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Atrocities committed by the United States of America ?

Columbus say
By Korifaeus

History is a funny thing, and whoever it was having written the accounts of history must have either had an incredible sense of humor, with a farsighted strategy that folks will repeat it all at face value at some point, or…. it was written by folks trying to cover their tracks by giving themselves all the glory while making others out to be the wicked.

When reading through some “history” accounts, as to atrocities America is accused to’ve committed, as in Slavery or atrocities against Native Americans, i find myself in a mindset of disbelieve, because it doesn’t add up. Lots in history doesn’t add up.

Let’s take the Columbus accounts, for example. He is said to’ve been an Italian who set sail and voyaged to the Americas in the late 15th Century attempting to sail to India. When arriving in America he’s said to’ve called the natives, ” Indians”, thus the term American Indians was coined, because he thought he’d arrived in India.

Actually all Natives of any country were referred to as ” Indae” which is Latin and means “Native”. Indian, aka Indae means ” Indigenous”. The entire account of the Columbus story, as well as the Spanish Inquisition, dates back to the 17th Century, when the Dutch fought the Spaniards – starting in the 16th Century – with help from England via Queen Elizabeth I – the Netherlands having formerly been Spanish territory.

Then there’s the story of the Dutch having bought the island of Manhattan in the 17th century from the natives, even though historic records show Manhattan, including the *Empire State ( *made of the 5 boroughs making up modern day New York ) was Spanish territory. The name Brooklyn, said to’ve been named Brooklyn by the Dutch, is actually a phonetic adaption from its former name, Baruk’Liyn, which is Iberian Latin, the language of the Spaniards in those days, and means, ” Blessed Present/Gift”, because Brooklyn was fertile farmland from which the produce came.

Harlem, a part of Manhattan, is also said to’ve been named by the Dutch, used as an argument to support the Dutch claim it having been Dutch territory, and said to’ve been named after the Dutch city of ” Haarlem”. According to medieval records the Dutch City of Haarlem was built and named after ” Charlem’agne” long before the Dutch ever set foot on the Netherlands, and New York’s Harlem was also named after Charlemagne, due to Spain having been part of the Holy Roman Empire.

As to slavery, in the case of north America, there are no authentic historical records ( Books are not historical records ) of slave owners, outside of the french south, Luisiana, where Dutch merchants were able to sell uncountable African slaves. The Dutch were well known slave traders, and “merchants” in ways of grabbing land and resources away from natives of foreign countries (south Africa, Indonesia, Suriname, etc. ) some of which they did in collaboration with the French and English. Aside from occupying and claiming foreign lands ( colonizing) the Dutch put the inhabitants in chains, forcing them to work their newly claimed fields, then sell the crops, etc. Or in the case of Diamond mines, ( South Africa) and other, forcing the natives/inhabitants to work the mines, etc. taking all the recourses of these lands, not leaving anything for the inhabitants, who from that day forward were their slaves.

The Dutch’s reputation in the 16 and 17 hundreds was so bad, no country wanted to deal with them, nor allow them to immigrate into their countries, to avoid hostilities and possible take-overs. Thus they changed their cloak, pretending to be simple farmers and gained access into the United States in great numbers. America was not the land turning people away, who wished to start a new life in the new world. It didn’t take long and the Dutch were back to their old game, setting houses on fire to take over other’s properties.

When it came to light what atrocities the Dutch had engaged in, and proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of Law, they were found guilty. Guilty of human atrocities meant to be outcast as a whole ( the entire families) and provided with land and life stock, sentenced to provide for themselves, prohibited to exit the lands, and only receive assistance from the outside in case of medical emergencies, with a young allowed to come to town to acquire the assistance of a Physician. Aside from that, each family would be given a Bible, to learn the laws, i.e., the 10 Commandments. The sentence would be for a full of 7 Generations. The Pennsylvania Dutch.

There are no authentic records of any of the Presidents having had African slaves, they did however have ” Indian servants”, called Tea Servants. Not American Indian, rather Indians from ” India” brought to the United States by the English.

These Tea servants, or Butlers, if you will, lived inside the house in the Servant’s quarters.

However, uncountable African slaves from the English, French and Dutch Caribbean fled the islands to escape slavery, finding refuge in the United States, where they’d be “saved”, provided with shelter and jobs, working in cotton and tobacco fields, etc. Though considered “cheap” labor, they were free and provided jobs and shelter. The escaping and fleeing of slaves in the Caribbean went on until the mid to late 18 hundreds, until civilized countries refused to do business with the Dutch, English and French, and with the death rate of slaves so numerous with France and England forced to stop slavery.

Another strategy the Dutch can solely claim as their own, was to ship inhabitants from their colonies to lands of different countries they wished to claim, with help of their new brethren-in-Law, England. Indians from India ( English Colony ) were shipped in great numbers to the Caribbean as well as the United States, where they’d be placed into ” Indian ” Schools, for the Dutch and English to create themselves future Native Americans for land-claim.

Indonesians and Surinam were shipped to the western United States, as well as Mexico and south American countries, to create future natives of America with legal rights to claim land. But like most unscrupulous people, the Dutch, English and French, too, had the weakness of believing they could outsmart everyone, while they had no knowledge of the culture of Native Americans.

1. Most photos of “supposed Native Americans of the 18 Hundreds, are not photos of ” Native Americans”, rather photos of ethnic Asiatic tribes. The clothing worn in the photos is authentic clothing of 19th century Samojadi tribes ( Nganasanes, Evenki/Tungu, Tawgi, Inuit, Koryaks, etc. – Asiatic tribes native to China, Manchuria ( Manchu Tungu), northern Russia and Siberia – some of whom migrated to northern Canada/Alaska. Most of the photos we’ve come to know as those of ” Plains Indians”, said to’ve been from the 18 hundreds, were ” Post-productions” created in the early 20th century, made to look old, depicting Samojadi tribes in celebratory clothing, as well as headdresses in ways of ” South America'”.

Koryaks of Russia ( click to enlarge)korjakinneninkamtschatka415

The Tipis/Wigwams depicted in Photos of supposed Native Americans, are authentic Samujadi tipis. Bow and arrow, as well as Totem Poles” are native to these Asiatic tribes, especially Manchurian Tungu tribes, renowned for their horseman ship.

Evenki of Siberia ( click to enlarge)

The long Tobacco pipes, often referred to as peace-pipes, are authentic ” Opium pipes” of China. The music, chants, as well as language we’ve come to know as Native American music/chants, are also East-Asian and Samojadi. Photos of supposed Native American Shamans are actually photos of Samojadi Shaman.
Some photos, however, depict indeed authentic Native Americans, but they posed wearing Samojadi clothing, while giving secret “codes”, through which one can hold the authentic photos of Natives from the non-authentics apart.

Evenki Shaman outfit from the 18 hundreds ( click to enlarge)tumblr_mga3ccqdsC1rmcfxpo1_500

Evenki Shaman late 18 hundreds (click to enlarge)
20080306-orochon femaleshaman donsmaps

2. Then are the Indian Schools, to which Native American children are said to’ve been sent. Most notably the Carlisle school. These schools were for ” Indians” alright, but not for American Indians, rather Indian children from ” India”, if we’re to trust what the photos state themselves, unless the children were given ” Indian” names native to Karnataka, or Andhra Pradesh, south-west India.

You can click to enlarge the photo Chiricahua_Apaches_Four_Months_After_Arriving_at_Carlisle

Above is an authentic Photo of supposed ” American Indians “( as opposed to Indian Americans)” at the Carlisle school. The names of the children in the photo are listed below, English first names and Indian family names, as they were common in the 19th century in south-west India. Taking a closer look at the faces, they look native to India ( south and northern India/Kashmiri.)

Then there is the name of their tribe, see on top the photo, where it states: ” Chiricahua Apaches Four Months After Arriving at Carlisle”.

First of, the “Apaches” were neither a north American nor Mexican tribe. They were American alright, but ” South American”, specifically a tribe of Peru, known as herders of Pacca, i.’e., Apacces”. Pacca, also Apacca” being the former name of Llama, from which the word ” Alpaca ” derived via Al Pacca/ La Pacca.

The word, Chiricahua refers to the geographical area of the tribe, as in ” Apaches of Chiri’cahua”. Cahua’chi is a mountain area in Peru.

As to Indian Reservations.
During the 16 hundreds, the Dutch and English had brought ship loads full of Indians from India to the Caribbean ( Indo Caribbean), as well as to the southern States of the eastern United States. Florida, etc. This continued well into the 18 hundreds, with Indians establishing themselves in different states less inhabited by Europeans. Since these Indians came from different castes and tribes, the territories they vastly inhabited were soon known by their Castes and tribal names. Though Asian Indian migration, in the sense of Indians coming to the United States voluntarily to make a better life for themselves, didn’t occur until the late 18 hundreds, Indians of different castes and tribes had been brought to the Caribbean and the Americas ( north, central and south America ) during the 16 and 17 hundreds.

When closely looking at the names of the different so called Native American tribes of the east, comparing the names to castes and tribes of India, it becomes quite apparent that most are in actuality of Asian-Indian origin, as opposed to Native American origin, outside of tribal names of south American natives, like the ” Apaches”.

This was well known at the time, however, and at some point conflicts between different Indian castes and tribes turned violent, often times due to alcohol, as well as violence occurring between Indian tribes and European immigrants newly settling in close approximation of their territories. It got so bad, that by the 18 hundreds, fertile land was set aside for the different Indian tribes, to which they were relocated, along with their families and all their belongings ; provided with life stock, seeds, and taught to farm to learn to provide for themselves and their families.

Asian tribes from different regions of south/eastern China migrated to the West Coast, as well as Mexico in the 18 hundreds. The new arrivals, however, were a different people than those having come earlier to work on the railroads, etc. Troubles arose, racial conflicts and violence between SpanishMexican natives, Europeans and Chinese became a daily occurrence, most often due to “alcohol”, as well.

Fearing the Chinese immigration would continue, and Mexicans and Europeans would soon be outnumbered, the Chinese Exclusion act was signed into law in 1882, prohibiting further immigration from China. Since specific tribes of China, already in the United States, had a difficult time adapting to the way of life in the U.S. at the time, they were given fertile land to yield, as well as life stock, etc. able to live according to their ways.

This much for the Atrocities supposedly committed against Africans and Natives by the United States. Myths were created – romantic and dramatic myths of Native Americans on horseback with bow and arrow, in actuality depicting Asiatic tribes of Manchuria, China and Siberia. Outrageous myths of Slavery having taken place in north America, outside of Luisiana, which was French territory at the time.

Myths to create a different history, put into history books and taken at face value, while yet most was created in the early 19 hundreds. And while all these colonizations and shipping of people from place to place occurred Native Americans voyaged the oceans, traveling to different countries to bring Science, Art, Medicine, etc. to people, as well as teaching people about ” Hygiene”, so that at one point in time no one has to point their dirty fingers at other people’s clean vests, and all learn to see…….

….. gsrevclr 😉



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