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Have we gone too far ? The Collapse of a Civilization

The Clock strikes 12
By Korifaeus

Looking around in the big cities of our country it can’t be denied that we’re often witnessing extreme behavior in our youth, as well as older folks; from Miley Cyrus sharing with her fans how exactly she enjoys the great freedom of the U.S. – adults abusing drugs, alcohol, or exploring the world of the sexual extreme – or kids piercing their skin, tongues and genitalia, while others seek to indulge in the most horrifyingly gruesomely violent horror films for entertainment.

These kids, apparently, need to go to the ultra-extreme to experience a little joy. They’ve passed the state of simple “contentment” – unable to just be content without any extravaganzas – to just sit on a bench in a park and…. enjoy.

But what does that say about our society ?

Many people, now more than ever before, seek “pain” only so to FEEL something because many people have become “numb”. The left, encouraging extreme behaviors under the disguise of exploring “freedom”, as well as the media, are part responsible for it, especially after 911 with terror shown on TV 24/7 which traumatized a lot of folks to the point that many became numb to “terror” – the brain protecting them and shuts down the senses to experience NORMAL human sensibilities.

When that happens a person still wants to feel – it’s human nature – there’s an urge, a craving to feel something but can’t feel anything when seeing someone getting hurt, people getting hurt, thus seeks to expose him/herself to extremes.

They start watching the extreme-scenarios of what caused them originally to be numb; and watch extremely violent horror movies with excessive gore and carnage to …. “feel” something – and they do – they start feeling a thrill while feeling fear.

But it’s controlled fear – they can leave the theater anytime they want, or shut off the TV, stop the DVD. They’re in control – it’s the need to “control” the happenings around one that keep the mind sane. Thus an extremely violent film serves as a therapy enforced by the mind, of sort, to wake up the senses that have been numbed while being in CONTROL of how much they seek to be exposed to the violence.

The ones who’re most affected appear to be young people; and though they’re in control of shutting off a horror movie, they’re not in control if they’re exposed to violence around them, as in their neighborhood, or abusive families, or the daily news of constantly learning about other young people killed in shooting sprees.

Many young folks feel no longer secure in a world that SHOULD assure them security. The only thing left for them to feel control is to go to extremes and become self-destructive and rather cause physical pain to themselves than allow someone else to do it – it’s a “control” issue.

Note : Some get into extreme piercings; the latest piercings i’ve seen were sharp looking metal rods pierced through the cheek, the shoulders, the skin of the lower arms. When closely watching young people with such piercings, one sees them play with the piercing, moving it in opposite directions so it causes the skin to stretch and that inflicts a pain. They do it essentially to be able to cause themselves pain in different places of their body to divert from the pain they feel inside.

When a Society has reached the point where a great many people experience such numbness ( desensitized ) no longer acting in accordance to “instinctive” sensations/behavior, it’s the first sign of the end of a cycle; a civilization about to collapse.

Just as with a clock, which starts at 12, the World, too, follows a cycle with the big arm and the little arm starting at 0, then rotates twice in a circle until the little arm and the big arm both end up at 12 for a second time, when the cycle is full.

Every Civilization follows the pattern of a cycle; a beginning and an end. Everything in Nature adheres to a cycle – the cycle of life. It always ends the way it began. A fruit of a tree – once grown out of a seed set into the soil – will decompose and turn into soil, as with every organism on this planet, vegetation or species – all ends up as soil.

Civilizations begin, thrive and then they collapse. Each and every civilization of the past collapsed after reaching its hight. It remains one of the mysteries which never seem to be solved, with great minds pondering the questions what exactly it was that happened for the great civilizations to collapse.

But it no longer is a mystery because we’re in the process of witnessing the end of a once great civilization – ours – and we have the privilege to observe what it is having caused it to happen – finally having the answers we all were “looking” for, never understanding how and why great ancient worlds collapsed JUST as they reached their hight.

The hight of a civilization is reached when violence seizes to exist in a culture, and people indulge in the entertainment provided for their amusement. At that point they no longer anticipate aggression coming towards them, thus easily fall victim to those wanting to take from them what they possess.

Once the conquerors take charge they’ll plunder what’s to plunder, incapable of governing, finally resulting in the collapse of the civilization…….

Tower of Babylon


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