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Schrödinger’s Cat in a Parallel Universe

Dual lives
By Korifaeus

I’m not a physicist, nor do i have aspirations to understand quantum physics; the word “Quantum Physics” sounds so complicated i wouldn’t even want to try to understand it, because the word itself sounds so complicated. If only they’d picked an easier word for it, like “Nature 101”, or The Mechanics of Nature.

If it was called ” The Mechanics of Nature”, i’d right away know what it’s essentially about = how Nature works. But “Quantum Physics” are two words i would first have to look up in a dictionary, but the dictionary doesn’t provide a simple explanation either. Thus just trying to figure out what the words mean, describing that field of science, takes a small effort.

When finally figuring out it’s a latin word, then checking the latin dictionary, one realizes, hey, quantum just means the “total” and physics just means “nature”. Why didn’t they say so right away instead of making it sound so complicated, using a latin word with hardly anyone speaking latin ?

The short answer is, to make smart people feel dumb and dumb people sound smart, because when hearing someone studied “Quantum Physics” it sounds “smart” because these words are difficult to understand, thus the person must be very bright to’ve studied something that sounds so difficult, while one unable to understand it feels dumb.

In actuality, however, these folks just repeat what others before them discovered; they repeat equations and theories that are hundreds of years old; having been repeated, translated and transliterated, using a new number system ever so often, then re-taught again and again. It’s learned, repeated and remembered the same way a poem is read, studied and finally recited.

Some try to find answers by building enormous Zillion-Dollar structures, like the large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, built in hopes to get an answer as to the existence of the Higgs Boson. If these people were smart they would’ve long discovered that the answers they’re looking for are encoded in old paintings, like the Ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, which explains every single aspect of “Nature” – from how the world was created, to evolutionary stages of species, to the anatomy of species and man, to medicine, to every answer to any question one can think of.

This was created for men to study in “silence” – not studying literature, reading equations and explanations, rather explain it in ways for all men, regardless of language or culture, to understand. Explained in pictures – a form of “communication” that supersedes literacy.

You can click on the picture to enlarge it

For the blind, unable to see but able to envision and feel what they “hear”, music was created in ways so they, too, could learn the same according to their ability.

And for the mute and blind, unable to see and hear, symbols were carved into materials like stone or wood, so they, too, could learn according to their ability.

This was created during times when the tongues of man had not yet developed to combine consonant sounds with vowels; man could not speak, did not use language to communicate in those days, which is very apparent via the physical anatomy of mummies, for example; which Egyptologists know about, but never published – keeping it to themselves for ….well, some reason, i suppose.

This was in times when men still had “tails”; also apparent via the physical anatomy of some mummies, which Egyptologists know about, too, but also kept to themselves for …. some reason, i suppose.

The dragon fly, once depicted on top the hat of Nefertiti, was never disclosed either, nor that the apparent missing left eye – coincidentally the size of a chicken egg – and the German word for egg being “Ei” pronounced “Eye”, was never shared with the public either. That the “Ichthys”, said to depict a fish, could easily depict that very left eye, is never discussed either – while yet it would have provided answers to the many questions of various fields of Science, Religions, as well as “Physics” – it would have also provided more insight as to what “Schrödinger’s Cat” was all about.

A supposed “Thought Experiment” to disprove the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics;(according to Wikipedia) a Cat, who Schrödinger insisted would live two separate lives while inside a box; being dead and alive at the same time.

That is some “thought experiment”, which one can only accept as plausible IF it involves “cloning” ; the cloning of a species – bringing something that died long ago back to life, with the clone experiencing a “parallel Universe”. Thus, in case of a cat, the cat is actually dead, died a long time ago – but it’s also alive, brought back to life.

See what baloney i just came up with just because i never understood the words “Physics”, Quantum Physics” ? I would never have even played with the thought of studying Physics because i was terribly bad in math, which i understand to be essential to studying and understanding Physics.

Had “Physics” been called ” NATURE” i would have been intrigued and perhaps studied it, and would’ve come up with something that would make more sense than this poppycock balderdash above, which sounds so….. WAY outside the Box. 😉



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