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The perilous Adventure of a Scribe

By Korifaeus

Some dare go on expeditions into jungles,etc. but there are also other worlds of the unknown to explore, the world inside the mind. Thus one day, a few years back, i said to myself…

…i think i’ll go on an adventure
fight wars that have never been fought,

and when finally winning 
there’ll be a beginning

by learning what’s never been taught.

Yes, i think i’ll go on an adventure,

to lands that have never been known;

fight monsters and beast 
not with swords of the triste,

but with sounds of a jovial tone

For is it not true that all anger

departs when some laughter is heard ?

And when everyone’s laughing 
an old-fashion word…

like, fighting, 
becomes quite absurd

Yes, i think i’ll go on an adventure,

to a place i most certainly find;

where-i-live with the bees 
and do as i please,

and say what’s on my mind

Thus i started my big ole adventure,

sat down in my comfortable chair;

then got a pen and some paper

and saw what is not even there

I imagined a world that is thrilling,

where ghosts tell me secrets 
i’d be willing to hear

and not fear 
their appearance 
instead hold them dear;

while they’d teach me the art of indulgence,

by seeing what’s deep in my mind;

where i’d find 
the birth place of laughter

and fantasy combined

Oh dears, what had i done,

there i sat in my comfortable chair
 one one one

with the teachers of wisdom, 
the teachers of art,

the greatest composers-
and oh, where to start;

each telling their stories

but instead of great joy,

they’d suffered 
and wished to destroy…
…all they’d created at some point in time

as an exemplary paradigm…

For-they-felt t’was all in vain,

and wished they could explain,

but this they couldn’t do;

having pledged the oath of Honor,
to never verbally construe

They starved and hungered for love unreturned,

a feeling that burned
in their veins
They suffered rejection,
craving affection,

causing them that much more pains

They numbed it by singing,
’till ears would be ringing,
expressing excruciating distress

Until they’d regress 
and found themselves

no longer on this plane,

but saw and witnessed clearly 
what had driven men insane

But instead of succumbing to madness,

they shared and created a world anew

and drew 
what they saw in this other dimension

as best as a human can do

They wrote verses expressing the knowledge they gained,
 allegorical prose of the wisdom attained,

they’d paint in glorious metaphors

all they’d seen behind sacred doors

It was such a struggle to get to this place,
they said,
for it took more than muscle.

Great discipline it took, for they’d face,

a lot of hustle and tussle

They’d live in isolation 
for a great amount of time,

spending life in solitude 
especially in their prime.

And though they suffered clearly,

it wasn’t all in vain,

for even if the world won’t change,

knowledge was their gain

This was my great adventure,

while i sat in my comfortable chair,
to dare
and see what’s not even there…….




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