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Geico Gecko – The New Blockbuster Movie

By Korifaeus

Most everyone watching TV, ( in the U.S.), i’m sure, is familiar with the Geiko commercials featuring the Geico Gecko, an little animated funny green gecko with a british accent and a big personality. That the commercial is an advertisement for an insurance company can easily be missed because the Gecko is just so darn cute and the commercial so funny and clever.

It’s so entertaining a commercial, in fact, that i find myself waiting for the Geico commercials between the TV shows, whenever i do watch TV which i rarely do, which hold my interest more than the TV shows sponsored by the companies putting out the commercials.

One could almost say that TV went down the tube, ironically speaking, when commercials became funnier. Or the commercials became funnier because they want to make up for what’s missing in the TV shows = give the more sophisticated audience some entertainment for their money.

Back in the day when TV just began, commercials were quick mentionings of products with actors holding up the products in front of the camera. Commercials existed to promote products, while the TV show’s, like the Cid Caesar show, etc. purpose it was to provide entertainment.

TV in the sixties and seventies was still fabulously entertaining, with original shows put on the air everyone watched, thus the prime time ratings read like 35 to 42 household shares for successful shows, like Cher specials, Rockford Files, Petrocelli, Charley’s Angel’s, etc., which is of course not surprising because there were only a few channels to choose from, as opposed to the hundreds of channels available to us nowadays. We still remember these shows of the 70’s because they were GREAT entertainment, and the commercials in between were really just a break to quickly run to the kitchen and get some more potato chips to snack on during the show. During the commercials the possible plot lines would be discussed in the living room, ’till….. ah …. it’s back on, with a holler toward the bathroom, :” Honey, the show is back on”.

The eighties and nineties also continued the tradition of providing original, humorous and clever entertainment for the TV audience; There was “Cheers, Rosanne, Seinfeld, etc. which were belly laughing funny shows, not in need to have the commercials give viewers a chuckle for their money – the shows did all that, providing soul filling entertainment.

It seems as though it all began slowing down, for the most part ( with few exceptions of cable productions), when Johnny Carson retired, which was in 1992. From that moment on one great show after the other went off the air, with no replacements filling the once entertaining and funny spots, which apparently prompted commercials to become more entertaining. It started with the ” Taster’s Choice” coffee commercial, which was a “series” – a commercial series with plots. One had to watch TV to catch the commercial to know if the guy got the girl or not, and what his or her next move would be. It was a guy meets girl romantic commercial series, that was quite original and began airing just in time when TV shows began lacking “charisma”, failing to entertain the audience.

When Seinfeld and Frasier went off the air, it almost seemed as though the former writers of original and entertaining TV shows went to work for Ad-agencies, because the commercials began having more spark than the shows networks put on the air.

No laugh track needed to suggest when folks are supposed to laugh during Geico commercials. The Geico Gecko put life back on TV and gives most everyone a chuckle who watches him. The Gecko is so famous and popular, in fact, that he could easily star in an animated movie of his own and draw a huge audience.

It would start with Gecko telling his life story of first being cast in commercials, or rather “drawn” and created for a commercial, until Gecko starts desiring a life of his own, similar to the Pinochio plot, and discovers a way of moving into different computers via a spread virus, thus suddenly finding himself in other commercials, as well as TV shows.

Animators are surprised to find him inside their computers, with Gecko able to hear their conversations, even able to “see” them, and eventually giving them directions in his british accent, as to how they should be animating their creations, with which he wishes to interact. Finally he places himself inside a movie in which he directs the other animated creations, all of whom listen to his command because he is the only one able to communicate to the outside, from within the “box” – the computer – and……
A huge summer blockbuster surpassing all prior box-office hits.

From that day forward he refers to his habitat ( the Computer) as his ” Box”- office, and since fewer and fewer people are excited about political candidates, with politics having become a farce, the decision is made to allow animated creatures to run for office, including President. If we can have actors portray world leaders on TV/media ( who end up believing they’re actually the real deal and have something to say * snickers), why not popular animations able to bring some excitement back into politics ?

Exactly. 🙂
In the Emperor’s new clothes…….


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