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The Volkswagen Beetle – The most popular Car still

The Beetle
By Korifaeus

The most ravishing car there is, no ? The Volkswagen Beetle.
There isn’t another car as approachable as the beetle. It’s a cute car. It just looks so adorably cute that one is left with a smile on one’s lips when seeing a beetle.

A beetle does not evoke envy; it’s not high maintenance nor pompous in appearance, instead it’s sympatico as well as sovereign.

I’ve always liked the beetle, though i’ve never owned nor driven one myself. Still i enjoy seeing them here and there, and they do put a smile on my face.

But not everyone is suited to drive a beetle. There are specific kinds of people, who, if i had my say, would be allowed to drive a beetle, because i like the beetle the way he is, not what he could turn into sat the wrong person behind the wheel.

For example stereo typical pot smokers, the way they’re caricatured in satires ; unshaven – pseudo intellectual – hippies. Such stereo-types could give the beetle the image of a stereo typical hippy car, but that is not what the beetle is, nor should be. The Duck, as is the nickname for the French version of the Beetle, the Citroen 2CV, makes for a much better hippie car than the beetle.

Aside from that, a beetle would not receive the needed TLC from a stereo-typical pot smoker and may rust prematurely, turning into a dirty car with filthy windows. When that happens it never takes long for a certain kind of folks to start writing into the dirt on the windows, which often reads: ” Slob, wash me”, etc.

Nope, that’s not what a beetle is made for. The Duck, the french Citroen 2CV, is far better suited for that.

Strongly perfumed women wearing leopard and tiger print clothing don’ t fit into a beetle either. It’s a beetle, not an Ocelot, nor a carnivore cage on wheels. Such women belong into a Jaguar.

If anyone should be allowed to drive the beetle, then a very specific type of person projecting confidence without appearing arrogant. A stereo typical pipe smoker would fit into the beetle. I have a very clear vision what sort of person should be allowed to sit behind the wheel of a beetle.
Einstein. Yup, Einstein, would be the perfect fit 😉

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2 comments on “The Volkswagen Beetle – The most popular Car still

  1. fonsi
    January 8, 2014

    i drove 3 from them … 1st with sensationell 30 PS

    • Korifaeus
      January 8, 2014

      3 Beetles ? How swell, truly still a stylisch car 🙂

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