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A World gone Mad or a World fooled ?

Are we losing it ?
By Korifaeus

It’s one thing when witnessing college students embarrass themselves on national TV, not knowing the answers to very simple questions asked by Fox News’ Jesse Watters of the very entertaining and funny Bill O’Reilly segment, ” Watter’s World”.

It’s a whole other thing when reading non-factual explanations by Scientists who should know the facts of their profession. People who studied ” linguistics” for example, should know about the morphology, phonetics and structure of languages. To repeatedly read the Word Vitruvian Man, in reference to Renaissance art, most notably Leonardo Da Vinci’s so called, ” Vitruvian” Man, makes one wonder how it is possible that the same misspelled word ( Vitruvian) continues to be misspelled, with the explanation as to what it refers to being false. Worst even, the misspelling, and false interpretation, is printed and published in books, dictionaries and repeated by ……so called Scholars.

Isn’t it rather obvious that the word Vitruvian has a slight spelling error ? That the R was most likely by accident written behind the T instead of in front of the T, as in ” ViRTuvian” so the word could be easily understood and interpreted correctly, as ” Virtuous” man ( from the Latin word, Virtuosus).

Once the word is spelled correctly the entire picture explains itself, by which Da Vinci’s drawing of a “Virtuous” man tells a lot about that Virtuvius. The Latin word Virtuosus, having a double meaning, Virtuous as well as “Virtuoso”, one highly skilled in Music, Art and Science = A real Renaissance Man. There’s much more to the drawing, which i’ll write about in another article.

Thus because a very obvious little misspelling is copied as is, and some fictional explanations are interpreted into it as to the meaning of the word/man, it will be repeated until most everyone repeats baloney and the truth vanishes. What will the future hold, i wonder ?

A few years back i happen to see a TV interview with a sexy looking blonde young Russian supposed Etymologist, promoting her Etymology book. I was curious as to what that was all about, because the origin of some words, according to her, were so befuddling to me, i mischievously snickered thinking it’s probably a practical joke, or such. But it wasn’t a joke at all; she supposedly was a real Etymologist promoting her book of word origins.

The etymology of the word “Beach” was according to her, ( and now many dictionaries as i observed) from the word ” Pebbles”. Though the word Beach is directly derived from the German word “Bach”, which means “stream” ( small river), with Bach derived from the Latin word, ” Bacchia”, which refers to a small vessel containing water, she, as well as other dictionary writers were able to put it into books without anyone objecting it, apparently content that our children will be taught nonsense ?

Then there are stories of Cleopatra, said to’ve been an Egyptian queen of the Ptolemaic ( Greek) era. That the stories may well just refer to a Beetle, a biology book, because the Greek word for Beetle is Cleoptera, does not seem to be taken into consideration, with stories evolving, due to mistranslations/misinterpretations, that never even happened, and then taught in History class. Nor are kids encouraged to think for themselves any longer, to question everything and come up with a better theory that could make more sense and bring progress. That’s what Science used to be about and should be about, but many of our Scientists don’t question too much either, anymore, instead repeat what others discovered before them and add something on top of it – like adding bricks atop a foundation that’s not steady, with it eventually falling apart.

The above are just a few examples of uncountable ones i could mention, as to Scientists not doing their job – Etymology is after all a Science. But it doesn’t stop at word origins, it continues into other Sciences – Geography, Biology, Medicine, and yes,Theology, as well.

For how many more years, i wonder, will Scientists continue to teach that Pangea ( the original earth plate) drifted apart in ways that eastern America was once attached to western Africa ? Is it not possible and perhaps plausible, that western north America was attached to eastern Asia ?

Have we reached the era where we stop thinking, perhaps encouraged to stop thinking ourselves, instead repeat everything we’re told, what’s written in books ? Or, have the great thinkers of the world created puzzles for us, so we don’t get bored, with those solving the puzzles awarded a seat on mount Olympus ? That would make so much more sense to me, because i just can’t fathom how so much Science appears to’ve gone mad ? Really, ancient Egyptians were able to built these enormous structures of pyramids and could only think of having slaves shlepp/roll stones over tree trunks from some place far away, while these structures are all made of sand stone, and they so happen to be in a desert of nothing but sand ?

Isn’t it possible that these very advanced people may’ve used magnifying glass to melt the sand into stone ? Why should that not have been possible ? They had glass in those days, thus must have known how to melt sand into glass, and may’ve discovered that when melting it only half way, it would turn into a solid rock ? If that’s one of the puzzles to be solved, dear puzzle makers, or creators (?) of the world, can i sit next to Dr. Seus, err i mean, OdysSEUS, oops, i mean Zeus ? He strikes me as interesting – unless that’s also a practical joke played on folks – a phonetic spelling/ word play and refers to the genus Sus, species pig.

And THAT is another thing that should be encouraged to be questioned, so we can all make progress = is it possible that ZEUS/SUS may refer to the species pig, with Greek Mythology just being allegorical prose of the “evolution” of mankind, since we are scientifically direct descendants of a hybrid between pig and cat, out of which the homo species ( apes included ) evolved ? Which reminds me, it was written by ” Homerikos”. Home-rikos, as in delightful/delicious Human ? Home rikos ? He sure had a great sense of humor that Homer.

Well dear puzzle makers, pranksters, or creators (?), if that’s the case, then * tip of the hat, that’s masterpiece art of the finest, to write evolution allegorically, to make it entertaining for everyone. I suppose April 1st is your personal favorite holiday ?
If so, happy April’s fools day 🙂



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