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An Easter Story

The hidden Eggs
By Korifaeus


Once upon a time and long ago,
or not so long, ‘cuz time runs slow,
God looked upon a maiden fair,
who was as fertile as a hare.

And thus he thought, “What have we here?
A maiden fertile but no Dear ?
For sure she should have kids galore,
so there’ll be more of her and more.”

He used his powers one, two, three
much like Zeus on Alceme,
and lo, she was with child, behold,
just like the story Homer told.

The child grew steady and quite strong
like Samson when his hair was long,
and when God saw the child was fair
he made-sure she’ll have more to bear

Thus God said, ” She will bear my kin,
without a man and without sin”
And on her head he placed a star,
made of a pearl like Oysters are.

From that day on, the bore and bore
kids abundant, kids galore,
while she was now in heaven’s heart,
as is revealed in Angelo’s Art.

Her offspring, jovial in mood,
in colors of a multitude,
considered eggs from way up high
were brought to earth by stork’s who’d fly

and hidden inside nests of man,
of every color, every tan.
The kids would stay and teach the art
from which they’d come, the heaven’s heart

“At 12″, God said,” we’ll take them home,
and bring them back to our Dome,
by then men learned what they’d been taught,
and if they didn’t and they’re caught…….
tuff luck




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