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Der ewige Jude – The eternal Jew

By Korifaeus


It is as though the entire world’s attention evolves around one thing, outside of sex and sports, and that is ” Jewishness”, to be or not to be. A people always finding themselves in the center of attention of historians, theologians, even playwrights. Before Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”, in which a Jewish merchant played the central role, there was a book that was periodically adapted, reinterpreted, rewritten throughout the centuries, until its original story became unrecognizable. The book being, ” El Juez Eterno”, which was translated into German, as ” Der Ewige Jude”, and eventually translated into English as,” The Eternal Jew”, which was turned into a book of anti-Semitic hatred in the middle ages, describing a man said to’ve been responsible for Jesus’ death, who then was given eternal life by God, having to roam the earth to be shunned for his sin through eternity.

This book, however, “El Juez Eterno”, “Der Ewige Jude”, was originally none of the sort. It was neither an anti-semitic book, nor a book about a man responsible for Jesus’ death. It was a book about a person having received eternal life,indeed, not, however, for killing Jesus, rather for….. saving his life.

As i recall the “original” book began with the question:” Will you die for him ?”, a question the person would periodically be asked by God. To prove undying love for the one crowned by Pharaoh, the house of God on earth, the person finally said yes, and with that is also given eternal life, which the crowned one had received. The eternal life given to the one having declared undying love, however, was to walk about earth as a decoy, pretending to be the crowned one, so that those wanting to kill the crowned one to take the crown from him, would go after the decoy.

But that was not all God had in mind for the one willing to prove undying love. Throughout the decoy’s life, which was eternal, the decoy would be persecuted, harmed, enslaved, thus bear witness as to what harm the crowned one would have had to endure, and who the people were going after him and attempting to kill him – thus bearing full witness to all the tyranny, able to judge fairly as to who the perpetrators were and are, as well as who the people were treating him with kindness – the very reason why the Book was called, “El Juez Eterno”,which translates into The eternal Judge, and Der Ewige Jude, the word ” Jude” meaning ” Judge”,as well, from the latin word,” Iudex”, pronounced Yoo’dae, meaning Judge.

That was the original story; a beautiful story of a beautiful person who was willing to suffer to do the most beautiful thing.



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