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Did we create our own Enemy ?

David against Goliath
By Korifaeus

Nixon once dubbed his 1972 visit to China, meeting Mao Zedong, “The Week that changed the World.” Fast forward, the United States, along with other Western Countries, began investing heavily in China, building infrastructure, factories and by the mid-1990’s few products found in American stores were not made in China. Some were made in Taiwan, Pakistan or India, with only few products made in other western countries or the U.S.

American companies began outsourcing jobs, with more and more American products no longer manufactured in the U.S., instead in China. At the same time when jobs were created in China by western Companies, joblessness began to unfold in the West, with one factory closing after the other, with new factories opening in China. With the jobless rate increasing, more and more people found themselves on welfare and government medical insurance, with the people’s funds depleting at a rapid rate; Government recognized it was beginning to spend way over budget.

Fast forward, China became our biggest creditor whom we pay off also in ways of trades, by which China gets our clean”, fine cotton, while we in return get dirty cotton from China, which is secondary cotton instead of primary cotton fibers ( clean cotton) mixed with “other” fibers. They also get our whole fresh milk, with us getting their milk-powder used in many American products, for example the fortified milk in our supermarkets, which is re-hydrated milk made from milk powder, as well as Yogurt, which is made of rehydrated milk powder. In order to make more profit and function we sell wholesome American products, such as prime beef, produce ( fruit and vegetables), etc. to foreign countries, while importing lesser products to be sold in our supermarkets.

By now 2014, not only clothing, sneakers, furniture, electronics, etc. are made and imported from China; food is also imported from China. Pet food, as well as human food. The FDA warned about pet food a few years back, after uncountable cats and dogs died after consuming pet foods made in China. Less concern, however, is voiced regarding human food imported from China, even though chemicals had been found in products made in China, for example ” Melamine”, deemed unsafe for human consumption.

An alarming finding some years back was the Chinese manufacturing of a cheese-snack that was actually made out of something analyzed as similar to Play-Doh, and artificially cheese flavored, which makes one wonder why so many chocolate bars have added artificial flavoring, which should seem unnecessary if it was wholesome, with chocolate providing for sufficient aroma/flavor not in need to be “artificially” flavored. Another shocking discovery were hamburger buns with added paper-fibers ( carton), which found their way into Chinese supermarkets, making headline news internationally.

With more and more new allergies evolving, with folks who never had allergies before, suddenly having allergies, should one not slowly take a closer look at the foods in our markets ?
In the meantime, China is also the biggest importer of U.S. made products; thus we have an interdependent commerce relationship with the country that is also our biggest creditor, by which we’re actually held hostage by China – have to buy from them.

If all this is true, as reported in the news, how much longer will we continue to do business with China ? What could the longterm strategy be ?

With so much mediocrity covered in the news, … are the Kardashians having another baby ? …… something that affects all of us is not paid too much attention to, it seems = the food we eat.

Is China our friend, or is it our enemy ?


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