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Woody Allen a Victim of ( fanciful ?) Women

By Korifaeus

There’s no way, really, anyone can take sides in the tabloid wars between Mia Farrow versus Woody Allen, because the only ones who really know the truth are Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. We’re only spectators, observing both sides present their case in the ” public” court – a case being fought out at the town’s market place with the apparent intent to have Woody Allen allegorically stoned. That in itself is for my taste appalling, but,…. those with no sins may throw the first stone, which they never do, while those trying to point away from themselves usually use a heavy piece of artillery mercilessly firing off their stone ammunition, which makes the whole thing entertaining in one aspect, ‘cuz it provides an inside to the mind of everyone. In another aspect it’s dumbfounding that such savage actions still take place in the 21st Century.
Innocent until proven guilty in a court of “law”, anyone ?

I remember when in the early nineties the allegations of supposed ” sexual abuse” were first brought against Woody Allen, and it was just as mind-boggling then as it is today. The only single thing giving a teeny-weeny bit of credence, as in possible circumstantial evidence, ( though a far cry ) to Mia Farrow’s allegations, was the fact that Woody Allen started an intimate affair with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, the then 19 or 21 year old Soon Yi, which Woody Allen admitted to.

And though i have to admit that i feel it was not ” prudent”, if not to say unethical, for Woody Allen to start an affair with the very young adopted daughter of the woman he was dating for quite a few years, i never believed he sexually molested “his and Mia Farrow’s” then 7 year old daughter Dylan. There’s a huge difference between being a Pedophile, i.e., a person engaging in sexual activities with a ” prepubescent” child ( not underaged but ” prepubescent” ) and sexually engaging with a very young woman.

To start a relationship with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, even though she was of age, was “ethically” wrong, ( NOT unlawful ) only because he was still in a relationship with Mia Farrow. Had the two, Woody Allen and Soon Yi, met up years after the relationship with Mia Farrow broke off, becoming romantically involved and eventually marry, it would have read like the ultimate love story; a sort of Kismet story of true love and destiny. How it took Mia Farrow to marry Mr. Previn to adopt Soon Yi, to bring her to America to meet her true love, Woody Allen, and visa versa ( Woody Allen meeting his true love ) – or, for the esoterically minded, the two separated souls, Woody and Soon Yi, find each other and live happily ever after.

But they didn’t meet again by chance long after Mia Farrow and he broke off, instead Soon Yi and he started a Relationship while Mia Farrow and he were apparently still a couple, and that was just plain stupid on his part to let it happen.

How it happened, however, is yet another mystery and the only two who know how it really happened are Woody Allen and Soon Yi. What we do know, or rather were told via the media, as i recall when the first accusations were broadcast in the early 1990’s, was that Woody Allen had apparently taken some semi-nude photos ( Semi nudes could include Bikini photos ) of Soon Yi when she was a teenager, which Mia Farrow found, and which got the whole sexual abuse allegations of Dylan, their then 7 year old adopted daughter, started.

Let’s take the case for the sake of playing Devil’s Advocate to a hypothetical court.
Hypothetical Scenario/Argument FOR the “defendant”.
Woody Allen

Dear Members of the Jury, your Honor. Let’s in all objectivity agree that Soon Yi is not what one can describe as a great Asian or American beauty, while Mia Farrow was famed as an American beauty. Soon Yi grows into a teenager with the realization her mother Mia is one of America’s great beauties. She starts comparing herself to her mother, since after all she’s in her teenage years and has an urge to feel pretty. She asks the boy friend of her mother, who has dated an array of very attractive/beautiful women:” Do you think i’m pretty” ?

Woody Allen, her mother’s boy friend, tells her reassuringly, ” Yes, i think you’re very pretty “, to make her feel good about herself, cuz after all, he could sympathize having grown up a kid who didn’t feel he fit in, being a little smaller, slightly geekish, glasses, thus the stereo-typical outsider in school, rejected by the girls while in his teenage years.

Many young girls want to become models, specifically girls feeling insecure about themselves, so to get reaffirmation and acknowledgment for their beauty. Being slender, Soon Yi may have thought of wanting to become a model to feel beautiful about herself.

Let’s assume Soon Yi asked Woody Allen what he thought of her becoming a model, and that she’s planing to have some photos taken by a photographer. Woody Allen may have felt protective, possibly realizing what was going on in the girl’s young mind, since he knew more about Psycho-analysis than most Psychiatrists, or Psychologist, him having been in Psycho-analysis for decades.

Thus to protect her he suggests he himself take photos of her, instead of some stranger, and does exactly that. Soon Yi poses for him, he shoots portraits ( face), fashion shots ( her wearing different clothes) and bikini shots, which is the standard combo every modeling agency requests before signing a model. Bikini photos look no different than lingerie photos and reveal pretty much the same, with the only difference that one piece of clothing is called Bikini, while the other is called lingerie ( or bra and panties).

Fast forward:
A few years pass, the relationship between Mia Farrow and Woody Allen is on the rocks; Compatibility problems, personality clashes, etc. with the fights between the two witnessed and observed by the children.

Soon Yi may’ve grown fond of Woody Allen, because he made her feel pretty and she may’ve secretly had a crush on him, because he made her feel pretty, assuring her she’s pretty during times she went through normal teenage insecurities, and now feared she could lose him were her mother and Woody to go separate ways. She may have feared being abandoned, since she was
1. An adopted child.
2. An adopted child of parents who divorced ( Previn/Farrow)
3. and now possibly losing yet another person she came to trust and grown close to, Woody Allen.

Seeing the relationship between her mother ( Mia ) and her mother’s boyfriend ( Woody ) unravel, she seeks to comfort Woody Allen, after possibly having overheard bitter fights between the two. She holds him, hugs him, then tells him she loves him. Assuming at the time he thought nothing of it, and was still prudently protective of the then young woman, what she says, however, the ” i love you”, touches his heart.

A 56 year old man on the verge of a relationship break-up is being comforted by a 21 year old woman, who tells him she loves him. The young woman being the adopted daughter of his girl-friend. When going through break-ups one feels rejected by love, thus feels an automatic “urge”, a craving, to feel loved; and when that happens the mind stops rationalizing and the body gives in to emotions, and people end up doing stupid things they wouldn’t have done had they not found themselves in a stressful situation. Thus instead of getting drunk, or use drugs to cope with the relationship stress, he found himself seduced by a very young woman proclaiming love for him, who so happened to be the adopted daughter of his girlfriend he was going through a break-up with.

While each, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, sought custody of the children they adopted together and their biological son, Mia Farrow found the semi-nude photos ( which could have been Soon Yi in a bikini) and learned the photos were taken by Woody Allen. There was really nothing Woody Allen could have said to assure Mia Farrow that he hadn’t had an affair with Soon Yi at the time the photos were taken ( presumably years earlier when Soon Yi was a teenager, 16 or 17 years of age ).

Mia Farrow may’ve previously made accusations to Woody in regard to Soon Yi, before anything had taken place, because of his possible protectiveness of Soon Yi, trying to make her feel pretty, and just as beautiful as her mother, aware Soon Yi was going through some insecurities.

Innocently comforting efforts on Woody Allen’s part may’ve previously been interpreted by Mia Farrow as anything other than friendly like comforting efforts by an adult male, with Mia Farrow possibly having seen devils where there weren’t any, which may have been the reason for their growing apart and eventual fights leading to the break-up. We don’t know anything about Mia Farrows personality, if she was/is the jealous type, or for that matter what the reasons were for her previous divorces ( Previn, Sinatra, etc. ). Her possibly groundless accusation may have even brought the two, Soon Yi and Woody Allen, together; two innocent people suspected/accused of doing something wrong usually join forces and become allies.

Mia Farrow was 19 when she married Frank Sinatra who was 50, and may’ve projected herself on Soon Yi and Woody Allen, which is most often the case – we project ourselves, our actions and mindset onto others.

Finally she accused Woody Allen of having sexually abused their 7 year old adopted daughter Dylan, possibly due to an inability of seeing anything BUT sexuality when observing a grown man being close, feeling love, cuddling, kissing, holding their baby/toddler/kid daughter dear. The actions, of which she accused Woody Allen, may’ve been something she saw in her mind, a visual of possibilities imagined because of fears, or… a childhood trauma subconsciously haunting her, which she was made to feel guilty about, thus unable to confront it, etc.

The Scenario she may’ve visualized due to fear, or other, was then shared with her 7 year old daughter, in ways of an inquiry = ” Did he do THAT, and did he do it THERE ?” Thus possibly talked her daughter into the scenario she visualized could have happened, for the daughter to eventually “visualize” the scenario as told by her mother.
Once the visualization process takes place inside the mind of a young child, it “can” download into the memory cells, and when an adult, recalls it as a “memory”.

The only way to differentiate between a REAL memory and a suggested FALSE memory ( visualized story) is that an adult with a real memory does not see him/herself with the other person in the room, as if observing it from the outside, thus watching herself as a child engage with the adult, which only happens in false memories; as if watching a film in which two characters engage.

In a real memory one recalls only what one was able to see/observe through ones “own” eyes, thus able to see one’s own limbs in “front of oneself” and the other person in front of oneself.

Note: Just as i finished writing the article last night, i went to dinner at a friends house who was watching a Danish Documentary called, ” The Hunt”. The synchronicity of events was startling because ” The Hunt” was about an innocent man accused of ” Pedophilia” due to a silly thing a little 4/5 year old girl said to her Kindergarten teacher. The innocent man was fired from his job, lost all his friends, forbidden to buy groceries in the market of the small town, arrested, released from jail due to insufficient evidence, brutally beaten up by the towns people, until the little girl insisted to her father that his best friend never did anything, with her just saying something stupid, etc.

Your Honor, Dear Jury, this is still America…..
Let us shine to be an example of fairness to the world; a land made of upright people upholding the laws of our country, so the founding fathers of our country did not live in vain, nor created the most exceptional constitution of our country in vain; instead look down at us from heaven with a smile, proud we gave it our all to turn their vision into reality.

End of Hypothetical Scenario/Argument FOR the Defendant.

In God we Trust



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