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Don Sterling Gate – Time to speak up

Post-Judice versus Pre-Judice
By Korifaeus


I first wrote a long argument in defense for Mr. Sterling, because i was unable to see any racism in the recordings in the literal sense of “racism”. I published the article, but last week i deleted it, because i felt before i come out and write a defense speech, he should have first say by responding to the accusations.

Sharing my two cents before the accused had a chance to respond, regardless if defending or not, would be in opposition to my personal golden rule of what this country stands for – to allow everyone a chance to defend themselves, or plead guilty, before ” judging”. Were i to judge ” before” hearing what the accused has to say about him/herself, i would be ” PRE-Judice”. I prefer to continue to be post-judice, however.

Now that he’s been given the chance to speak for himself, and having read some of what he said in defense of himself, i feel compelled to share my thoughts regarding the tape which resulted in accusations of racism.

Here is what i was really appalled by, and that was not the tapes but Stasi like mentality of the media who behaved UN-American in every way and form = No benefit of doubt, and no “innocent until proven guilty”, which is the law of this country and an ideology this country was founded upon. Instead the Media went on a witch-hunt and showed terribly bad Judgement, as far as judging something they’ve heard, is concerned.

Where “exactly”, one need ask, did Donald Sterling say anything even remotely one could call racism ? Not in one syllable did he use slurs in reference to black people. Not in one syllable did he express a personal dislike for black people, nor negative statements from which one could gather that he looks down at black people, disrespects them, or other. He didn’t call black people names, nor anything even close to that.

The only thing he did was ask the woman he was seeing to not come to the game nor have photos taken with black “men”. Now one may say that that in itself is appalling and clearly points to racism.

Oh ? Does it ? Not when a person is old enough to know what still goes on in the world behind closed doors, especially after apparently having received some phone calls from friends who appeared to’ve shared their not so positive thoughts on what they perceived/saw. Thus in his case it may very well have been that he tried to protect HER from the prejudice of “other” people, when asking her not to come to the game or have photos taken with black men.

In the mind of many, black men are believed to’ve been very well bestowed, so to speak, and remarks are made about it all the time, and even brought to the attention in the Broadway hit, “Book of Mormon”, with Africans portrayed with super long black plastic pipes/hoses.

Now, a mature older man is dating a girl fifty some years his junior, who may also be under the mystifying impression that size matters, or such, and she takes photos with black men, who appear to be at the height of their sexuality = closer to her age. He gets calls from friends who’ve seen photos of her with black men on Instagram, possibly suggesting she is seeing these men or is attracted to them, or perhaps using Don Sterling to get to date basketball players, etc. Folks come up with all sort of ideas, and a sexual insecurity may well have played a part in Donald Sterling’s reactions, as well, by which he wished not to be compromised, in ways that she’s seen with black men while he is dating her – so that “other” people may not call him with him having to listen to the conclusions they draw.

Still, whatever his inner motivations were, did he actually make “racist” statements, said something negative about black men or black people in general ? No. Since he told her she could privately see and go out with whoever she wants, does one not naturally draw the conclusion that 1. He tried to protect her from prejudice of “others”, 2. Tried not to have her compromise him in public, going out with what’s perceived as well bestowed and virile men, while he is dating her ?

Appalling was the STASI-LIKE mentality of the media, which for some time now has been acting like they’re in charge of ” judging” people and spreading “propaganda”, instead of ” reporting”, not calling for witch hunts,which is what the media has come to in recent years, prosecuting anyone they choose to in public.

What those pointing fingers seem not to realize is that they may’ve also been secretly recorded while totally unaware and not-guarded, and may’ve possibly said some things they wish would not ever be heard in public.

I’ve learned one thing in anatomy class, and that is that when pointing the Index finger, three fingers point back at oneself. In this day of age, Big Brother, best to not throw stones unless being totally without sin. But then, it’s up to us – we’ll be judged the way we judge others according to a book of old. 🙂

In God we trust



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