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Hillary Clinton to turn the United States “Dead Broke”

By Korifaeus

If it was an attempt to be totally honest with the people of the United States, for former first Lady, former Senator and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to reveal that the Clinton Family was dead broke prior to moving into the White House and dead broke ( her words) and in debt when leaving the White House, or an attempt to advance herself in popularity with the lower middle class of the United States, remains to be seen. Her forthcomingness, however, was reminiscent of first Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the last Democratic convention, to assure her Husband President Obama – whom she portrayed as not even having furniture, nor a good pair of shoes when she first met him, as though both lived through the great depression of 1929 – would win a second term.

What is apparent from Mrs. Clinton’s forthcomingness about having been ” dead broke” prior to, and after leaving the White House, is that neither she nor her husband are apparently capable of keeping within their household budget. Two people who have the audacity to believe they can run a country, while admittedly incapable of running their own life, not even able to live within their own budget, being “dead broke” while former President Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.

But not only was former President Clinton the Governor of his State of Arkansas prior to moving into the White House – his wife, Miss Hilary Rodham Clinton was supposedly a “successful” Lawyer and partner in the most prestigious Law firm in Arkansas while her husband was Governor. Thats what was reported in the News, and how the Clintons ran for the Presidency ; A Governor and his “successful” Lawyer wife, the poster child for America’s feminists and baby boomer generation.

Not once did we hear about their Dead-brokeness while Mr. Clinton was running for the White House. We were made to believe they were the “successful” team Clinton, aka “two for one “, as Mr. Clinton stated in interviews during his first Presidential Campaign.

And now Mrs. Clinton is trying to run on the ” We were dead-broke” ticket to the White House ? Great, just what the country needs right now, that we’re indebted over our heads like never before in the History of the United States. But people make mistakes – we all do – and we need to make mistakes to learn from them and have another go at it, which is what America is all about. It’s a country of forgiveness giving everyone a second chance to turn their lives around, become successful, if willing to live by common morality and work hard.

So perhaps we should not judge her by the former record of having mismanaged their finances to become dead-broke and indebted, rather on her life after the White House.

Mrs. Clinton became Senator of New York. And what exactly did she achieve for New York as a Senator ? What exactly did Mrs. Clinton achieve for the “people of New York” while being a Senator ?

Not much to offer really, when it comes to working for “the people”, if one was to trust her Senatorial voting record and actions during her Senate tenure.

And her tenure as Secretary of State ?
She was the first Secretary of State in the History of the United States, who did not speak a second language. She appeared to’ve also been the first Secretary of State in the History of the United States of America who did not receive the obligatory ” Etiquette and Protocol ” course from the State Department, so to familiarize herself with “international” etiquette and protocol, her being the primary Diplomatic representative of the People of United States and head of the State Department.

Etiquette and protocol goes a long way, and the knowledge and behavior in accordance to the different international etiquettes, shows respect – the lack of it is perceived as arrogant and ignorant which reflects terribly on the country the foreign Minister, i.e., Secretary of State, represents while trying to form diplomatic relations with other countries world-wide, thus she made our country look ill-mannered, uncultured, and worldly unsophisticated and ignorant.

Aside from that, what exactly did Mrs. Clinton achieve as a foreign secretary, outside of apparently, as presented in the media, arriving often times disheveled and uncombed at international gatherings of world leaders, as though she was not just incapable of buying appropriate clothing, or at least hire a stylist to do it for her, but unable to comb/fix her hair, as well, with apparently no self-awareness what impression it creates in the international arena where most women in powerful positions project an air of sophistication.

No comment

Just saying

If only there was a single success of enacting or having put forth an innovative idea that could have served this country on some scale, either in New York, as Senator, or in the Geo-political world, as Secretary of State – but outside of repeating the same party propaganda we’ve heard for the past 50 years, she’s never once, in all these years, came up with an innovative idea or solution for anything.

Here’s a woman who was apparently unable to control her husband’s roving eye, unable to control their budget, unable to get anything accomplished for the people of New York while a Senator, unable to establish flourishing economic and peaceful relations with other countries, and continues to apparently still be incapable of explaining what exactly transpired in Benghazi. But,…. believes she’s able to run the country.

Dear Mrs. Clinton, me thinks we’ve been there already. Remember how your husband made the people believe that he balanced the budget and eradicated the deficit creating a surplus ? While actually he took money out of the “people’s funds” and put it into the red-numbered accounts, by which ” The People” became the Number 1. Creditors, next to China and other countries, the United States is financially indebted to.

It may be a prudent thing to remember that when running for public office, specifically the highest office in the most powerful country of the world, one volunteers not to serve or advance oneself, rather the “country” and becomes an employee of ” The People”.

As an old saying goes; first fix your home life and when that is “exemplary” in every way, then…. and only then, think of becoming a public “servant” to try to do for the country what you were able to do at home.

Hillary Rodham Clinton



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