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The Tabloids and Catherine Zeta Jones’ Bi-Polar Disorder

The POST man cometh
By Korifaeus

For the last few years now, the media, especially the tabloids, appear to find it of utmost importance to paint actress Catherine Zeta Jones – once highly praised for her talent, charisma and beauty – as out-of-control insane, supposedly having been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder.

I don’t know which Psychiatrist diagnosed Ms. Jones with Bi-Polar disorder, but couldn’t it be that she’s experiencing something that has nothing to do with a “mental disorder” ? Instead something that is very “natural” considering what she’s gone through the last few years ?

Her husband, actor Michael Douglas, was diagnosed with…… Cancer… some years back. Hearing the word CANCER in connection with a loved one is one of the most frightening things one can hear. Hearing the word CANCER in connection with one’s spouse is terrifying.

One stops breathing for several seconds after having taken a deep breath. Adrenalin shoots through the body causing a person to shake, even ever so slightly. The knees become weak and begin to tremble. And at that very same moment of experiencing a terrifying shock, the rational mind sets in within seconds. One tries with all one’s might to keep control over one’s body, pulling all one’s strength together to fight the tears and ….. comforts the loved one by assuring him/her:” All will be fine. We’ll fight this thing together ”

It’s a most difficult time for a family when a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer and undergoes treatment. As much as it is a struggle and incredibly tiring for the patient, it’s a 24/7 fight of emotional exhaustion for the spouse, because ( in case of Catherine Zeta Jones) she knows she has to be the ROCK for her spouse; the ROCK he needs during this time of struggle – the ROCK on which the spouse feeds to give him/her strength to face the ordeal.

Aside from having to be the rock for her husband, the couple has young children who also need her love, thus she has to take over the part of the father, as well – at least for a time being while her husband is unable to spent much time with them – having to rest a lot while undergoing treatment for quite some time. It takes months upon months of treatment. It’s not your regular common cold or flu.

Whatever fears her husband faces/faced and shares with his wife, she’s the one listening, comforting him, assuring him all will be fine, while having to pull herself together like she never thought she could – but LOVE gives one THAT strength.

Finally he pulls through – treatment is over, the cancer gone – he’s in remission. Catherine Zeta Jones feels relief, now that he’s in remission after she’s been a rock, standing strong for who knows how many months, and she finally can allow herself to cry tears of “relief”.

When doing so – finally sobbing – letting the tears run free – the body, which has been under tension for “months”, relaxes – finally acknowledging to herself the “fears” she felt and finally “facing” these fears – that which “could” have happened had her Husband not beaten the cancer = losing the love of her life.

The first few days after learning the fight against cancer was won, the most natural reaction of a spouse in love, is “uncontrollable” crying. Uncontrollable and repeated episodes of sobbing tears of relief.

Note: It’s the “control panel” in the brain ordering salt to be discharged for the blood pressure to normalize after a great deal of tension. The body is funny that way; it pushes the “water” button so we remain healthy. A healthy body under tension feels the urge to either “cry” ( discharging “salt” ) or run or exercise to sweat ( discharge “salt” ) to “release” the tension, lowering the blood pressure.

Unless a husband provides the now needed “comfort” to his wife, who faced the worst fears – possibly losing the love of her life – it’s not uncommon for a dedicated spouse to suffer ” POST-TRAUMA”, also known as “Care taker’s Syndrome”.

Care taker’s syndrome occurs after (in this case a woman) a wife dedicatedly took care of her spouse and upon his recovery experiences the emotional shock she “fought” originally ; meaning she FORBID herself to feel “fear” – DENIED the body to EXPRESS these two very natural emotions that come when feeling “fear”.
1. Anger
Angry that an illness struck the person she loves. How DARE that illness strike the love of his/her life.

2. Sadness
Despair about the thought possibly losing the love of one’s life. One’s other half.

When experiencing these emotions, while also having to put on a happy face for the kids, and presumably at functions, ( she’s a public figure) it’s not unlikely it may look somewhat manic, taking on the “appearance” of bi-polar disorder. But taking the previous circumstances into consideration, aside from the fact that she did not appear to’ve suffered from this disorder previously and only until AFTER her husband beat Cancer (remission) it’s more likely she suffers from post trauma – Care taker’s syndrome.

Mind you i’m just responding to what is reported in these tabloids i paged through the other day, to be a Devil’s Advocate. I don’t know what really went on in the privacy of Catherine Zeta Jones’ and Michael Douglas’ home, but assuming the reports of her behavior are accurate, as were the reports of her having never been anything less than a loving and dedicated wife, whose husband publicly applauded ( as i recall ) the strength and love she provided during his time of need, then…. man, she was there for you, Mister Douglas, sir, but where are you for her during HER struggle ?



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