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The Crimean War – A second fight for the Holy Land ?

Full Circle
By Korifaeus

So, …did we finally arrive at the end of the circle ? It all began with the Crimean war and will end with yet another Crimean war ? The Crimean War of 1853 was the mainspring for World War 1 and 2; a War that was essentially about the Holy Land. Christians demanded from the Ottoman Empire official say in the Holy Land, though the Greek Orthodox Church was given Guardianship by the Ottoman Empire over then southern Syria’s Christian Holy Sites. France, however, was most adamant “supposedly” ( according to History books post-1960’s) demanding official say, as in Government-ship over the Holy Land for the ” Catholic Church”.

The latter is not, however, found in historic records of the Roman Catholic Church, nor did the Roman Catholic Church itself have any such demands. But perhaps i just missed to find records of the Church’s demands of those days, and France was authorized to act for Rome. (?) Will we now have yet another war in Crimea/Ukraine, and about what exactly will it be this time ? It’s not about the Holy Land, or is it ? Coincidentally Israel, the Holy Land, is currently experiencing conflicts with the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community, who happen to’ve migrated to Israel from the Ukraine. ? When first seeing Ultra-Orthodox Haredi, especially when wearing fur /hats and silk robes for special holidays, i found it strongly resembled 19th Century traditional Ukrainian Cossack folklore attire, worn for holidays. Cossack males wore and still wear fur hats, as well as silk robes for special occasions. Cossacks, however, are Orthodox Christian ( Eastern Orthodox Church), not Jewish, nor *Judaic ( anagrammatic for *Judicial ). And though Cossacks, Jewish, or Judicial/Judaic people would/should have nothing in common as far as their culture and heritage is concerned, they have astoundingly lots in common.

Both, Cossacks and Haredi ( Ultra Orthodox) live in closed Communities of large clans of extended family, and don’t usually mingle with outsiders. Women wear headscarves, long skirts or dresses covering their knees, which is traditional for Russian and Greek Orthodox women in rural areas. Both groups, Cossacks and Haredi, have more children than most families – up to 15 children at times. Cossacks and Haredi males are demanded to wear beards. Strongly observant Cossacks keep a Scalp-lock, which means they shave their heads entirely, but keep a lock, called Khokhol, that is never cut, on the top or back of their head.

Haredi males shave their heads but keep two side-locks, called Peyes in Yiddish, or Payot. Traditional Cossack aprons, worn above the clothing, strongly resemble the undergarment with Tzitzit, worn by Haredi males, called a Tallit Katan. The traditional foods are also quite similar. “Borscht” is eaten before most every meal in the Ukraine – a soup made of red beats, eaten warm or cold – it’s a traditional food of eastern Europe ( Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc. ). Another traditional food of the Ukraine are ” Latkes” ( Potato pan cakes). A special bread served for holidays in the Ukraine is a braided bread called, Khallakh, which is identical to ” Challah “, a braided bread broken/served on Shabbat. Most fascinating to me personally, however, is the laying of ” Tefillin” by Ultra Orthodox males, because when looking at a set of Tefillin – i happen to have an old leather set – it looks remarkably similar to a set of authentic Native American ” Swaddling bands”, for babies; aside from the fact that the word ” Tefl” is an old Native as well as Arabic word for “Baby”.

Cossack males, on the other hand, do not lay Tefillin, they did however have similar sets of leather bands which are of a similar size and structure, and used as Bridle and Rein for their horses – Cossacks being most noted for their horsemanship. With so many commonalities between Cossacks and Haredi, thus customs and traditions shared by Ukrainians and religious Jewish people in general, surely both sides could find a way to get along, while yet the media reports of increasing struggles and strong conflicts between religious Jewish people and Ukrainian people in Crimea, adding to the conflicts already taking place in the Ukraine, which could spark into yet another out-of-control fire ? And with so much shared customs between Haredi and Secular Jewish People in Israel, surely both sides could also find a way to get along ?

Ultra-Orthodox men in Israel are currently protesting in the hundreds of thousands, as reported in the news, against the draft, insisting on the original law of the country granting Ultra Orthodox men the right not to serve so to commit to Torah study, thus observe the law of not partaking in using weapons against their fellow human beings. But when objectively observing how Ultra Orthodox men protest – throwing stones at the police, and military, the very people fighting to protect the land in which they live, could one not conclude they could also serve in the military, since they don’t appear to have a problem throwing stones, which is an act of violence, with the stones being used as weapons ?

And could one not conclude that it will only be a matter of time until fellow Jewish Israelis will feel animosity toward Ultra Orthodox people, more than 70% of which don’t work, currently living of Government support, thus of Tax-payer’s money, thus Israelis working to support Haredi families ? The act of Military Draft exclusion was put into law when Religious Jewish people were given land in Israel to farm – able to live off their land – Kibutzim to support themselves and also sell their harvest at the markets. But this no longer applies to modern day Ultra Orthodox communities, with only a rough 20% working to support their families. The Crimean conflict has currently become a Jewish/Ukrainian conflict, with photos shown of vandalized Synagogues, anti-Jewish graffiti on Jewish homes, because the Jewish people of Crimea side with Russia, while the Ukrainians side with the west.

We’ve already been there – been at this stage of an era where the exact same scenarios occurred – from the Crimean war of 1853 to the unfathomable famine and starvation in the Ukraine/Russia of the 1920’s in which millions upon millions of people died of starvation. The photos of the famine of 1921 showing skeleton like bodies of starving children and adults alike, are to this day used as documentation to support the Genocide against Jewish people during the second world war. Thus since we’ve already been at this stage, and must have learned from the past where personal ideology superseded the life and well being of fellow human beings – surely in this 21th Century we’ve evolved as a species that can find a way to avoid yet another war.



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