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Is a BIG Apology to Wolf Blitzer not in Order ?

By Korifaeus


The first thing i “heard” yesterday, was that CNN long time correspondent Wolf Blitzer “offended” Michael Bloomberg by suggesting the decision of the FAA – not to allow flights to Israel – was politically motivated. Then i saw the interview with our former Mayor Michael Bloomberg…. realizing how a totally false picture of the actual happening was projected on to the public, after which many folks appeared to’ve been basically brainwashed to repeat what the media told them had occurred, rather than what in actuality took place during the interview.

Toward the end of the Interview Wolf Blitzer “asked” a reasonable question many Americans as well as Israelis, and others internationally asked themselves, as well; and that was IF Michael Bloomberg thought the FAA’s decision was politically motivated. It’s not only a fair question, it’s a couragous question, but most importantly a reasonable question to ask for a …. journalist doing what he’s supposed to be doing = ask “questions”.

In no way or form did Wolf Blitzer ” suggest ” that the FAA’s decision was politically motivated. He simply “asked” a question, which is the action of a journalist doing his job. Shocking, however, was Michael Bloomberg’s responds.

At first Mr. Bloomberg replied ( paraphrase) :” Why would you think that ?”, which i first believed was meant sarcastically, after all, from what i gathered looking at the news, President Obama is put in question as to his unwavering support for Israel. With an administration’s support for Israel in question, and the FAA being a “Federal” agency, it’s neither improbable, nor unreasonable, nor impossible that a decision MAY have been put into place due to a political motivation aside from the fact that much of “Israel” believed the decision was politically motivated. Thus to ask the question is just common sense, thus Wolf Blitzer asked Michael Bloomberg what ” he” thought about it.

Shocking was the reaction shortly after Mr. Bloomberg’s ” Why would you think that ? “. He suddenly became so out of proportion DEFENSIVE, as i’ve never seen Mister Bloomberg since he’s been in the public eye. He reacted as though Wolf Blitzer scrutinized a “personal” decision by Michael Bloomberg. His reaction came out of no where and seemed so odd and out of place, totally taking me by surprise, because it came across as so DEFENSIVE. (?)

Odd, too, i thought, was why Michael Bloomberg implied Wolf Blitzer was “thinking” that, while Wolf Blitzer, in no fashion, suggested HE himself was “thinking” that – he just “asked” the question.

Paraphrase Michael Bloomberg to Wolf Blitzer:” Don’t be ridiculous, why would you think that ? It’s an outrage for you to accuse one of our agencies ( Wolf Blitzer interrupted for a moment, saying he is just “asking”). Michael Bloomberg continues, paraphrase:” By asking the question you’re implying that our Government does things for political reasons. Maybe once in a while they do, but it’s your job to prove it, just the allegation against our government i personally take as an offense. ”

Goodness, what exactly did Mr. Bloomberg hear to accuse Wolf Blitzer of ” implying ” something and “accuse” the Government of being “politically” motivated, while Mr. Bloomberg ends up suggesting the Government ” may” once in a while do it. Mr. Bloomberg appears to’ve also been under the impression he was talking to a federal prosecutor, to suggest it’s Wolf Blitzer’s job to ” prove” it. Err, pardon me, but a Journalist’s job is not to Investigate and prove, rather “interview” and report, and when doing so, ask questions.

Wolf Blitzer then remarked that he did not accuse anyone, and that he just asked if he thought there was a political motive behind the travel advisory, or the FAA decision, because a lot of people in Israel do, to which Michael Bloomberg lashed out on Wolf Blitzer, saying ( paraphrase) :” I don’t know, you don’t know, and the other people don’t know, but just the tone of the question and trying to create desention (?) is insulting to America.”

WOW, i thought, what exactly did Wolf Blitzer do to receive such a verbal ambush from Michael Bloomberg ? What exactly did Wolf Blitzer say, ask, for Michael Bloomberg to react as though he was personally being attacked, reacting so heavily defensive and totally out of proportion to a very legit question of a ” Journalist” ?

How did Wolf Blitzer “accuse” the FAA, America, or anything or anyone ? Why would Mr. Bloomberg take ” personal” offense ? What does Mr. Bloomberg have to do with any decision by the FAA, to take personal offense by a question Mr. Blitzer put forth after a LOT of folks, especially in Israel, suggested the FAA decision may’ve been politically motivated ?

Note: As i later found out, Michael Bloomberg actually paraphrased actually the almost exact statement the FAA gave, via it’s spokeswoman, when a journalist inquired about the same, due to a Texas Senator’s public statement, suggesting/accusing the FAA’s decision was politically motivated. Thus Wolf Blitzer did what any common sense journalist would do and “ask” if Michael Bloomberg believed it may’ve been politically motivated. – That on a side note 😉

If anyone offended anyone, or specifically ” insulted” anyone, then it was Michael Bloomberg; he insulted the Spirit of America, by what looked like an attempt to intimidate a journalist from asking questions, in ways of accusing the ” Journalist” of insulting America, which is a public manipulation tactic and oppression tactic to inhibit the asking of questions. Such tactics, however, are not what America is about. This is still America, where everyone is granted the right to free speech, free opinions, and the freedom of asking as many questions as one wishes, no matter what questions.

This is still America, and she continues to stand upright before the world, to shine as an example for FREEDOM, with her Constitution granting EVERYONE, and especially Journalists, the RIGHT to ask questions. To undermined or attempt to inhibit this right by ways of intimidation is un-American.

I’ve always been supportive of Michael Bloomberg, but suddenly seeing this side of him, was truly shocking because it was …., well it was just, …i dunno what went into him, but Mister Bloomberg, sir, with all due respect, i believe an apology to Wolf Blitzer is in order, won’t you agree ?

In God we trust


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