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Carnival folks teaching Theology = Tele Evangelists

Praise the Lord
By Korifaeus

Television Evangelists, of the United States, are one of the most influential people, reaching millions of folks nationwide every day. Their Churches are multi-billion Dollar *Non-for Profit ( *they don’t pay taxes) Organization Businesses, with the income enabling them to build the most elaborate and grandiose Houses of Worship to seat the multitude of their flock. It’s one of the most successful, thoroughly thought through and profitable businesses in the World, with company owned Television stations, broadcasting daily and nationwide, record labels producing music, audio books and preachings, etc. plus publishing houses, and of course the In-house help-organizations, traveling to third world countries to evangelize the poor, and sending little Christmas packages to the children of the newly converted needy.

In the meantime, their flock is mostly made of the poor and lower middle class of the south, who after decades of faithfully attending the Evangelist’s Prayer Masses, aren’t doing any better financially, continuing to struggle to make ends meet, while religiously putting a few Dollars, which they can’t really spare, into the envelope for the Church so they’ll be saved by Jesus Christ, assuring that at least in the afterlife they’ll be in heaven.

I’m all for it, don’t get me wrong – i believe in freedom of choice and the choice to worship as one pleases. It’s perfectly Constitutional – everyone is granted the right to worship God anyway they choose, as long as it is in accordance with common morality as set forth in the laws of our country.

Everyone is responsible for one’s actions; if one chose to “believe” whatever a Preacher is saying or demanding from its flock, and does according to what one is told, one has to also take full responsibility for it.

There are uncountable Religions to choose from in the United States, if one wishes to join one; it’s free choice and pretty much like going to a fun-fair, with each concession-stand promising the ultimate price to be won.

Not to bust anyone’s bubble, but that’s what America is all about; it’s a fair. Everyone is invited to come to the fun-fair with attractions for everyone; the booth with cotton candy – the roller coaster ride – the haunted house – the shooting stand with air-riffles – the carousel – freak shows – the booth where one can hook rubber ducks – the high striker where one can test one’s strength, and the ferris wheel.

Every booth is individually owned and decorated with colorfully blinking lights, promising the ultimate price, to attract the visitors.

Fair 1

Many Tele-Evangelists of the south seem to’ve come from traditional Carnival families, who’ve decided to settle down and start a more profitable business venue = setting up a Religious booth on the fairgrounds called the United States.

Anyone who’s ever gone to a traveling carnival knows what carnival folks look like. Men and women wear lots of jewelry, especially on their hands and fingers = necklaces, bracelets and rings galore. The hair styles, especially of the carnival women, are slightly exaggerated comb-up coifs, at times in pink or purple – super long fake eye lashes, long fake fingernails and excessively aggrandized make-up, as well as flashy clothing; which is pretty much what many TV Evangelist preachers look and dress like, so to attract folks the same way colorfully blinking fun fair booths were designed to get attention, attracting people to try their luck.

Traveling Carnival people are showmen – they know what it takes to lure people in – they’re terrific performers mesmerizing the crowd with prophetic speeches, even tearing up spontaneously if needed. Though they’ve never studied Theology, as in having to first study Greek and Latin, then study Greek and Latin alegories and metaphors to then study the original *Liber Sacra, or *Sacra Vulgata ( * The Sacred Book – the Original Latin text of the Bible), they’re such good actors, reciting verses of the English Bible, they’re able to make millions of people believe that they know the Bible by heart and most specifically,” God’s Word” and God’s Will.

Their flock will follow their every word and by doing so give them all the power to have them rule over them, telling them what to do, what they should be doing next and how they should be living their lives to assure themselves a place next to Jesus Christ in heaven – the ultimate price of the fun fair.

But while Jesus Christ is said to’ve broken bread with the poor, healing the sick for “free”, never asking for a dime in return, Tele-Evangelists assure their flock to be anointed only if they give to the poor by sending in an x-amount of money. The flock is promises that when doing so they’ll receive a blessing by which the money they sent will be doubled and personally come back to them through Jesus Christ via a miracle.

It may seem like a shrewd business scam, even somewhat audaciously immoral to promise folks front row seats in the House of the Lord without having to provide evidence as to their special connection to Jesus, nor a certificate, signed by God himself, guaranteeing an afterlife in heaven – but it’s not a scam; nobody is being scammed. All they’re doing is what most everyone is doing and encouraged to do on the fair ground =
“bluffing” – which is part of the game. The game of “Temptation”.

These folks work for God indeed – to TEMPT men by bluffing which is not against the law, quite the opposite, it’s encouraged. No one bends any rules when bluffing while playing poker. It’s part of the rules. Everyone is invited to set up a booth on the fair ground, trying to lure in as many people as they possibly can – how, is left up to them – bluffing – it’s part of the game.

The Game being the bet between God and his other half, the Devil – the testing of Man – the testing of Job’s (Hiob) goodness, who after being put through tests, misery and misfortunes remained confident in the Goodness and Justice of God.

For further thoughts on the Subject of Religion – see article (link) > Do Religions “belittle” God ?



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