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When taking Children’s Innocence

Unnatural projections
By Korifaeus

Having lived in different countries abroad growing up, as well as here, i feel lucky to’ve spent most of my childhood in western/central Europe and especially lucky i was brought up as a “free ” human being. We, me and my brothers, were taught to be God loving and God appreciating people, but not brought up following a Religion. Our father wanted us children to become free thinking people, not incarcerated by Dogma of any kind, nor superstitions.

We were “encouraged ” to use our imagination and the only thing asked of us children was to have ” good manners”, which we were taught, so not to bring shame on one’s family. Other than that we could do whatever we pleased which resulted in us kids being just regular kids.

Being a kid, also means “exploring”; from running through the parks, meadows, forests, climbing trees, which we’d do after our homework was done and then out the door until 6 O’clock, when we’d have to be home for dinner.

The entertainment was picked out for us, as far as TV and comic books were concerned. TV shows and films were age appropriate and never violent; Warner brother’s cartoons were prohibited because they contained “violence”, like Elmer Fudd “shooting” at Bugs Bunny, trying to kill him. Thus we never knew of violence – we had no concept of it, while yet we had common sense knowing from right and wrong, and had good instincts when it came to strangers trying to talk to us.

” Never take candy from strangers”.

As kids however, there is more to be explored than the city, the parks, the forests, etc. There is “sexuality”. No kid ever thinks it strange to play “Doctor”, which is what it’s called when little kids show each other their genitals. Especially girls, who have no brothers, who want to see what THAT looks like; as do boys who have no sisters want to know what THAT looks like.

When growing up in a healthy environment kids are allowed to explore, and they do starting as toddlers when left alone with their friend. They think nothing of it, nor should they think anything of it – it’s “exploring”, learning, getting to know what all human beings look like, that all boys have THAT and all girls have THAT.

Playing Doctor is the most normal thing to do for little kids.
What’s fascinating is that kids are never told it’s called ” playing Doctor”. No parent ever tells children that looking at each others private parts is called “playing Doctor”. Kids call it that all by themselves and all over the world in the language of the different countries.

The Doctor is the first person, outside of the parents, who sees the child naked during a check up, thus getting naked for a check-up is ” playing Doctor” – our very first anatomy studies. Not to forget the little Doctor’s play-kit with stethoscope, which brought playing Doctor to a much more sophisticated level. 😉

It becomes “bad” when prudish parents, who were brought up very religiously and taught sex is a bad thing, especially prior to marriage and during marriage UNLESS to try for a baby with the light turned off, catch their toddler playing Doctor with a friend. A very normal and healthy childhood experience turns into a drama, and the little 6 year old boy suddenly becomes a “danger” to the little 5 year old girl because….

…….they were showing each other their THINGS; ” I show you mine, you show me yours.” And just then when the little boy has his pants down and the little girl shows him hers, the parent walks in and….. “OH MY GOODNESS, what are you DOOOOOING ?”

“Well, mom, they’re just playing Doctor, it’s perfectly normal”, should a voice from an invisible source have said at that moment, but too late.

The boy is yelled at and told to put on his pants IMMEDIATELY, and sent home. The parents of the boy are called, with the boy accused of being a Child Predator – a Sexual Predator. The parents of the little girl tell the parents of the little boy that they walked in JUST on time, ‘cuz WHO KNOWS what would’ve happened…

In the meantime, neither the 6 year old boy nor the 5 year old girl know what exactly they did. The reactions they got were as though they did something bad, but…. what exactly ?

The little girl is told that she will not see this boy EVER again because he is “dangerous” and trying to “harm” her. The little boy’s parents are also told by the little girls parents that they will not allow their daughter to see their son again. Thus the boy is also prohibited to see the little girl.

Both children are being traumatized for no reason because the most innocent event was turned into an immoral act, not by the children, but by one set of parents with a dirty mind.

Then there’s the occurrence of sexual abuse and pedophilia in some cultures, which is something so foreign to most every culture in the world, that when folks first heard about it they were in shock. With people of these cultures in which sexual abuse of minors, as well as pedophilia, is quite common, moved to other countries like the United States, they began projecting their cultural experience on everyone around them – seeing child abuse just about everywhere, even where there is none.

We all project our own mind on the world. Thus when hearing someone suspects sexual child abuse when observing things that can easily be explained as the most innocent of acts, it’s apparent it’s a projection of the person’s mind, either due to an experience, or having been brought up in a culture where sexual abuse of children is common.

People with these backgrounds went so far as to talk people INTO believing they were abused, for example when learning the woman saw her father naked when she was a little girl, a toddler. The woman is being talked into believing she was sexually abused. The slightest slap on a kids naked butt was turned into child abuse – sexual abuse.

Children were/are forced to undergo psychological evaluations, and anyone ever having witnessed some of these evaluations knows that in the GREAT majority kids were very strategically talked into saying and believing that something NOT GOOD happened to them. While yet nothing happened to the child, but a terrible divorce is taking place with the mother wanting full custody, or had herself a traumatic incident when she was a child, and could only think ” child abuse”, when seeing her husband kiss their daughters naked belly.

This country, specifically the liberal media, has become “obsessed” with sexual child abuse, which resulted in adults acting defensive around children. The uncle dare not slap his 6 year old nephew’s or niece’s butt, ‘cuz he could be called a pervert nowadays.

Children constantly being notched about it, starting in preschool by their pre-school psychologists, end up being unnecessarily traumatized, also behaving unnaturally defensive around adults.

If we want to create a wholesome environment for our children, we have to stop this insanity of allowing folks with dirty minds to project their ill views on everyone to create a fearful people acting defensive around everyone. These people are the Child Predators, trying to take the innocence of children, while turning the father kissing his baby daughter’s naked belly into an immoral act.

If it was up to those people we’d all be diagnosed with mental illnesses, which seems to be the intention – the intention for the innocent minded to lose their ” natural instinct” and be driven insane by those trying to project their sick minds on all of us.

We had more freedom, growing up, than most kids in the west nowadays; we were free to roam about and explore to our hearts content knowing instinctively between right and wrong – we had COMMON SENSE knowing to distinguish between GOOD and BAD; and it was that NATURAL INSTINCT keeping us safe.

Caption:” Look what i got ” 😉
Boys Girls



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