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CAUTION ” VIRAL” Facebook Videos

Gone ” Viral “
By Korifaeus


Occasionally, like many of us, i receive funny videos linked to Facebook sites from friends via email. I click on them and they really are funny most of the time, and thus not surprisingly gone “viral”.

The term gone viral means the video is so popular it received impressive amounts of clicks, thus the video having become “viral” is sent to friends to share a chuckle.

The term “viral”, however, has taken on a whole new meaning for me, specifically in the past few weeks. About two weeks ago a friend sent me a Facebook link with a funny video to my email. I accessed the video from my computer, Mac. After viewing the video and going back to my personal Facebook site, Safari did not allow access to Facebook, siting “security” issues.

I checked on the internet as to what the problem may be and found that uncountable users have been experiencing the same problem by which Safari did suddenly not allow access to Facebook. Many users, from what i gathered reading the complaints, appeared to’ve experienced the problem after viewing “viral” videos embedded on Facebook, as well, thus there may be a connection = could the “viral” videos have indeed gone “viral”, as in literally “viral” ?

I don’t know, but the question need be asked.

This morning i received another link from a friend via email; a Facebook embedded video. I clicked on it from my cell phone, thankfully a Blackberry ‘cuz as far as security is concerned it’s still the top, from my experience. ( there must be a reason why the U.S. gov and military uses Blackberry exclusively ? ) 😉

Instead of the video opening, however, it changed to the Facebook “log in” page, asking for my password, which i found somewhat peculiar, considering my phone is always logged into my FB.

And sure enough; when trying to access my Facebook site moments later, it stated someone tried logging into my FB. The account was temporarily locked and i had to verify my identity, then change the password. But……..
…..it didn’t work because apparently someone tried to also access my email, as i was told via an email i received from gmail.

Fast forward, it took a few hours to get it all straightened out, with a code sent to me via text, etc.

I’ve been hacked into my old computers, my phones ( due to having had non-updated older version blackberries, so-called Dinosaurs, which i tried to hold on to until a new one to my liking came out) and it’s tiring to say the least; often times it involved losing all of my files ( computer) and not having back-ups;( i learned the lesson) or receiving fishy emails from fishy email addresses supposedly of friends, but turned out to be phony impersonator emails, etc.

The two video links having caused the recent problems were embedded videos from German Facebook sites. This does not mean that all embedded German videos may cause security problems, nor that they are indeed from German sites, since anyone can create a site in German language, making it appear German.

My tip, for the time being until the problem is resolved and the cause/culprit identified, it’s safer to click on linked YouTube videos rather than “embedded” Facebook videos that have gone viral, ‘cuz they may indeed have become “viral”. 😉



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