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A Freak Show on the World Stage

By Korifaeus

The reactions to the Winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest varied due to the winner having put on a show that was somewhat controversial = a man with beard dressed as a woman, to look like a woman with beard, or a bearded man in drag.


It was a first for the Eurovision contest to have a contestant perform a song in ways of a transvestite show. When first seeing the photo of the Winner whose stage name is Conchita Wurst, alias Thomas Neuwirth of Austria, i first thought it was a farce, a put on, a practical joke. It may well have been a practical joke in ways, to draw as much attention as possible, but he/she was no joke – Thomas Neuwirth did indeed perform as Conchita Wurst at Europe’s most prominent and renowned song competition.

I knew nothing of the person, thus i listened to the song, after all it was not supposed to be about the person rather the song. I personally found the song, Rise like a Phoenix, phenomenal, and if indeed he sang it live and without computer enhanced vibrato and pitch change ( as has become very common nowadays) then tip of the hat – what a voice; powerful and soulful. The right voice to sing THAT song, thus i can only applaud the jury for having looked beyond the glitzy transvestite show and judge the voice and song.

I thought, wow, we’ve come a long way from women with beards performing at carnival freak shows in the past, now performing on the world stage with but a small minority’s reaction being critical. Having said that, it was not a woman with beard, nor a hermaphrodite who found acceptance on the world stage. It was a man with a beard dressed as a woman. If masculine looking women growing full beards would find the same acceptance is a whole other story, and until that’s the case, a male with beard impersonating a woman is a farce that’s not even in good taste, because women with beards exist, and have to wax their beards, or pretend they’re men to find acceptance.

Thus in actuality it’s no different than a black-faced white guy ?

The entire showcasing of the male with beard dressed as woman, was supposed to draw attention toward tolerance and acceptance for people regardless what they looked like. Err, are we missing something ? A male dressed in an expensive glamorous designer gown, wearing a well coifed long haired wig with professionally added make up to make him look like an exquisitely beautiful woman a la Super Model type, did so to promote ” tolerance” for people regardless of their look…….(?)

How does the attempt to look like a “gorgeous” woman – which is a projection of superficiality – promote tolerance toward people who don’t look that glamorous ?

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity…….


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