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Spying on Germany – Okay or not okay ?

Not hot but Spy see
By Korifaeus

Germany is said to’ve sent the head of U.S. Intelligence home, because U.S. Intelligence is said to’ve been….. spying; not just spying, but spying on Germany, a U.S. ally. Intelligence is said to’ve been…. “spying” ? My, my, dunno what “intelligence” is supposed to be doing, but i’ve always been under the impression that’s what intelligence does = gather intelligence.

But let’s get serious for a second, even though the theatricality is somewhat over the top with spies, aka secret agents, aka intelligence officers caught spying ( unheard of, LOL) – is it really unethical for the U.S. to take a closer look into some of Germany’s doings ?

In the case of Germany and Angela Merkel’s administration it is only natural, for any intelligence agency of the west, to keep a close eye on all, to “assure” she and many currently in the German Government are really allies. The reason is due to Angela Merkel’s background.

Angela Merkel is originally from the former DDR – East Germany. Though born in Hamburg, her parents moved to east Germany in 1954. According to her Bio she was a member of the FDJ ( Freie Deutsche Jugend), an East German Youth Organization in which members received a secondary education next to regular schooling. The goal of the FDJ was to install Marxism-Leninism in the East German youth. According to its founders, it was supposed to be or become a reserve unit of the SED ( Socialist Party of East Germany)

The joining of the FDJ was voluntary and the mere joining the FDJ by MRS. Merkel should not be used against her, since she lived in East Germany, which according to what we learned was governed by a strict regime, thus a joining of a Marxist/Leninist youth organization could well have been conformity. Why her parents chose to move to eastern Germany, is yet another story, but should not reflect on her since she had little say in the matter, she was just a little child.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall she quickly became involved in politics and joined the CDU, Conservative Christian party of Germany. Her rise in politics was rapid due to her having been basically politically nurtured, so to speak, by former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

That any intelligence, on both sides, the U.S. as well as Germany ( BND) would keep a watchful eye on her is only natural, since after all, we live in the real world, and in the real world exist such things as communist infiltrates who may join a non-communist minded Political party but may still continue to have communist ideologies and agendas.

We don’t know enough as to what exactly went on in Communist USSR and East Germany, but from the little we’ve been told of what went on – pressures on citizens by the Stasi to conform to Marxist ideologies, with the Stasi acting for the SED, East Germany’s political party, etc, – possible brainwashing doesn’t seem out of place. How to assure any former members of communist parties are no longer communist sympathizers ? One spies on them. It’s what intelligence agencies do, and when they do it they do their job, from which the world, as well as Germany benefits enormously. It’s done for one sake only – the benefit of this world and its people to assure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Just in case the communists had some post production plan for after the cold war.

Aside from all that, Mrs. Merkel has become quite cozy with President Putin of Russia, which may just be a strategic move to create good diplomatic relations to avoid conflicts; but to assure that’s all there is to it, a “neutral” third party needs to listen in and that “neutral” third party is “intelligence”.

Let’s hypothetically assume Mrs. Merkel continued to secretly support communist ideologies after the opening of the east to west, which eventually jeopardizes Germany, its citizens and thus the west. Would any controversies come about in the future, the Intelligence would be the one faulted and made responsible for not having done their job = gather intelligence on Mrs. Merkel, as well as other former members of communist parties of the former USSR and DDR.

Those having nothing to hide and are on the side of the west, it’s capitalist structure, democratic system and Freedom, embrace that intelligence is doing their job and are looking into everything for the “safety” of this world, to make sure no communist take-over will ever happen again in any country, and especially not the west. Mrs. Merkel and other German Politicians find it unethical for ” allies” to spy on one another. “Friends don’t spy on friends”, is what Mrs. Merkel is said to’ve stated.

I beg to differ. In this time of age, after the fall of the Berlin wall and opening of the Iron curtain, with many former citizens of the USSR and DDR now serving in Government positions in many different countries of the west, including the United States of America, it is pivotal for the safety of the west, it’s capitalist structure and its people, to spy on foreign Governments, corporations and individuals to gather intelligence; specifically those having been active in Communist parties, and or belong to possible terror networks.

Germany has “legitimate ” communist parties with its members serving in the Bundestag ( Parliament). How to positively know what their motives and agendas are, outside of trying to re-create a sort of Soviet Union, since, i suppose, that’s their ideology ? One spies on them. That’s what intelligence does.

So what exactly is Mrs. Merkel so hung up about ? That U.S. ” intelligence” is gathering intelligence information ? No really, is that a joke ?

Was it not U.S. Intelligence through whom Germany learned they had a double agent ? How else could they’ve discovered that an agent of their went double ? A German agent giving secrets to U.S. intelligence, if i understood it correctly ? The U.S. is Germany’s friend and continues to be its friend, as such it was a good thing that whoever doubled went to U.S. Intelligence, instead of some other country.

The pundits in the U.S. using the spying on our German ally against President Obama, for political purpose, are either utterly ignorant about the aforementioned, or, what exactly could be the reason for their outcries ? The folks now hollering on the right, supposedly, which seems questionable, are trying to find as much as they can possibly find against President Obama and his administration. There’s lots wrong with the actions by the current administration, but take the bull by its horns, not plug bulls out of thin air.

These pundits refer to the President as Mister Obama, and were the very same people criticizing the left when liberals refused to call President Bush, President, instead referred to him as ” Mister Bush”, as well, calling it disrespectful and un-American.

Thus from the actions we’ve been seeing in some on both sides, it’s apparent that “same-minded” folks are found in both parties of the U.S. Folks acting disrespectfully and appear not to have the best interest of this country at heart, but an apparent agenda to cause a constant divide between the people of the United States. How to find out what these people are really about ? One spies on them. One gathers all the information about them one can possibly find, to assure these folks aren’t actually communist sympathizers, in actuality working for an entity that would benefit from a divided country.

Infiltrates and folks with non-scrupelous agendas are not just found in foreign countries and governments; they’re also found within one’s own country and Government, and thus the first ones the big Eye keeps a close eye on. Best to give them a seat in Government, Congress, Senate, and media, etc. to then be able to take an even closer look into their actions, to see exactly how they’re serving the United States.

Thus as far as Intelligence and spying goes, you go guys and dolls, and best of luck to ye 😉




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