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A cross to bear
By Korifaeus


What mystery deprived men of the future
’bout tales forgotten and destort’
begotten by the tongues evolving
which twisted words into the sort
of tales evoking wars ?

A tale of men’s progressing evolution
from beast to upright men of mind,
a species kind, of sense and reason
turning into tales of treason

Oh Sirius, dearest Father Sun,
hath thou not blessed the crossing of a breed,
two different seed becoming one
creating a new tree ?

How thus, allow me to inquire,
could Cruci Fixus, Sire, be understood to mean
som’ other than the crossing of a species,
by men of mind that’s sound and keen ?

Hath thou, oh Sire, Lord whom i adore,
not made it clear for all to understand
that Sus is Latin for the species Boar
which thou crossed with Felis’itas ?

Oh dearest ever-loving Father,
who gave the wisest men of old,
the vision of the sages
to metaphorically be told
in ways of mystic poetry
and allegoric prose,
from which but havoc
in the world to come arose ?

How was it that the new evolving tongues of men
destort’ the lore, taken to pen
with the intent to bring delight
to bring insight and shed a light
on ancient mystery
for all mankind to see ?

And this, beloved Father,
is what keeps bugging me…….



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