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Miley Cyrus speaking in ” Tongues “

The Linguists
By Korifaeus

It’s my psychological fabric, thus i said to myself : ” Oh boy…”, upon seeing the new Rolling Stone cover featuring Miley Cyrus, the moment i saw it.
Here’s the Cover i’m referring to.
You can click to enlarge it.

Milley Cyrus - Cover

My ” Oh boy” was not a reaction to her, the photographer’s or her management’s choice to have her pose for the photo like KISS meets Alice Cooper for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. None of my business – it’s a free world and she may do as she pleases. My reaction, ” Oh boy…” was because of the tongue – It’s my genetic make-up to look at a tongue analytically, from a different point of view – i have no other excuse for it.

If only she had a full-time Physician in her entourage who could have suggested to her to first thoroughly ” brush ” her tongue before having it photographed for the entire world to get a glimpse of, since it’s a very “private” issue and may reveal a lil too much information ?

If brushing the tongue would not have helped, the Physician could have suggested to have her chew on a charcoal tablet the night before taking the picture, so it could have sucked at least some toxins out of the tongue, making it look a bit more rosy.

And if the editors of the Magazine would have had a tit-bit of common sense, they could have photo-shopped the tongue somewhat to make it look more rosy, considering most everything is tweaked up nowadays with a click on the computer, so why not the tongue ?

A young girl her age should, after all, have a reddish-pink “healthy” looking tongue, not a pale one. Her tongue has a pale, also called ” light white” film, which suggests ” toxins”.
Close-up of tongue
You can click to enlarge it

Milley Cyrus - Tongue

The showing of the tongue is a gesture to show off one’s health to a possible “suitor” – that’s the history of sticking out the tongue, to attract a suitor. Girl’s with pale or white tongues would eat cherries to make their tongues look reddish, but they rarely got away with it because the cherries turned the tongue purplish after a while because of the white cover. Suitors were looking for the girls with the healthiest pink lips and reddish rosy tongues, because it promised good health.

When going for a physical to a good old fashion thorough Physician, one of the first things he’ll ask a patient to do is to stick the tongue out, because it’s pivotal to see what may be wrong in the body or what illness or overindulgence a patient may be suffering from. Remember, ” Go AAAAAAAH” ?

Miss Cyrus’ tongue is nowadays seen most everywhere, since her performance putting Lady Gaga in the shadow, with the center of her tongue always covered with a light pale film, which, i don’t know…. does she really want to reveal THAT much about herself ?

But hey, none of my business, if she enjoys sticking her tongue out, ” go for it girl “. Other’s have done it with great pride as well, take Albert Einstein, who on his 72nd birthday chose to show off his apparent good health by sticking out his rosy red tongue to the photographer, see color Photo below.
You can click to enlarge it

Einstein Tongue - 1

The sticking out of his tongue may well have been a symbolic gesture of a different kind,as well, which apparently went passed a few folks ( see Picture below )…….

Maya 1

…but judging by his red-rosy tongue it makes one wonder if women liked him for his Genius or……. ( take heed, Miley ) his overall good health and breath of fresh air 😉



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