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Why does God allow People to get sick ?

By Korifaeus

This article is in addition to the previous Article, God to you, is Gut to me

I believe to everything there’s a “rational” explanation, regardless how para-normal, super-natural or phenomenal things may seem at first glance. We’re on this earth and whatever happens on this earth, will have an “earthly” explanation.

But even within the fields of science, Medical Science, some things are difficult to explain and leave a mystery. Specifically when it comes to people who live a very healthy life-style suddenly fall ill; people exercising regularly, eating nutritious and healthy diets, are not overweight, don’t smoke, drink, etc. – suddenly become ill and it’s quite puzzling.

While some who eat a terribly bad diet ( according to nowadays standards of nutrition) – never exercise, are overweight, smoke, drink, etc. live healthily to a ripe old age. Why ?

It’s “genetic”, is what we’re often told. Illnesses are for the most part “genetic”. To a part it’s true, but there’s also another factor, which gets less attention in modern western medicine, as opposed to old-fashion medicine, specifically the ART of REAL Psychiatry – not to be confused with ” Freudianism”, which has no place in the field of “Medical Science”.

The other “factor” causing people to fall sick is GUT.
Sounds like some esoteric baloney, don’t it ? It could, but there’s a science to it all, because GUT ( The Solar Plexus ) is the very first thing created prior to an embryo developing into a human ( or other species)

When semen fertilizes an egg, it does so because it’s attracted to the “electric frequency” ( magnetism) of the egg; meaning the semen is “magnetically” attracted to the egg and visa versa. Poetically speaking, the semen falls in “love” with the egg and visa versa. Scientifically speaking, the semen and egg are similar to “magnets” of different frequencies and can either “repulse” or “attract” one another.

Ever have two magnets in your hand which are stuck together ? One is + ( positive) the other is – ( negative). When try pulling them apart one can feel the “draw”; it’s invisible, but one can definitely feel the draw; they’re connected by invisible strings.

When turning one magnet around, however, it has a different frequency and will “repel” the other magnet, because both are either – (minus) versus – (minus), or + (plus) versus + (plus). It’s virtually impossible to make them stick together. When trying one can feel an invisible obstacle blocking the magnet to come closer. These two are NOT compatible, where as the other able to stick together are “compatible”. “Love” in a science nut-shell 😉

Back to the semen and the egg. The MOMENT the semen attaches to the egg, their neurons intertwine forming a “nucleus” ( an electrically charged Kernel/ Core) – the Solar Plexus. From the moment the nucleus ( Solar Plexus ) is formed, the two form a unit, the nucleus provides the spark to make the heart beat and it starts growing, developing into an embryo, fetus and finally a baby is born.

Inside the Solar Plexus is the “Spirit” of God, poetically speaking, if you will, scientifically called “electricity”, which via the neurons, nerves, etc. will spread throughout the body. Our body is an organic electrical system; it works on “electricity”.

Now to illnesses. Aside from us needing correct nourishment for our body to function, we need “contentment” = live in accordance of our “nature”. We also have to “pair” ( relationships) with people to whom we’re “naturally” attracted, so to remain healthy. To “pair” with people we’re actually repulsed by will end up making us sick.

By “natural” I mean “natural attraction”, like a strong “natural” desire to kiss, get closer to the person, copulate = to mate with. As opposed to being attracted to someone because of his/her impressive “material or earthly “status”, ( Banker, Mogul, Model,etc ) but in actuality NOT “liking” nor desiring that person = no “magnetic” attraction, rather “repulsion”.

The latter could poetically be described as, “acting against God’s law=the “natural” program of “natural” selection/attraction.

What happens when we act “against” our nature, be it in relationships or jobs ( doing something we don’t “like” doing) is we become “sick”. Our GUT hurts. We feel a “knot” in our stomach.

That “knot” is the symptom of our electric sparks not “sparking” in the right frequency, resulting in our neuro-system ( central nervous system) not functioning correctly in accordance to its ” purpose”, thus we become “irritable ” – things start going on our “nerves”.

Once things go on our “NERVE”, the entire electric household of our body is fouled up and sends wrong “messages” to our brain, muscles, organs, etc. =the body begins to malfunction – the same way a machine will start malfunctioning when the electric input is not according to its “need” – resulting in falling ill, getting sick, physically or mentally; but then, what’s the difference ? 😉

Thus to make a long story short: Not God is to blame when we fall ill. God is not responsible – we have “free will” – Free choice to listen to our ” GUT” or not.
Part of a “cleric’s” job is to encourage folks to come to “confession”. Clerics originally, however, were “teachers”, scientists, medical professionals sitting in the “Judge’s Chair”, taught in the arts of science. ( Church used to refer to higher schooling ).

The reason “confessions” were encouraged, was so anyone feeling bothered by something could “trust” the cleric with whatever it was burdening someone – regardless of what. That way the burden was lifted of someone’s shoulder, the person feeling
“relief” = healthier, and……. could start anew and bring their life in order to remain “healthy” ; Mentally and Physically, but then again, what’s the difference ? 😉



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