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Barney’s and NYPD – Racists, or Victim of a Lawsuit Scam ?

If it looks like a fish, smells like fish, tastes like a fish, it’s a BIG fish
By Korifaeus

Today’s Daily News reported a big bust in New York. The Headline on the cover read : ” BUSTED – Stopped by 4 cops after buying $2.500.00 bag. The story goes that a 21 year old black female nursing student, who’s a mother of one child with one child on the way ( according to the paper ) went to Barney’s ( a very expensive store of luxury goods) in Manhattan, and purchased a 2 Thousand 5 Hundred Dollar bag with her Bank of America credit card.

This was the second bust, with a young black male said to’ve experienced a similar incident, which was reported about the day before.

Daily News - Busted

According to the young student, as reported in the Daily News, she was stopped by 4 plain clothed NYPD officers three blocks away from the store, who “grilled” her about the bag she purchased at Barney’s; asking her how she paid for it, then checking her ATM card.

The young woman was apparently let go after being grilled about the purchase, as well as ” attacked” by the officers, according to her, as reported in the Daily News – thus no arrest was made – she took the names of the officers, as well as the Badge numbers.

Note: Though according to the Daily News account of the happenings, the 4 officers were aggressive toward her, but apparently not angry enough to deny her to take note of their names ( they showed her their ID’s) and Badge numbers.

She then went home, told her mother, then contacted the Civilian Complaint Review Board, etc. and filed a multi-million dollar notice of claim with the city of intending to sue the NYPD. The student and her mother intent to sue Barney’s, as well.

Barney’s denies that they called the police, or sent undercover officers after her, when she left the store. If they did, it would be highly unusual, since the employee could have called for store security while the young lady was still in the store.

A 21 year old student enters one of the most expensive stores in New York City and seeks to purchase a $2.500.00 bag. Her skin color happens to be black, which doesn’t really matter, but apparently it matters to her, because she, or her lawyers, are trying to make it a “racial” issue.

If paying with a credit card, surely the store employee would ask to see her ID, to verify the name on the credit or ATM card. Doing so, she may notice the young age of the customer, possibly wondering how she can afford to buy such a pricey item. She could be the daughter of a wealthy man, an industrial. She could be an actress, a reality show star – who can keep up nowadays with the new celebrity bonanza ? She could have won the lottery, too. There are numerous possibilities why a young girl her age could have the money to afford a 2.500 dollar bag.

If the store employee would have felt the slightest suspicion about the purchaser, she/he could have excused her/himself for a moment and notify Security, which Barney’s have on staff, according to the Daily News. The Security could have quickly checked with the Bank, or Credit Card Company, and every customer using a credit card would most likely encourage such check ups, because it protects the credit card holder, meaning her, as well; Identity theft and credit card fraud is at an all time high, after all.

A store has the right to protect itself, too, because if the fraud department of a credit card company puts a stop on a payment, Barney’s would not get paid, while the product will be gone.

Undercover police or special under undercover security of such luxury stores, are well trained and can easily start an amicable conversation with someone, asking trick questions, with which they can see by the body language, temperament and answers of a person, if they’re dealing with a fraudster.

But Barney’s did no such thing. Instead they’re accused of having sent under cover cops after her, if so for what reason ? If they’d suspected fowl play they could have interviewed her right in the store, with the Security Cameras recording every single move of security and customer, which would be in Barney’s best interest, to have a record of the happenings.

But what about the NYPD ? First of all it’s not the NYPD’s job to protect ” Privately owned” Stores. Stores can hire their own security. They can follow up on a call FROM Store security to investigate a crime, but store security is not part of the job of a City’s Police department.

Second, it sounds odd that police officers would stop a person on the street , three blocks away from a store, to “attack” someone about a purchase. Third, it’s odd any decent NYPD officer would “attack” any person, regardless of skin color, not even if suspected in a crime, taking the chance of a passer-by seeing the “attack” and covertly film it with a cell phone, unless …….. it’s an undercover investigation into a scam, with an under-cover cop playing a customer, investigating a possible LAWSUIT CRIME RING.

Such rings are well known to New York, as well as other major cities in the U.S. and the world. They usually involve a Lawyer, some corrupt police officers, a store employee, and sometimes a customer. These scams belong to a scam of rings, called 5RS ( 5 ring scam) because they often involve 5 different parties working together – a phony witness filming the happening for court evidence ( and for the media) is at times also part of these rings.

These rings have been plundering zillions of dollars of “The People’s” money via multi-million dollar lawsuits, for decades. Thus – ( the following scenarios are hypothetical ) the young student could well be someone working FOR the police department/or FBI – with surveillance set-up in the stores, as well as the phone surveyed, to catch if anyone calls a contact after a black person purchases an expensive item – which she does, then exits the store to be attacked by officers in plain-clothes, then takes their names and badge numbers.

She then goes home, contacting several complained bureaus/boards, then waits to see which possible law office or lawyer may contact her to encourage her filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit for racial profiling, against the NYPD and Barney’s. The phone records/contacts of the involved parties are then checked and … PRESTO, another crime ring is busted. Or, quietly observed to see who else may be connected, thus one is hush about it, to not jeopardize the investigation.

Or, she could be an innocent customer falling victim to a scam, by which a store employee could be part of a ring, ordered to call someone connected to the cops part of the ring,( usually employed by a lawyer who serves as the ring leader) when seeing a black person buy something at the store. She buys something expensive, exits the store, a few plain-clothed officers stop her and grill/attack her. She goes home and is contacted by a lawyer who happened to’ve learned about the incident, suggesting she should sue Barney and the NYPD for millions.

Or, she could be part of a crime ring – many young people, especially black people, are constantly approached by criminals of rings such as those mentioned above, being bribed with lots of money ( hundreds of thousands) to take part in a scam; they’re being told no one gets hurt ; it’s like Robin Hood – taking from the rich and giving it to the poor.

A young 21 year old student, who is already a mom and has a second child on the way, can easily fall victim to criminals like that, assured “one” GIG will make her life easier, not having to worry about money for the rest of her life.

Mind you, these were hypothetical scenarios – no one is accusing anyone of wrong doing – anyone familiar with crimes occurring in our country as well as abroad, as well as crime rings and investigations, would instantly take such possibilities into consideration when reading of the incident in the paper. Innocent until proven guilty – and i most certainly uphold that fundamental law of our country at all times – unlike the PRESS who propagates Barney’s as racists, while yet neither Barney’s nor the NYPD officers, had their day and say in court.

What i personally find shameful, regarding crime rings like the ones mentioned above, is that they often involve some crooked officers, because they make the “majority” of our truly good and decent cops, look bad. The few corrupt bad apples are the ones who gave cops in the United States a bad name all over the world, and that’s unforgivable. 99 % of New York cops are great cops and at this point Police Academies should put rookies through some covert tests to test their integrity, because it’s time to clean up our cities, and to do that we first need “exclusively” exemplary cops on the streets.

As far as credit card fraud is concerned, i’m always glad when a store employee asks to see my ID, because like many folks being credit card holders, my credit card has been defrauded many times, and it’s a pain in the butt. A Texas friend’s credit card number was used in Connecticut for over 10 thousand dollars within a few days earlier this year. Someone went luxuriously shopping using his credit card number. This happens every single day in America, and abroad.

ATM card numbers are so often defrauded, law enforcement has the toughest time catching these people ; don’t we WANT those folks to be caught ? Wouldn’t the young lady want someone be caught who’d use “her” ATM card number ? If the cops were really rough on her, they deserve being grilled by the Chief about it, because they work FOR the people, which includes that young lady – she is ALSO one of “The People” and has the right to be treated in a respectful manner.

But if they only did their job and were “profiling” on Madison Avenue, seeing a young woman who according to her “profile” – not COLOR of the skin, rather clothing, hair style, jewelry, and “shoes” – did not appear to be someone able to afford a 2.500 Dollar bag, and nicely stop her, asking her questions, even showing her their ID and Badge, then it’s cops doing their job and should not be intimidated to do their job, otherwise they can’t protect us. ” Profiling” is part of that job, and undercover profiling is a necessity nowadays.

What really transpired will be found out soon enough, i’m sure, due to the surveillance most everywhere, and phone records – that’s when the NSA’s phone/email surveillance comes in handy 😉 But we can’t deny that the city is a mighty safe city, again, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg AND our cops.



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