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The “Racism” Issue of “Racists”

The Nose knows
By Korifaeus

Whatever the subject matters, in recent months the issue of “Racism” is once again discussed heavily in the media. Blacks accuse whites of being racists – whites in general that is. Whites accuse blacks of being racists – also generalized. The blame finger goes back and forth.

Which brings me to an old saying credited to Julius Caesar, who is said to have stated: ” When looking for the “culprit” behind a conflict, ask ” Qui Bono” = Who benefits ?

Okay, let’s ask the question. ” Who benefits ? ”
Who benefits from “racism” ? Who benefits from stirring their flock against fellow Americans with a different skin color – white or black ? Who is black and who is white ? Exactly WHAT is gained from all this ? Something must be “gained”, correct ? Otherwise why engage in racism and accusations of racism ?

Humans have roamed the earth and migrated to different geographical areas for thousands of years. We often believe it’s the color of the skin determining if someone is African, European or Asian, but skin color has nothing to do with the ethnic background of a person = the “tree” of whom one is a descendent.

The “tree” ( Human tree/Nation ) is determined by “features”, the same way we determine the breed of a dog by its features, not the color of its fur; Labrador Retrievers , Pomeranians, Poodles, etc. all have different color fur, but it’s the “features” from which one can distinguish the different dog breeds. With the human tree it’s the same thing – the ethnic background is determined by the features – the “Nose”, for example, is a prominent feature on which one can determine the “dominant family tree, the “nation”.

The “chin” is also a great indicator as to someone’s ethnic background.
The word “kin”, as in kinfolk, kinship, refers to the chin and is directly derived from the German word for chin, which is ” Kinn”. Those sharing the same chin as ours are our “kinfolk” regardless of the color of their skin, ‘cuz our kin come in different colors – meaning, depending on where members of a nation migrated to throughout history, their skin adapts to the climate. When tribes of a nation moved to a hotter climate with lots of sun exposure, the skin will produce more “melanin” to protect against the sun = the skin turns dark.

When migrating to a cooler climate, the skin adapts and less melanin is produced; the skin becomes lighter. After a few generations it’s imprinted in the genes because the cells rewrite themselves = mutate. The “features” = skull, forehead, nose, ears ( earlobes), jaw, chin, neckline, shoulders, ankles, wrists, foot form/toes, limbs, body hair, and ” GENITALIA” , do not change , thus the dominant ethnic background remains very obvious, regardless of the color of the skin.

And after nations mixed and mingled, ( which they have for ions ) one can clearly see by the different “features” of what “trees”( nations) a person is made of. It’s pretty much the same as when trying to determine which breeds a mutt is made of. Looking at the shape of the dog, the nose, eyes, ears, one can clearly see the different dog breeds.

Are the Aeta, an ethnic group of the Philipines, considered “black” ? They’re skin is dark, their hair is curly, they look to the average eye African American, but they’re not. They’re indigenous Philipino. Who is to say who is what and insist on being a descendent of slaves or a descendent of passengers of the Mayflower ?

Africans who’ve been in this country for several generations, no longer have dark skin; they look fair, and most would consider them white, especially after mixing and mingling, while yet their features clearly show from which tree they’re descendent.

I know African descendants whose faces, necks, lower arms and hands appear very dark, while the parts of the body not often exposed to the sun appear fair-skinned.

Take a close look at the features of Abyssinians, the indigenous tribe of Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, also referred to as the “white tree” of Africa because many Europeans and Americans are descendents of Abyssinians, the reason they share the same features only with a lighter skin color = melanism.

Then there are people with Albanism; Africans, Europeans, Asians, etc. who lack Melanin, thus are very fair skinned – are they “white” ? What about a child from an African Couple, one of whom has Albinism, with the child born with very fair skin, appearing almost Nordic, while yet it’s African. Is it white ?

The only “Black” people i personally know of are Africans from deep Africa, whose palms of the hands and soles of their feet remain as dark as their skin because….. they haven’t mixed as yet – mixed with other nations. But they’re in a minority and only in recent years have they come to the U.S. or Europe selling African Crafts.

If we’d start looking more closely at one another’s features, and see where we find our “Kin” ( chins) we’d be surprised to see our chins in different colors, and racists will realize that many of whom they dislike, based on the color of their skin, and visa versa, are actually their own kin. 😉

There is ONE race – the Human Race.



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