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GOD to you is Gut to me

God by any name
By Korifaeus

When trying out Twitter for a short while, to see what that’s all about, i followed a few funny people for chuckles. Steve Martin was my favorite ‘cuz his tweets made me chuckle every time. Ricky Gervais, however, had an opposite effect on me: while some tweets of his were funny, most made me wonder about his perception of God, what the word “God” may mean to him.

The reason why is because the majority of his tweets i received in my tweet box, were inexhaustible proclamations as to his Atheism: non-believe in the existence of God. It was so repetitive and insisting, in fact, that from a Psychological point of view it almost read as though he tried to persuade himself as to the non-existence of God.

I’m a believer of Freedom. Free thought, believe, worship, freedom of Religion, opinion and freedom of choice. For all i care everyone is allowed to believe and opine as one wishes. Thus it’s fine with me for him not to believe in God if that’s what he needs to do in his pursuit of his personal happiness.

But it made me wonder what it is atheists perceive the word ” God” to mean. After all, it’s just a word – an english word – and it – whatever it is – is called differently in every language.

Some understand “God” to refer to an all-mighty “being” who single-handedly created the Universe: the man in the clouds with a long white beard.( Huh ? Uncle SAM ???)

Others see “God” as the power/knowledge of nature.

While some others see “God” as the natural “reaction” to an “action” (Law of nature, evolution, physics).

In a recent article about Bees ( The Death of the Bees) i wrote about the little workers (cells) in the body of all species (and plants) communicating to one another, working together, to keep a body heathy. My personal interpretation as to God, is that this “knowledge” within each cell is a creation of God = a “Program” within every single cell = a Consciousness. Consciousness = to know one’s “purpose”.

Each cell, regardless how little, as small as the cell of a bacteria, knows its “purpose” and acts in “accordance” with God’s law = the “program” within every cell.

When we have a wound, say a little cut on the finger, we don’t have to tell our body anything. We don’t have to give it directions nor orders, because the cells know exactly what to do. They know their purpose. Eventually this cut is closed off again – new skin was created. The cells are the little workers constantly keeping our bodies healthy. It’s a “self-healing” system.

A broken bone, when given the needed rest, ( and nourishment for the body) will heal all by itself. New Bone is created. The little workers ( cells) know exactly where to go inside the body to collect certain minerals, carbons, etc. to build new bone. Imagine little miners and brick-layers – that’s pretty much what it looks like inside our body when the cells are at work.

When feeling a burning sensation in the wound, the natural response of any species is to put the wound in or under cold cool water: we end up washing the wound. Ergo, we too, when acting by instinct, act according to the “program” = God’s law, imprinted in our Genes resulting in a “natural” reaction.

But there is another little helper God has bestowed us with, in case we have to make the right decision in situations we’re not sure about, since after all, we were given free “will”.

The expression, “Listen to your GUT”, did not come from nowhere: there’s a reason ( which I suggested to someone in a comment on wordpress a while back) why it’s called GUT.

“Gut” does not refer to the stomach, our belly. It refers specifically to a particular spot situated a little below the “Sternum”. The spot being the ” Solar Plexus”. Solar, means “Sun” – Plexus means “Network”, thus Sun Network, because the Solar Plexus is the “Nucleus” of our central nervous system. It’s the center core where ALL nerves end.

But not only that, it’s the source of the “Spark” that makes our heart beat. It’s the center of our bodily universe – the first thing created way before an embryo grows into a human being ( or any other species.)

The GUT, the Solar Plexus, is the “VOICE” speaking to us and we’re given a “choice” to either listen to it, or not. If you will, the “VOICE” of God, poetically speaking. Though it’s not a “voice” in the literal sense of the word, as in “verbally speaking”; it’s an allegory because this Solar Plexus, our GUT, communicates to us via a “feeling”.

Note: The word “gut” is from the German word “Gut”, ( pronounced “goot”) which means “Good”. There is an old saying that when listening to one’s gut all will be good, because our gut does not lie to us. But it’s up to us to either listen to it or not, because we’re given “free choice”. But we also have to take responsibility for it and bear the consequences.

Ever have butterflies in your stomach? Or heat, emanating within, which can be immense ? Then there is that feeling of having a “knot” in your stomach, which doesn’t feel good at all. When playing hide and seek as children, we say ” hot” when the person comes close to finding the one hiding. We say ” cold” when the seeker looks into the wrong direction. It’s the same with “gut-feelings”.

Warm, hot sensation in our gut = the right direction.
Cold, knot-like, crampy sensations = the wrong direction.
How often have you heard yourself say, ” I wish i’d listened to my gut” ? Or, i wish i’d listened to my “instinct” ?

Some times, in order to succeed in whatever one wishes to accomplish, it just takes GUTS, and that is God to me.




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