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Why the LEFT supports ” Illegal” Immigrants

By Korifaeus

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The other day, on the News, there was once again the old and tiring discussion about the left’s continuing fight for the “rights” of Illegal immigrants, to make it easy and comfortable for them to stay in the country, while also encouraging illegal immigration.

Mind you, the high-light is on the word ” ILLEGAL”. People who’ve smuggled themselves illegally into this country, or came here as tourists and over-stayed their visa permit, continuing to live and work here illegally.

These illegal immigrants are not exclusively made of Mexicans, which we’re made to believe via the major media. There are Scandinavian immigrants illegally working in this country, British, Swiss, Belgium, Dutch, Russians, Ukrainians, French Canadians and other folks from different countries.

Those coming and staying here “illegally”, have one thing in common; they’re on the political left. Future voters, should they become citizens at some point, but illegal immigrants – ” Illegal”= no Permit, Legal Residence ( Green Card) nor Citizen – can vote anyhow in this country, should they have a Driver’s License because they’ll be sent a Voter’s registration. No need to show your birth certificate or passport verifying your U.S. citizenship, especially not in California where this has been going on for years.

But there is more, and before i get deeper into the issue as to why the left cares so much, let me first quickly relate to you what it takes to become a “legal” ( not ILLEGAL but LEGAL) immigrant.

One can enter this country legally, either as tourist or with a visa, or temporary work permit, or student visa, investor visa, etc. In order to get a permanent Residence, a Green card, in this country, an applicant has to undergo a thorough “Background Check”. Meaning the authorities in the country of origin are contacted as to the status of the applicant; criminal background, affiliations with extreme Political groups such as Neo Nazis, Communists, etc.

Once that’s checked out okay the applicant has to undergo a “thorough ” Medical check , which includes tests for various highly infectious diseases, such as Aids, Syphilis, Hansen’s Disease, ( Leprosy), Hepatitis, etc.

Thus unless someone has no criminal record, nor affiliations with extreme political or criminal groups/orgs, plus a clean health check, the applicant will not be granted permanent residence, receiving a green card.

Thus there’s a purpose to it all; the Government tries to avoid that criminals come to this country, nor people will infectious diseases, able to infect healthy people. It’s just plain common sense. It’s to protect ALL Americans.

The left, apparently, doesn’t care about the above and there’s a reason for it, because they “financially” benefit from illegal immigrants via your tax dollars. How so ?

Every single illegal immigrant gets health insurance. Each and every single “illegal” immigrant is 100% covered by Medicaid. Hospitals are no longer what they were and are nowadays Profit powerhouses. Most are privately owned and run by a Board with the members of the board each owning a piece of the action; they all own shares of the Hospital.

In order for the shareholders to make a profit, the hospital has to make a profit. And illegal immigrants are the left’s PROFIT INSURANCE.

Looking at who it is sitting on the boards of various hospitals that have been under scrutiny and investigation, it’s not surprising to see names connected with very liberal law firms, liberal legislators, liberal organizations, Senators, etc.

There are enormous amounts of scams going on in the Medicaid/medicare business; it’s so well known, even reported in papers when Physicians were caught taking part in these scams. But it never really makes the major national news, for some “odd”, very odd reason, reason ; as to details of the “illegal immigrants involved.

Criminal organizations PAY illegal immigrants to go to emergency wards, to Hospitals, Radiology centers, to Doctor’s offices, etc. so these medical Businesses can bill Medicaid whatever they want to charge for services that were NOT performed. In the meantime our country is going broke because Medicaid fraud costs the Government Billions of dollars annually.

There are Transportation Scams – “Patient Transportation” businesses – so folks having to visit a Doctor can bill the transport to Medicaid, rather than grab a Bus or Taxi and pay for it.

There are Medicaid scammers in cahoots with Physicians, ( also “Psychiatrists” ) who supply these Physicians with patients ; these patients live EXCLUSIVELY on Government assistance and regularly visit the Doctor’s office, because they received a diagnosis of a mental illness by these Doctors( usually a Schizophrenic disorder) which the Doctor and Patient get away with, billing Medicaid to fill their pockets.

And while it’s so well known, with “mounts” of records and files of evidence collected by the investigative Departments of the United States, the left keeps pushing the envelope until …..

….THE PEOPLE – the middle-income, lower-income, and the poor – wake up realizing they’ve been bamboozled by those they’ve voted for and who’ve been promising them the SAME help for the last ” 80″ years, and will continue to do so to fill their pockets with TAX PAYER MONEY until THE PEOPLE will ask to see their “envelopes” please … 😉

Article: Million Dollar Scams – Why the left need the Poor



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