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The David Beckham Initiation Controversy

Keeping the Eye on the Ball
By Korifaeus

Gotta give David Beckham credit for his straightforwardness in telling about the somewhat controversial initiation he underwent during his junior years at Manchester United. I read about it a couple of days ago in the paper, and admit i was taken aback learning about such a twisted initiation.

For those not familiar with the story; David Beckham, a U.K. soccer Super Star revealed, during the filming of a documentary, about one the most unpleasant initiation he’d undergone during his junior years at Manchester United. According to Mr. Beckham a photo of a soccer star of that time ( male soccer star) was put on a wall in front of him and he was forced to pleasure himself while looking at the picture of the male soccer player.

It was embarrassing for him to talk about it, but i think it was a brave thing to do, so parents are aware of the odd and sometimes twisted initiations their children are forced to partake in.

My first reaction was, well ….i found it twisted to force a heterosexual male to sexually pleasure himself until ejaculation, while having to look at a photo of a male. Thinking about as to what purpose this could have been done, i realized it was a test of “will power”. It was about having to overcome a big obstacle.

Though i could think of numerous tests that could have the very same effect, i suppose it also had to do with overcoming “shame” and “embarrassment” while finding oneself in a vulnerable position; showing off one’s genitals while also showing how exactly he uses his tool.

What he’d have to do in order to ejaculate while looking at a picture of a male, is to imagine something that would turn him on – imagine his girlfriend or a girl he fancied, etc. He’d have to have “discipline” to force the image inside his mind in front of his eyes, by which he’d see what he imagines much stronger than the picture across from him. And that take aside from discipline “will power”.

The will power and discipline he’d need in order to become a soccer super star. It’s essentially the secret of “success” – to create an imagine inside one’s mind – the DREAM – holding on to that DREAM – keeping the eye on the ball – the imagine inside the mind and never let go.

However twisted that initiation test may seem, there’s no shame nor embarrassment needed, ‘cuz hey one see something inside one’s mind, more arousing and pleasurable than the picture on the wall, which only serves as a “challenge”.

How to make one’s dreams come true ?



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