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How Pigs started World War 1, and …….

The Piggy Bank
By Korifaeus

When learning about world war 1, it usually starts with the assassination of Crown Prince Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by a Serbian rebel. What we’re not told is that the pig war of 1906 was actually one of the “major” factors leading to the first World War. The details as to what the pig war in actuality entailed is also missing in most history books, due to pork having become a big business, thus not to destroy the pig and pork industry, the piggy bank, essential details about the pig war are not disclosed in history books. But we may be about to face another pig war, which can be avoided IF perhaps ……. we put people’s health and well-being “before” profits, this time around.(?)


It started in the late 1800’s when great opposition from western European countries toward the importation of British pigs began. Britain began importing China pigs from east Asia in the 1700’s, to cross-breed them with British pigs which were semi-domesticated feral pigs. China pigs, called the “white pigs”, had sparse hair/fur and were much larger, thus the cross-breeding of the two species brought forth a much faster growing hybrid that was stronger, bigger and produced more fat. The new hybrid was domesticated and the first domesticated pigs, as we know them today, came into being.


By the mid 1800’s Britain began exporting their domesticated pigs to Germany, but China pig was not cleared as “clean” for export/import, yet, because of genetic factors involving China pigs, believed to have the ability to transmit different diseases to humans, which included cannibal related diseases leading to malfunctions of the brain, degeneration of cells, cell mutation, mental illness, loss of common senses such as taste and smell, increased insulin production of the pancreas, which causes weight gain/obesity, and the “flu”.

Note: It was believed since the 15th Century, via Italian Physician Girolamo Fracastoro – but has not been confirmed – that Syphilis, too, was transmitted by China pigs to specific branches of the Human race still vulnerable to bacteria China pigs harbor, to which some humans had not yet grown immune = the ability to create anti-bodies with which to attack/destroy certain bacteria. It was believed in those days that one could recognize which animals harbored these bacteria by nature having given the males of these species a spiral ( cork screw) penis, thus resembling that bacteria.

Male pigs, amongst some other species, have cork screw penises, thus a species believed to carry the spirochete bacterium, Treponema. This bacterium ( Treponema) was believed to mutate in “some” humans into another bacterium, the Syphilis causing bacteria, Treponema Pallidum.

Aside from that, some men have been found to go to pigs engaging in zoophilia, which continues to this day, and it was believed that engaging in such, some infected themselves with the bacteria, which then mutated, and eventually spread via intercourse to other humans. None of the these theories have thus far been confirmed, however, outside of that pigs do indeed harbor Treponema.

Thus aware the British domesticated pig was a cross-breed between China pig and English feral pigs, Germany prohibited further pigs from being brought into the country while enforcing that the pigs already on German soil would be killed and burned, as well as prohibiting import of British pork.

Germany was trying to prevent a syphilis epidemic from occurring, which had broken out in the U.S. in the late 1800’s believed to’ve been pig related after the new British pig hybrids were shipped to America in the mid-18 hundreds. China pigs were not allowed into the country because they were deemed unclean, due to the reasons explained above. While most States in the U.S. did not consume pork, rather beef, game, fowl, etc. Chinese, Scandinavians, French and English did consume pork, thus the new China-hybrid pig was imported for pig farming.

Since the pigs were illegally brought into the country and deemed a health threat, pig farmers were ordered to kill and burn the pigs. Needless to say the pig farmers opposed the orders and fought to keep their pigs, thus there was no other choice than for the Government to boycott pork sold at markets, which was what the “Pig War” was in actuality all about, as opposed to the story supposedly of the pig war of the mid-1800’s now found in history books.

By the late 1800’s the unthinkable occurred and a Syphilis and Flu epidemic broke out in much of the U.S., but only in pork eating communities, and continued until the early 1900’s. German scientists were asked for help, specifically German Medical professionals, who at the time were amongst the leading medical experts in the fields of immunology and Serology. Dr. Paul Ehrlich, a renowned serologist, as well as other international Doctors tried their best to assist American Physicians who were overwhelmed, facing a mega health disaster.

Due to the findings of a believed link between China pigs/ China pig hybrids and the outbreaks of flu and syphilis in pork consuming communities, Germany’s medical experts advised “caution” in regard to allowing China pig or hybrids to be imported.

France, however, was accepting toward the new domesticated British breed and began importing British pigs, which promised to be very profitable. The new domesticated pink pig quickly found its way to Poland, Ukraine, Russia and by the late 1800’s it had become the most popular breed with pig farmers, with eastern Europe importing China pigs as well, to cross-breed them with their native semi-wild feral pigs.


Syphilis began breaking out in France and eastern European countries, with no available medicine to cure the disease until 1928, outside of trials using cheese fungus, an ancient anti-biotic proven successful in the early stages of bacterial infections, and Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s ” Salvarsan” ( Arsphenamin). The flu, also transmitted via the China pig, was the lesser evil of the two diseases.

Western Europe with Germany and the Austro Hungarian empire prohibited importation of China pig hybrids of any kind to western European countries. Thus to assure no China pig would find its way from the east to the west, the “Triple Alliance” was formed – Germany, Austro-Hungaria and Italy in opposition to the Triple Entente – Britain, France and Russia – who were for the importation, consumption and distribution of China pig hybrids, which had become a promising new industry.

Serbia, facing economic troubles, was being coerced by France into importing the much cheaper China-Poland pigs for farming from Romania, via the Ukraine, with France investing heavily in Serbia, building slaughterhouses, establishing banks and schools and infrastructure to buy an alliance with Serbia which had friendly economic relations with Austria-Hungary.

The pig war started in 1906 when Hungary prohibited pig imports from Serbia, learning they’d imported China pig hybrids, as well, which were deemed unclean. Conflicts between Austria-Hungary and Serbia began, with Germany and Italy backing Austria-Hungary, discontinued economic relations with Serbia, too, prohibiting the import of Serbian pork into their countries. The opposition to China-hybrid imports was supported by the Ottoman Empire, which was allied with Germany, as well as the “Roman Catholic Church”, all of whom enforced traditional ” Judicial” Health and “Dietary laws as set forth in the Levitten ( Levits = laws in coherence with the LAWS of Nature) “suggested” to protect human health and well-being.

Every country has the RIGHT to reject (or approve) imports from foreign countries, specifically when it comes to produce or animal stock or meat from foreign soil, to PROTECT the well-being of its people. Thus the Triple Alliance, supported by the Ottoman Empire AND the Roman Catholic Church, enforced this RIGHT to protect its people from harm.

A drawing from 1918
The pig before and after World War 1
The pig before and after the war - Karikature of 1918 by Heinsrich Zille

Fast Forward: 2014

Not once have i seen reports in our TV news, nor the papers, about the thousands upon thousands of pigs that died in China two years ago, due to a pandemic, reportedly pig fever, while the rest of the world’s media was covering the issue daily, due to China being the number one pork producer in the world. Only last month the media began reporting on some recent pig deaths because the fever has now spread to the U.S., as well.


” Tens of thousands” of pigs were thrown into the rivers of China over the past two years, with thousands of pig carcasses flowing in the water ways and ending up lying at the shores. It’s one of the worst pandemic disasters in decades, with China, the number one contaminator of water ways ( rivers, lakes, sees, etc.) allowed to let factory poisons flow into the rivers, which end up contaminating the “ground water”, and now pig carcasses contaminating the water, as well. The ground water of the earth is THE WELL supplying water to springs from which we all drink.


Any and all pandemics need be controlled in ways of “quarantines”, so the virus or bacteria can’t spread and infect healthy species. Carcasses need be burned, cremated, immediately to assure the disease-causing agent can’t spread. But instead of burning the carcasses of infected dead pigs, Chinese pig farmers threw the carcasses into the rivers, with the disease-causing agents possibly spreading via micro-organisms, eventually ending up in the oceans and ground water.


We’re shown all sorts of horrors in our news, surely we can handle seeing footage of thousands of pigs flowing down Chinese rivers ? The Chinese pig pandemic began 2 years ago, and it has now reached the United States with piglets and young pigs dying in the thousands.

Then there is the pig-cloning of China, with pigs cloned by modifying the DNA of their eggs with “human” DNA, to give their genes more “human” traits. These pigs are cloned for the purpose of testing new medicines, but also to make their organs suitable for “organ” transplants. Pigs are naturally human’s closest relative – not the great apes, they’re more like cousins, a “branch” of the homo tree. Pigs are our next closest evolutionary relative, a species from which the human tree directly “evolved”. The reason why pig valves can be implanted in heart patients, and pig insulin injected into diabetic patients, etc.

The very reason why pig/pork ( as opposed to Boar) was deemed NOT suitable for human consumption since antiquities, because it’s too closely related to us.



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