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A Sane World when not thinking Evil

By Korifaeus

One would think that only the wisest of each nation would be seated in the grand chairs to govern their nations. Wise men all men can look up to, learn from and aspire to become like in temperament and attitude. Wise men, Regal/Legal, who no longer seek conflict, rather mastered the art of “communicating” ideas and suggestions to come to agreements. Wise men who don’t suffer “vanity” instead humble themselves not seeking to project authority, rather given authority.

Since wise men must exist and are among us, i’m sure, it seems unlikely that the people in governing positions with whom we’re familiar with via the media, are “really” the ones governing their nations and thus the world. Though these folks were elected after people had been given a choice of several folks they could choose from, let’s go outside of the box for a minute and glimpse at the possibilities that could very well be in the realm of reality, while incorporating the idea of an existence of “wise men” as “actual” leaders of the world, as well.

Let’s assume there are indeed wise men, so wise that they not only have the benefit of the world, it’s species and people at heart, but also try figuring out what system of government would work best for ALL people so that once and for all peace will prevail. In order to find out they create a BOX that represents the WORLD, and that box is TV.

What really goes on in THE world differs greatly from the world as presented on TV, but there’s a reason for the inconsistency, and that is to create a world in which people believe they have a say 1. Electing the officials they wish to represent them, and 2. All of what their representatives will put in action becomes reality, but……. only on TV = the virtual world that’s governed by the leaders the people elected.

The governing body elected by the people, which only exists on TV and written about in the media ( papers, etc) are not on the inside; meaning they don’t know they’re just part of a ” test”, a virtual reality; they’re under the impression they really do have a say in the world. The reason for this virtual BOX structure is to observe the actions from ” outside” the box, so to see if, 1. People have the “ability” to choose a leader to represent them, or not. 2. Choose a leader based on what they’re told about him/her by the media, or choose the leader based on the person they truly “perceive” = what he/she said, how he/she looks, acts, etc. and 3. If they’ll stick with the leader they voted for regardless if his/her actions are opposing ” common sense”, rationality, and “common” morality.

Will people act on what they perceive in the BOX/TV, the virtual world, or will they try to see for themselves if what they’re told is really true ? Will people ” hate” and “condemn” those accused and propagated in the media as having engaged in immoral behavior, or will they Judge for themselves by judging what they personally observe ?

Will those who judged Germans for allowing tragedies to occur, also follow what they’re told by the “media” and persecute and condemn those pointed out, persecuted and condemned by the media ? And least but last, will those who’ve been given power in the media turn into the propaganda ministers they’ve been educated about via historical accounts of the second world war…….

There’s an old saying that goes that the TRUE character of people will show when they’re put into positions of power.



2 comments on “A Sane World when not thinking Evil

  1. Simon Barnwell
    December 9, 2015

    I think the ancient Greek system of a type of government duty , like our modern jury duty was very clever because it engaged the everyman in the system and tested each according to his abilities not his means as no money changed hands

  2. Korifaeus
    December 9, 2015

    That system, however, found Socrates guilty and sentenced him to death. That system also sentenced Jesus to death. Trial by a Jury made of the people, as opposed to the Roman court, for example, which had a Judge and 12 ” Jurors”, i.e. educated in Jura, Lawyers.

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