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The missing former FBI or CIA Agent Mystery

A Matter of Intelligence
By Korifaeus

I just glimpsed through the news stories on google news, noticing the report on a missing supposed former CIA Contractor. The reason i use the word ” supposed” is because in some reports Robert Levinson, the missing American, is said to be a former FBI agent, while in other reports he’s said to be a former CIA agent, or CIA contractor. But regardless of FBI or CIA, he is missing, said to’ve been held hostage in Iran and believed to still be alive.

The photo, below, of a man said to be Robert Levinson was published in the article, which struck me as odd, because any and all photos of political hostages are checked for secret codes by the CIA, and i would personally find it highly improbable for any actual hostage photos taken by kidnappers to be released for any publication, since it can jeopardize an investigation and …. allow the hostage takers to sent a message around the world via a Code.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it. Missing American Iran.JPEG-0f3ad

The very first thing i noticed in the photo above, was the apparent ” mirror” to the right of the man said to be Robert Levinson. Though not much can be seen inside the mirror, which may provide clues, it’s an interesting looking mirror; specifically a ” Tear drop ” mirror. The first thought that comes to my mind in regard to ” tear drop” is 1. Every Clown has a tear in his eye, and 2. ” Tear Drop” is the nickname of “Sri Lanka”.

But i’m not a code breaker, nor a photo forensic expert, nor a photo-cryptographer; the CIA and FBI, however, has the aforementioned experts in their various intelligence departments, which are the ones in charge to either giving it a go to release official hostage photos, or not.

Seeing the photo it instantly reminded me of the White House Situation Room photo, taken the night Usama Bin Laden was captured, etc. see Photo
You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

When the photo was released the next day, i didn’t make anything of the white book Secretary Clinton had on her lap, even though it stated on top the book something about “Top Secret Code” in red letters, LOL, 😉 See photo below.

You can click the photo to enlarge it.

Nor did i make anything of the apparent non-official White House Paper cup on the table, which is sort of against Secret Service regulations to bring outside paper-cups into the White House; all of which usually has the Presidential Seal printed on it ( dishes, cups, including paper-cups).

Not did i make anything of the pixled-out photo lying atop the computer across from Mrs. Clinton.

The only thing peculiar that caught my eyes was President Obama’s Polo shirt, because it was buttoned incorrectly; buttoned like a Lady’s polo or dress shirt, with the buttons on the left. Instead of buttoned like a man’s Polo or dress shirt with the buttons on the “right”. Did the President by mistake take his wife’s Polo shirt out of the drawer ? Whatever may’ve happened, the photo was apparently okay’d by the Secret Service, etc. for publication, and for all we know they had their own little fun, and the President has to this day not been told that he had accidentally been wearing one of his wife’s Polo shirts.

As for Robert Levinson, surely U.S. Intelligence is doing all they can. If only life was but a fairy tale; a Magic Mirror would at times come in handy.




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