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The BEE Connection to Human Health

Well Beeing
By Korifaeus

Most of us have heard by now about the Colony Collapse Disorder of the kept Honey bees and the bees falling ill; bees dying at rapid numbers in the western Hemisphere.
But the story goes much deeper than we’re actually told because bees have had a strong connection to humans since the existence of mankind.

When the bees are sick, man is sick; and “where” the bees were sick ( geographically) man was sick (geographically), and curiously enough, whatever it was that befell the bees ( disease wise), would be the cause of what ailed man = This is according to some ancient people having observed nature so closely ( all of nature) to eventually collaborate taking their observations to pen, for example the Medical Collection credited to “Hippocratis”.

The word “Hippo-cratis”, actually means Bee-Basket, as depicted on this cover of an old medical booklet.
You can click on the photos to enlarge them

Here a close-up, with two “angels” ( bees) holding that very book, with the left bee ( angel) pointing to that very drawing in which they’re depicted. Inside the oval shape in the center one can clearly see a bee-dome ( bee basket).

Hippocrates - Aphorisms

In his book, as well as other old books of medical science, the authors always made sure to point out that it’s utterly important to watch bees, their behavior, etc. because they are “messengers” to mankind.

Truly astonishing, regardless if one wishes to believe the sages’ tales of old, or not, what is currently occurring with the bees is actually a warning to us – they’re warning us humans – because what causes the bees to become sick is exactly what makes many people in the west sick = fungi

Nosema, a parasitic fungus found in the digestive tract of dead bees, is caused by “sugar” ( sugar syrups, corn-syrups). Sugar alone, however, will not cause bees to suddenly be struck with life-threatening fungi. Sugars “feed” the fungi inside the digestive tract of bees, helping the fungi to grow and become stronger. The first fungi were detected in bees in the 1990’s when beekeepers began feeding their bees “brewer’s yeast” in addition to feeding them sugar.

Brewer’s yeast will cause some yeast ( spores) to remain in the digestive tract of bees. The very reason why bees use propolis to fill holes in their hives, is to prevent the hive to become infested with fungi = bees are “vulnerable” to fungi.
Once fungi is inside the digestive tract of bees it grows even bigger and more resistant ( stronger) when bees feed on sugar, sugar syrup.

When bees began getting sick, resulting in Colony Collapse Disorder ( CCD ), antibiotics were used by bee keepers. Anti-biotics, however, KILL bacteria – all bacteria, including the ones that “fight” the fungus from becoming life-threatening. Antibiotics do not kill fungi – quite the opposite – they help the fungi to grow even stronger, thus instead of stopping CCD, it got worse.

And here’s the connection between bees and humans = fungi. Millions upon millions of people suffer from fungus infections in the western world. Curiously enough the only places where people suffer from illnesses related to fungi is EXACTLY the same geographical places where the bees are dying – and for the very same reason = antibiotics, yeast and sugars.

The number one cause for humans to develop yeast infections, like Candida Albicans ( a fungus) ,is ” Antibiotics”. This is due to the immense over-prescription of Antibiotics.
What few Physicians tell their patients when prescribing antibiotics, is that they need to add pro-biotics to their diet while taking antibiotics, otherwise they’ll develop yeast infections.

A yeast infection ( Candida Albicans ) starts in the digestive tract – stomach, intestines. The symptoms can differ from individual to individual – from stomach bloating or upset stomach, ( gas, burping), to thrush in the mouth/throat, bronchial asthma, to itching in the genital areas, skin rashes, and when ignored for years it can enter the bloodstream and effect the organs and cause *baldness, as well.

Note: Best not to jump to conclusions when reading “baldness” 😉
There are many different types of Baldness in men and women. “Yeast related” baldness differs greatly from “Male Pattern Baldness”, which is caused by high testosterone = the balding starts at the wisdom corners. Then there’s a male pattern baldness that starts at the upper back of the head. Then there’s the Graecco-pattern, the hair starts retreating from the front-hairline. Then there is Alopecia. But there’s also disease related baldness, as well; Syphilis circles, for example ( small circles), and the list goes on.

Yeast related balding, however, is very different and starts with thinning on TOP of the head in men and women. A trained eye can immediately see by the pattern of balding if a person suffers from an advanced yeast infection. Interestingly, once the yeast infection is cured the hair grows back.

Since quite too many Physicians ( not all, thank goodness) ignore the obvious symptoms of yeast infections, many people suffering from Candida, not knowing about it, feed the fungus EXACTLY what it craves; bread (yeast), alcohol, beer and plenty of sweets. They become bigger and bigger, can’t stop eating because unbeknownst to them it’s the FUNGUS inside them craving all these carbs – a fungus taking control over the person’s body and “mind”.

Due to the inability to stop eating sweets, they gain more and more weight, feel bloated and become depressed, while actually it can easily be cured, with Diflucan, Nystatin and the like.

Physicians should know by now that they, too, started a pandemic ( yeast infections) which created a whole array of other ailments for which people are treated = the “symptoms” of yeast infections are treated, rather than the CAUSE (yeast infection) diagnosed and cured.

Beekeepers, however, are not supposed to be medical professionals; they’re not supposed to know that the combination of antibiotics, brewer’s yeast and sugar is deadly for bees. They are and were supposed to know, however, that bees should never be fed anything BUT honey.

But who would recommend bees to be fed with “brewer’s yeast” as a pollen alternative?
Look no further than Australia’s very own Agricultural department – please see page 6 of the following link > DPI.NSW.Gov.Australia

One might ask what Australian bees have to do with the CCD in the U.S. and Europe; Australian bees are imported to the USA and Europe in great numbers.

We have a lot in common with honey bees, and they continue to be our messengers – and perhaps if we give bees the same regard as the sages of ancient times, we will pay more attention as to what it is they’re trying to tell us and all will be well again.

In God we trust 🙂


2 comments on “The BEE Connection to Human Health

  1. Roger McDonough
    May 2, 2015

    I have a comment. I have several bushes in my yard with many tiny flowers. Every summer these bushes would be covered with hundreds of bees stuffing their pollen sacks full. My kids would always avoid the yard because of the “bee bushes”. However, a couple of years ago a cell phone tower was installed a quarter mile away from my home and many others appeared atop every type of structure in the area. Since then the bees presence has dwindled to nothing. Last year I noticed one bee
    Just one bee all year. I really believe there is a connection. Especially since nothing else has changed. Just my observation.

    Your friend—————————–canamit

    • Korifaeus
      May 4, 2015

      Dear Roger, it’s very difficult for me to opine about it, since i can’t see the changes/facts up close, and it can very well be due to the towers. If that was the case, bees would be missing everywhere where cellphone towers are; thus it would be interesting to look into that ” objectively”. Having said that, i’ve visited the middle east quite frequently and there are a lot of cell-phone towers, while the bee population has not been effected, in the least. 🙂

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