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How the Left ruined the World

Covert Prejudice
By Korifaeus

Labor Unions were a wonderful thing when they were first formed, with “workers” uniting to achieve a common goal – to oppose mistreatment by employers – to get paid fairly establishing a minimum wage – to get sufficient off-time, vacations, maternal leave, etc.
The first Unions were true unions of workers who’d meet once a month, elect a representative to speak for them, and when a common goal was not met by the employer all workers went on strike until their “reasonable” requests were met.

Most Unions nowadays have become businesses representing workers for monthly dues, with those running the Unions taking home a far better pay check than the workers, while holding businesses employing Union workers hostage. They hold the businesses hostage because workers not doing their job they’re hired to do can’t be fired. It’s just about impossible to let go of terrible employees belonging to certain unions.

I had talks with managers of supermarkets in New York City, with a manager often times having to dust the shelves or clean the floors because they were left filthy by the work force hired to do the job. I ask the Manager why he doesn’t fire the janitor and hire a new one, who then told me it’s not possible because he’s union. That doesn’t mean, however, that all cleaning crews or supermarket employees are not doing their job. Most do and are happy to have a job, but there are sufficient bad union workers out there able to ruin businesses due to their attitudes and inefficiency which then reflects on the business, with the managers or business owners unable to do something about it.

Take our Teachers Union for example. Probably the worst Union in the country, with the worst teachers backed by the Union, able to continue teaching our kids. That’s the “left” for you, who took over the unions and turned it into unions they were not intended to be. Take the Civil rights unions, once formed of lawyers volunteering for a common good, to represent folks who experienced prejudice at their work place, or not allowed into higher schools/universities, despite their grades meeting the required sat-score, because of the color of their skin. They were represented for free by volunteering lawyers, to achieve a common goal = equality.

These civil rights unions were also taken over by the left , out of which civil right advocacy groups were formed as well. They’re goal, however, was not to fight for “equal rights”, rather “special rights”, creating an “out-cast” system for minorities, particularly blacks.

Affirmative Action was a Law put into place promoting ” covert-Prejudice”, by which minorities ( blacks and Hispanics) were made to appear as NOT AS SMART as white people, as though they were “genetically” inferior in intelligence to other ethnicities. By law colleges and universities have/had to allow admission to minorities not meeting the qualification of SAT scores, to fill a quota. If that’s not racism, what is it ?

The same goes for preferential treatment for women, with women hired for a job or gaining college admission due to their sex, not their qualification. Which brings me to emancipation, feminism, the women’s fight for “equality”. Is preferential treatment equality ?

Feminists want women to be equal to men, but not really; they want to be superior to men. They’re out to “compete” to “defeat”. Feminists are insecure women feeling inferior, physically and intellectually, as well as insecure in their femininity, thus have an unnatural desire to prove themselves to…. themselves , due to having come from cultures and families in which women had no equal rights, and not allowed higher education, which has nothing to do with the west, nor the middle east, where women had equal rights and the right for higher education for ions.

Thus due to their cultural background they’ve been trying to project their lack of self-esteem on the women of the west since the late 50’s / 60’s. Their achievement, thus far, was to create a greater work force made of men and women competing with one another, with neither having sufficient time for their children, who’re brought up by nannies, or brought pre-maturely to baby-care centers while still in nursing age, when they should be nurtured by their mother.

Half of the mother’s pay goes to the nanny, and neither mom nor dad have sufficient time for the kids, ‘cuz both are too busy relaxing from their jobs, with one job not enough to cover the expenses. Women stopped cooking, with the kids hardly getting a home cooked meal, nor sufficient “nurturing”. Mom is prohibited from slapping her kid’s buttocks, with possible child-abuse charges brought against her and children services at her door step; but the left has no problem with the kid playing horrifically violent video games at age 5, or engage in sexual activities in the schoolyard at age 13, which is no problem with the kids already having received sexual education in pre-school, promoted by the left – but goodness forbid the preschoolers are caught playing doctor, then all hell breaks loose.

The left opposes legitimacy and rights for the “common good” on every level, even fighting for the rights of ” Illegal Aliens”, while concentrating on Hispanics, who’re in the minority of illegal immigrants, with most illegals actually being from Australia, Sweden, Russia, China, Korea, Ukraine, etc. having overstayed their Visa time, and continue to live and work in the U.S. illegally, taking away jobs from Americans, aside from the possibility that some may have mal intent, and thus pose a threat to the country. These folks, however, aren’t mentioned by the left, with more attention brought to Hispanics because….. of no other reason than trying to get the latin vote for candidates of their party. Everything the left does is out of self-interest instead of for the benefit of the “whole”.

LINK Why the Left supports Illegal Immigration

Political correctness – an unwritten Social Law created by the left – is to declare a whole bundle of things, from expressions, to gestures, to certain topics and personal opinions off-limit, thus actually prohibiting “freedom” of expression and inquiry, which is the right of every human being and protected under the Constitution. The left has no problem, however, with hate speeches (from extremist animal rights groups) against people who eat meat.

While the left promotes itself as a groups of knights fighting for the RIGHTS of people, to express themselves, they’re actually the only ones trying to silence folks from speaking their mind. Everyone has the right to express themselves, and racists, too have the right to express their believes. Why should they have lesser rights, just because they’re racists ? At least they’re honest and i much rather know where the racists are, then not know where they’re hiding – though when someone uses the term ” African American” i know i’m dealing with a closet racist afraid to be uncovered, anyways.

Why else say African American, instead of “black” ? Black, brown, yellow, red and white are the colors of the 5 races, Who has a problem with that ? What’s wrong with a color description ? That blond girl over there, next to the red head who sits across from the brunette is kissing that black haired boy. Hair color is okay, but skin color is a faux pas ? Why ?

The term Negro, which just means black ( from latin) is not an offensive term, and was the appropriate term to use until the late 1950’s, when referring to African descendants, until the non-latin english term, “Black” was used. No black people ever had a problem with it, just as whites and reds have no problem with a skin”color” reference. Should the country of Nigeria be renamed because some may see an offensive term in it ?

And this brings me to something i saw in the news today; A good old fashion Ranger, many of whom still use the old term ” Negroes” to refer to blacks, which is NOT a racist term, shared a thought with the media as to what he “wonders” about when seeing poor black folks in Nevada.

His actually good-willed naive and innocent statement, was ” spun” into a racist remark by the left, while yet he just showed he really “cared” about poor black people, and was concerned about their well being and happiness.

Here’s the video that captured his statement, which i looked at to see and judge for myself.

Video of Cliven Bundy

As you’ll hear he did NOT say:” Blacks were/are better off as slaves”, as it was spun by the left. Instead he shared that he had ” wondered” a few times if Negros “hadn’t” been better off when they were slaves, working the cotton fields – having a purpose, a job, and be with their families – as opposed to today when he sees poor black people with lots of kids sitting on a stoop, having nothing to do all day, no purpose, the father in jail, and living of Government support. He may have worded it awkwardly, but due to naivety, not vicious intent and most certainly not racism. He apparently ” cared ” enough about their wellbeing to wonder about it, unlike the left who try to keep black people poor, to keep their strong hold.
And what did Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schulz tweet today about that ?

D Wasserman Schultz        


Cliven Bundy’s comments are abhorrent and should be condemned immediately by all sides.
11:15 AM – 24 Apr 2014

She called for a boycott to “CONDEMN” the man’s opinion, which is an ” Intimidation” of Free Speech. This new LEFT is not the same left of the 20th century, nor the left of the 80’s, 90’s, instead a left that sounds a LOT like COMMUNISM trying to prohibit free speech. Mrs Debbie Wasserman Schulz, LIBERAL = To fight for the right of free speech, even if one doesn’t agree with another’s opinion or ideology.


What’s happening on the Oklahoma/Texas border, with the Federal Government trying to take “private” property from owners, sounds frighteningly Bolsheviki, in ways of how private property was taken away from people in Russia during the early 1900’s. and finally forbidding people to speak freely, with those criticizing the Government locked away into Insane Asylums. A lot of folks bought into the propaganda, until the country was locked up, and people prohibited to cross the borders, etc, when it was too late for them to speak up and try to prevent the take-over – with the governing body embezzling all the people’s money, living lives in luxury, and when the east was freed, they put the money into their own pockets, and left the people starving.

When looking around the world, and specifically our country, as to what’s wrong; from the economy, to our enormous debt, to broken families, to staggering numbers of people on welfare, to vulgarities and violence in the media and entertainment, to our schools and teachers, etc. who is to blame ?

In this Sentiment…….



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