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In Hindsight: The Future Real-Life Animation Leaders of the World

Curtain Calls
By Korifaeus

The toughest most difficult job of any nation is the protection of the leader of the nation. It’s as difficult a task as the job of a surgeon because the “life” of a Human Being is in the hands of the former. There is much more to the Secret Service, for example, than the agents walking alongside a President, dressed in suits, wearing earphones, etc. we’re so familiar with, as seen in News reels, etc. Those are the guys out in the open, but there’s much more to the Secret Service, now a department of Homeland Security, which has an array of incredibly knowledgable people in even many fields of Science; they have to know about so much that’s out there, from toxins, to WMD’s, to bacteria, viruses, etc. which is pivotal to protect the leader of the country, but also to protect the ” nation” ; the people of the nation – ALL people of the nation.

Thus aware how incredibly difficult it is to perform such a task, even with strategic creations like decoys, etc. i wondered how Presidential protection may look in the future. The thought occurred to me while paging through the ” Specials” inside the papers about a tragedy that struck our nation 50 years ago – President Kennedy’s Assassination.

I wasn’t born yet, though in my mother’s belly when the Dallas tragedy took place, but whenever i’m reminded of it, the first person that comes to my mind is Agent Clint Hill because he suffered from it throughout his life, feeling he should have jumped on the Presidential car just a few seconds earlier, to’ve taken the third bullet for President Kennedy, which he believed could have saved the President’s life. A suffering very apparent in a Mike Wallace interview that has been re-broadcast many times on 60 Minutes.

I would think the President, and the leaders of the different countries in the world, will most probably be real-life animations in the future. Meaning a real-life animation is created to play the official leader of a country, while the actual leader’s Identity won’t be known to the public. It’s the most innovative way to protect a President, his family, etc. or any leader for that matter, modern-day technology has to offer. There wouldn’t be any need to have secret service Agents secure cities for a President’s arrival, nor any agents tensely watching all that eye can see, while walking or standing close to the President shaking hands with the people.

It could all be filmed in a studio, or rather created on a computer; the real life animation President visiting with town folks or other world leaders, with a crowd of real-life animation people gathering around the President, shaking his hand, taking photos with the people. The entire animation footage is then broadcast on Tv, the photos printed in the papers, and everyone is happy, plus no agents have to carry the enormous burden of being responsible for the life of the President while constantly having to find themselves in harm’s way.

What would assure the success of the creation of a real-life-animation President, someone who doesn’t really exist, is an enormous amount of people on whom one can depend 100% stating they met the President, have seen him when he came to town, watched him eat a sandwich at the local coffee shop, etc.

Though no one could have possibly seen him, since…. it’s an animation; a fictional character created on a high-tech computer, Scientific research conducted over decades internationally has shown that a lot of people will make up stories of having met famous folks whom they believed visited their town, city or neighborhood because it was reported in the paper.

No such visit took place however. Phony photographers and camera men were placed in and outside of a store, pretending to take photos of a famous person, while hollering the famous person’s name. Such research studies have been conducted by Universities, as well as independent researchers, to show that a LOT of people will make up stories, and …. eventually believe their own story. They will go so far and not just insist that what they say is true, but call anyone questioning their story, a liar.

A little area around a shopping center is closed off, the television news reports LIVE of the President just having landed in SoandSo City, about to get into the car waiting for him taking him to the shopping center where he’s about to make a speech.

What assures the News report’s believability is folks who’ll make up stories of having seen the President after learning, via the news or the papers, the President is said to’ve visited their city.

Aside from it providing the very best security for any REAL future President, one can a create a President all Americans will embrace; a Native American President married to a multi-ethnic first Lady, with well-behaved, but down to earth great kids – a handsome son all girls will swoon over, while being an exemplary model for the younger generation; a little cute toddler daughter, so adorable , constantly making the covers of various magazines – and a pretty teenage daughter, down to earth, a bit mischievous, serving somewhat as the clown of the first family. A dog, a cat and a bird will be added, and the perfect first Family of the United States is created, beloved by everyone, with no harm ever being able to come to them.

Once there was Camelot

Lion King



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