, no one should fear to speak up, and no one should fear to ask questions. It is a “must” in modern society to question that which doesn’t make sense – pointing out the things that make no sense to one, and when doing so receive an explanation, especially after the first and second world war, from which we must have learned how pivotal it is to speak up.


I can’t take sides until i see things with my own eyes – and have always had a difficult time taking sides, because i wouldn’t want to soil my soul with accusations against a possibly innocent party. Thus i question things when perceiving inconsistencies

Is it not what the media should be doing in the first place – engaging in ” investigative journalism” ? It’s photos from which we can attain truth, because they’re records of history and events, which brings me to another issue i’ve been wrestling with for the longest time; The Holocaust.

Until the end of 1969 the word “Holocaust” was never used nor mentioned in regard to the second world war. The death of six million Jewish people during the second world war was never mentioned until the end of 1969.

After 1969 the world was shown photos of starved prisoners, supposedly held in German concentration camps, while in actuality the photos depict prisoners of Russian Gulags during the first and second world war.

This photo, see below, is said to depict prisoners of a German Concentration Camp. Note the bracelets on the left wrist of the prisoners, which were prisoner bracelets used exclusively in Russian Gulags.


Mass graves, carts and rows of starved corpses were published as victims of German concentration camps, while in actuality the photos depicted victims of Russian Gulags, in which prisoners were put to work and starved to death, which was well known about during the first and the second world war.

Photos of the first world war, in which millions of people starved to death in eastern Europe, as well as having forcefully been incarcerated and worked and starved to death, are used as evidence against Germany, said to depict ” Jewish” victims during the second world war. But how exactly have these photos been analyzed to distinctly identify the depicted victims as Jewish ?

Photos were published depicting people at train stations in Germany and other countries during the second world war, dressed in hats and coats, carrying suitcases, about to board trains, supposedly forced by the SS to go to Auschwitz and other concentration camps.


Are there any photos of Jewish people boarding trains to go to British Palestine, or taking a train to a ship that went to British Palestine ? With Millions of Jewish people having taking trains and ships to migrate to British Palestine, it seems likely that these photos depict the aforementioned voyageurs, instead of people being hauled off to concentration camps.

Having said that, there are also numerous photos of people being hauled away in freight trains and cattle cars, who did not appear to have any luggage, referred to as Jewish people being brought to German concentration camps.

It appears that any and all photos depicting people being hauled away in great numbers in freight trains are exclusively Jewish. No photos of prisoner transports, as in prisoners of wars, appear to exist. While yet, many of these pictures actually depict Soviet transportations of tens of thousands of “Estonians” being brought to camps in Siberia and Kazakhstan during the Soviet occupation of Estonia.

What about photos of the mass deportations by the Red Army of Lithuanians, none of them Jewish, which amounted to almost a half a million Lithuanians, brought to some of the 400 gulags in Russia ?

During the first world war the world Jewry was made of approx 12 million people, with approx. 6 million living in central and eastern Europe and British Palestine, and approx 6 million living in southern Asia with most residing in India.

No one can possibly deny that a holocaust took place – it took place and there’s no doubt about that. The question, however, is where it took place due to enormous amounts of photos which are inconsistent with the reports, and Newspaper articles published during and after the first world war,, available for everyone’s review thanks to the elaborate archive of the Library of Congress, see http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov

On June 6, 1915, The Sun published an article charging Russia with torture, starvation and slaughter of thousands of the 6 million Jewish people of eastern Europe, called the darkest day in History, as you can read for yourself, see http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83030272/1915-06-06/ed-1/seq-49.pdf

On Friday, October 18, 1918, the New York Times published at article on Page 12, whose headline read:
” $100.000.000 Fund to rebuild Jewry”
It further states the following:
Six million Souls will need help to resume normal life when war is ended. Committee of American Jews lays plans for Greatest Humanitarian Task in History.

The American people, Jews and non-Jews alike, will soon be asked to lend or contribute the larger part of a fund of approximately $100.000.000 to carry out plans for the reconstruction of the Jewry of the entire world. Announcement to this effect, together with the general plan of procedure, was made public last night, following a meeting held yesterday in the office of Felix M. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Chairman of the American Fund of Jewish War sufferers.

While the peal will go out to the entire World, the people of war-ravaged Europe, it is believed, will not be in position to further the plan financially to any large extent, so that the burden will fall upon the United States, Canada and perhaps England. ”

On Monday September 8, 1919 the New York Times headline on page 6 reads,
“Ukrainian Jews aim to stop Pogroms”
It further reads:
“Commission to visit Europe and prepare a Memorandum for President Wilson.
Mass meeting hears that 127.000 Jews have been killed and 6.000.000 are in peril.
We come out now before the world with the determined slogan, ” Those pogroms must stop”, said the President in his annual message. “It is only a question of holding these facts continually before the civilized world; we must not permit the world to slumber. This fact that the population of 6.000.000 souls in Ukrainia, and in Poland, have received notice that they are going to be completely exterminated – this fact stands before the whole world as the paramount issue of the present day”.

On Wednesday November 12, 1919, the New York Times headline read:
” Tells sad plight of Jews.
Felix M. Warburg says they were the worst sufferers in War

It continues:
” The successive blows of contending armies have but broken the back of European Jewry”, he said. ” and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6.000.000 souls, or half the Jewish Population of the earth.

In the years that followed, specifically the years following 1969, the world was told that the Nazis were guilty of having killed 6 million Jewish people,which would mean that all Jewish people outside of southern Asia had been killed. However, millions of Jewish people had migrated to British Palestine between the late 1800’s ( when the first Aliyah – Jewish migration to its homeland – took place ) and 1945. Not to forget the great number of Eastern Jewry having migrated to the United States in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

If President Wilson knew of an extermination plan against 6 million Jewish people in 1919, which was twenty years before the beginning of the second world war, as published in the New York Times, see above, is it possible that the World powers made a strategic plan to prevent such atrocities from happening ?

Is it possible that a ‘trap” was set for the actual perpetrators, who’d fall into the trap when repeating false accounts, created for the sole purpose to be repeated, and when doing so fall into the trap ? Accounts published with use of the media, which was recognized as the greatest tool to manipulate public opinion, with which to expose the culprit.

The truth is out there, and the records, files, documents and photos of what actually occurred can be opened to the world, but do we really want to know the truth ? Do we really want to know and the world to know who our forefathers in actuality were and what they may’ve been involved in ? Need the descendants of the victims suffer the trauma of their forefathers once again, and need the descendants of the perpetrators be shamed for their forefathers ?

If we can’t close the doors to the past and move on, there is not going to be a future.

If ever you wanted to be a hero, now is the time




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