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The Age of Depression – WHY ?

Delicious Fat
By Korifaeus

Non Fat

There have always been some people who’re easily depressed. In the old days they were referred to as “gloomy” folks. Some people are naturally content while others seem to be in a state of constant unhappiness. In many cases it was just a personality issue; folks who just never seem to the able to see the light, didn’t like themselves, always feeling miserable.

In recent years, however, we see more and more people suffering depression, some are Psychological while other’s are Physical depressed, i.e. hormonal deficiencies, etc. Aside from that, everything is called depression nowadays, as though words such as sadness no longer exist; a person is sad in reaction of a tragic event and it’s instantly called “depression” – the person is depressed. But that’s not true, the person is just “sad”.

Last week i learned about a tragedy and was “sad”. I was “sad” for an entire day. I sobbed non-stop which is a natural human reaction when “mourning” someone. I was not depressed, i was just “sad”. The next day i was fine because i allowed myself to mourn and because ….. i have enough ” comfort fat ” in my body. And this is exactly what’s missing in many folks today = good “fats” for comfort.

I’m not talking about being fat, or being overweight. I’m slender but i “eat” loads of good fats a body needs; fats for the joints, the cells and the neuro-system = the nerves. In order for the body to function correctly we need fat, and when depriving our bodies of the fats we need we end up with lots of ailments, from joint problems to “depression”.

Some people i know who observe what i eat seem constantly puzzled how i remain slender eating so much fatty foods, because i don’t go to the gym, don’t work out for hours, instead i just walk a lot ( i live in N.Y. – we walk a lot ) or i play occasionally tennis. That’s it. But, i don’t eat much sweets, nor do i overindulge in carbs, nor do i drink alcohol, which has loads of sugars, too. I don’t watch my diet, instead i just eat what i like and am hungry for.

I’m a big red-meat eater ( beef ) and couldn’t care less about the things we’re nowadays told about red meat not being healthy. Red meat has lots of nutritional value; vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as fats the body needs. I also eat fish, preferably fatty fish, like cod, salmon or shrimps. I eat exactly like my grandmother and all of my forefathers and foremothers ate. My grandmother died at the age of 91, her older sister 97. She ate butter, good healthy butter, and she cooked and fried with lots of butter, as did Julia Childs, btw, who also lived to a ripe old age.

I eat summer berries with plenty of sour creme – i like my egg yolks; a soft-boiled egg in the morning – and all the good stuff we’re nowadays told is bad for us. I eat my veggies, my fruit and consider my diet a wholesome healthy diet. I also get plenty of sun and tan myself in the summer, which doesn’t take much, since i turn dark fairly easily. Without sunscreen, i might add, since i’m not fair-skinned – i don’t burn, thus need no such protection.

Folks who eat sufficient fat, and get sufficient sun, not listening to the science baloney of the new century, do not suffer from depression. They also don’t suffer from anxiety disorders, nor nervousness or irritability. I talked to Physician friends of mine, none of whom would ever follow the new standard diets of “avoiding” fats, or eating fat-free products, such a skim milk, fat-free yogurt, fat-free Ice cream, or ” lite/light products, etc. because these people are medically trained and know it’s the worst you can do to your body = deprive it of fats. Good fats that is, and animals fats, seafood fats, are good fats, just as fats and oils from plants and vegetables are good fats. The only “bad” fats are hydrogenated oils.

Looking at the products in supermarket shelves, many of which state ” FAT FREE”, for example canned foods, like soups,etc. or snack bars, one finds they have lots of added sugar and yeast extract as substitute for the missing fat to give it some flavor. The people buying these products continue having weight problems, many gain more weight and wonder how that could be since they’ve cut almost all fat from their diet.

The answer is simple – known to every Medical expert and Nutritionist – it’s the sugar inside non-fat products that makes them gain weight. Fat doesn’t make one fat, sugar does. And though sugar converts into fat, the needed fats the body transports directly to the joints, cells and “neuro-system”, ( nerves) etc. is missing. Depression looms.

The less fat a body receives the more irritable a person becomes, because the nerves need FATS. It’s not fat either that raises the bad cholesterol ( LDL). It’s sugars and hydrogenated oils that raise LDL.

Looking at this entire new 21st century nutrition propaganda from supposed Medical Experts from every angle, it makes one wonder if these people’s goal is to make people depressed, or what exactly their motive and agenda is to propagate something opposing all common sense, medical science, as well as “nature”, causing more and more people to become sick ?

We have no other choice than to use our God-given common sense and use our right to say NO ! NO to Nonsense is YES to life.



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