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Watch the Ingredients – YEAST EXTRACT ?

Not Grandma’s’ Recipe
By Korifaeus


About three years ago i delightedly sat in the sun, it was mid-june, in a little park across from Lincoln center, while indulging in a pint of chocolate ice-cream. Just as i was midway through my pint of ice-cream, a mid-thirties young woman suddenly stopped in her tracks, standing in front of me, addressing me in a somewhat irritated tone of voice saying: :” You’re eating a whole PINT of ice-cream ?”

“Yes “, i replied, somewhat astonished , ‘cuz wasn’t it obvious i was eating a pint of ice-cream, thus why the question (?).

“Aren’t you health conscious ?” she asked almost accusatorially.

“Yes, i am “, i replied, wondering what she was up to, to disrupt my peaceful moment of indulging in my ice-cream.

” But you’re eating a PINT of chocolate ice cream. It’s not good for you. It’s not a nutritious diet. Do you eat salads, too ?” she asked, then sat herself on the chair next to me, inquiring if i minded if she’d asked me a few questions.

” Go ahead”, i encouraged her, and told her, yes, i occasionally eat salads, as well.

She then gave me a lecture on what’s good for me and wat’s not, that beef is not good, but most importantly how i could be divulging an entire pint of ice cream. I asked her, in return, if she ever eats ice cream, to which she replied, yes. I then asked her if ever she’d ate a pint of ice cream, to which she said:” Of course, but at home where no one can see that, not in PUBLIC”.

“Okay”, i replied, ” then you’re not health conscious, you’re just a hypocrite, secretly eating it at home, afraid to do it in public. But why ?”, i asked her. She looked at me a bit what confused thus i answered my question for her, saying:” Because you’re afraid someone like you would approach you and give you a lecture on nutritious diets, because you apparently find shame eating a whole pint in public.

I then read the ingredients as listed on the pint of ice-cream to her: ” Milk, Cream, Egg yolks, sugar and chocolate. It’s good old fashion ice cream the way our grand parents made it. What’s not healthy about that ? ”

” That’s all that’s in there ? “, she asked surprised.

“Yes, and that’s the only ice cream i would eat”, i said.

Not sure what kind of ice-cream she eats, but if it’s the ones with way too many ingredients listed, some of which read like chemical formulas with lots of numbers in them, rather than a food we’re all familiar with, then hey, that can’t be healthy, i agree – but don’t project it on the foods i eat; i always look at the ingredients.

Which brings me to ” Ingredients”. I eat good old fashion American products that have been around for a long time, and whose ingredients i approve of = simple ingredients. Potato chips, for example should read : POTATO, SUNFLOWER OIL, SALT. The more fancy ones, Jalapeño, Paprika, etc. should only have that particular spice added – Paprika or Jalapeño. But that’s very difficult to find nowadays; most potato chips, as well other products, have an array of ingredients which, in my personal opinion, don’t belong in food.

In recent years, however, i found that i have to constantly check if the products i’ve bought for years still have the same ingredients, because they seem to constantly change. Take KitKat for example. Occasionally i bought a KitKat ( it’s a crunchy chocolate snack) when suddenly, a little while back, i ate a KitKat and my throat felt irritated. I don’t suffer from allergies, nor did i catch a cold, thus knew it must be related to food; something i ate.

After recalling all i ate, and the only thing that could have caused an increase in mucus production usually being something sweet ( which i rarely eat) i checked the KitKat wrapper to check the ingredients, because that little bit of sugar couldn’t have possibly caused my throat to be irritated, thus must have been something else. And there it was, an ingredient that was newly added : YEAST EXTRACT.

Yeast extract is added to increase the flavor, but in combination with sugar it can irritate the mucus glands of anyone with an intact immune system, not taking antihistamines, which a lot of folks take nowadays, due to increasing allergies. Takers of antihistamines won’t get an irritated throat, or stuffy nose as immune response; antihistamines “inhibit” natural immune reactions.

KitKat U.S. is licensed and produced by Hershey, a once highly regarded chocolate company. Until the early 1990’s it was still a fine product; occasionally i bought myself a milk-chocolate Hershey bar, or some Hershey kisses, Good old fashion creamy milk chocolate that melted on one’s tongue. Have you had a Hershey bar lately ? Let me put it kindly ” YIKES !!!”. The texture feels like sand paper, for goodness sake; it doesn’t even melt between one’s fingers anymore, which is an old science/chemistry test to see if it’s a healthy fat melting easily by the temperature of the body, or not, thus clogging the arteries.

What in the world behooved Hershey to change their recipe, creating a less wholesome food while taking the risk of losing customers, like myself ? Because they’re trying to save money, using hydrogenated vegetable oil, the famous artery clogger, rather than healthy cocoa butter. Well thanks for having the best interest of your customers at heart, huh ?

The only Hershey product that’s still eatable are Reese’s peanut butter cups, but one wonders how long Hershey is willing to keep it that way, since they appear to be more interested in buying up more and more candy companies than concentrate on producing wholesome candy.

And what’s with the ingredient ” Natural Flavor” seen on way too many products nowadays, including ” Butter” ? Why would real butter need “butter flavoring” ? Shouldn’t it taste of real butter if it’s real butter ?

The only thing able to keep us healthy nowadays is to use our “common sense” and look at the ingredients listed before consuming a product. If an ingredient doesn’t read like a simple food, instead like an algebra formula, don’t eat/buy it, that way one can teach the businesses, not taking OUR health into consideration, a lesson, and the companies who do have OUR well being at heart will thrive, as it should be.

That’s America to me 😉



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