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Ancient Mayan Puzzles and Alphabets

The Architects
By Korifaeus

The picture below is said to be a Mayan Pictograph with the 19 glyphs in the outer ring said to represent letters of a Mayan Alphabet, or Pictographs telling a story. These sort of artifacts are analyzed in great detail, with many Maya-ologists (?) identifying the different square glyphs as either letters or numbers.

I’ve always enjoyed these sort of things because in all seriousness i haven’t got the slightest clue about cryptography. I could never solve that Kryptos puzzle at the CIA building, that looks like the letter S – the puzzle-sculpture being shaped like an S.

Nor could i ever be a code breaker because my mind is not open enough to take all the different crypts and codes into consideration, applying them to puzzles. It’s a LOT of work as i understand and i personally am too lazy to study real hard learning crypts and such.

Still i have fun seeing crypts and artifacts the way i see it, regardless if it’s right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. It’s about having fun. Thus regardless if highly educated folks with several degrees in Maya-ology or such, say it’s a Calendar and it means this and that, i’m allowed to see it my way, if so it entertains my mind. My life is about having “fun” – allowing myself to learn from whatever i wish to learn, even IF what i see is not what it’s supposed to represent according to cryptographers, Maya experts, etc. If i learned something, who cares how i learn. As long as i learned something and have fun; and learning should be fun.

Here the Pictograph
( You can click to enlarge )

Maya 3

Since i like puzzles, i thought perhaps the creator of this disk-like pictograph tried to tell the viewer that THIS puzzle ( the disk) is a VERY HEAVY load on the “head”; thus he carved a man carrying a “heavy load” on his head. To assure the viewer understood the puzzle was going to be very difficult, the Mayan artist made sure to make the man sit down = the difficulty of the puzzle is SO HEAVY it brought the man to his knees. Perhaps “allegorically”, meaning he was humbled by the difficulty of the puzzle.

Around the inner circle are two bigger circles, in which are 19 little glyphs. All i can gather from this is that the space with the glyphs, is the exact size in space of the round circle in which the figure sits. I’m sure it fits; the space being the same size as the inner circle. I’m bad in math, was always terrible in math in school. But if the Maya were great architects, astronomers and mathematician, this disk may well have been just a “teaching tool” to teach Geometry and math, rather than a depiction of Religious worship, or such ?

But regardless, we’re allowed to see it the way WE wish to see it. And seeing what i saw i learned something – the outer space, perhaps our Atmosphere (for all we know) is the same size in space of the inner circle, the Earth ( for all we know ) in which the figure is depicted.

I never learned that in school – i may have been daydreaming during that class – it took Mayas from thousands of years ago to leave some artifacts so i finally learn a little something about Geometry. Was about time. 🙂



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