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U2’s Bono – A Man filling his Void ?

The Crystal Ball
By Korifaeus

The other day i so happened to watch a part of Fareed Zakaria’s interview with Bono, of Zakaria’s Crystal Ball 2014 show on the internet’s CNN page. I stumbled over it looking for some Bono photos for a quiz, reading something about Bono talking about creativity, thus i checked it out.

If people only knew how much they reveal about themselves, when talking about “others” in general, they’d be more careful sharing their views about others. I felt somewhat sad for him after hearing what he had to say in response to Mr. Zakaria’s question, ” What it is that brings on “creativity ?”


What Bono basically said ( paraphrase) was that he could only speak for himself and what he’d seen observing the “Species” up close, which is , Quote Bono:
” I think it’s often Emptiness … a Void, the attempt to fill the void is Art and the Artist is the person who is making up for absence. If you were completely of sound mind you would not need 70 thousand people screaming, I love you, the night to feel normal.”

That’s what Bono had to say in reply to Mr. Zakaria’s question ” What brings on creativity”. It didn’t even sound like Bono, as least not like the Bono i’ve seen on Charley Rose or other interview shows in past years.

I felt really sad for Bono because what he was describing was his personal motivation as to what brings on ” his ” creativity, not what brings on creativity in general. Creativity inspired by the motivation of feeling ” loved” by other people, is basically what he was saying. But that is not what brings on creativity in most creative ” species” at all, myself included, and i wonder which species exactly he was referring as to the ones he’d observed ? The birds of his feather may well feel an emptiness, a void inside and crave adoration expressed in ” i love yous ” from as many folks able to fit into a stadium, but the world is not made of just Birds of Bono’s feather. It would be a truly sad world if that were the case – a world filled with empty creative people feeling a void ?

First of, a person able to be creative can’t possibly be “empty” nor ” void” inside – quite the opposite; a creative person is ” filled with riches of ideas”, so many ideas that one feels the NEED to express them in ways one’s talents allow one to – otherwise the cup filleth over.

It is an ” IDEA” bringing on “creativity” = one feels inspired to “create” that which one has ” envisioned, imagined, or an emotion felt ; be it a painting through which one wishes to tell a story – a melody expressing an emotion one felt – a literary work to share a world one saw inside one’s mind – or a machine that could make life easier for oneself or others.

Inventors, for example, aren’t creative because they feel an emptiness or a void inside, rather are filled with IDEAS as to how something can be improved, or created for one’s own or other people’s benefit. The inventor of the automobile didn’t feel a void nor emptiness, rather was intrigued by an idea to create something allowing man to travel faster and not having to carry a load on one’s shoulder when having to bring heavy items to another place.

The first man thinking of creating a flying machine didn’t feel empty nor void, rather must have felt ” inspired” watching birds fly, thinking of something as to how to create a machine with which man, too could fly.

An Alchemist’s ( Chemist/Pharmacist) creativity is inspired by trying to find a cure for an illness, to help people.

Creativity = the ability to create. The Creator is first and foremost “inspired” by an idea that comes to his mind, then thinks of a way to execute the idea in ways he imagined it.

And God said: ” Let there be Light. And then there was light and God saw the light was good” 😉



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