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The DEATH of BEES – How much are Bee Keepers at Fault ?

The Self-Destructers
By Korifaeus

Approximately 9 years ago, a holler of mega proportions went out from numerous Scientific Communities – Biologists, Bio Chemists and Medical Professionals – ringing alarm bells as to ” Fungi ” having been detected inside the digestive tracts of bees. The fungi being yeast infections resulting in a “weakened ” Immune system of the Bees.

This ” Holler” to the Media, various Government Agencies, and in particular Bee Keepers, of the Western Hemisphere did not only get unnoticed, it was utterly ignored. It was NOT, however, ignored by some very fine Film Producers, who apparently learned about the alarming rate of Bees dying, due to the natural food, “honey”, being taken away from the bees, while the bees in return, were fed with sugar, sugar syrup, glucose syrup, but worst of all GM Corn Syrup, the cheapest feed money can buy.
The Animated Movie, which i highly recommend, because it’s educational and marvelously entertaining, is BEE MOVIE

The media, as in Newspapers, gave scientists for the most part the cold shoulder after being asked for assistance to broadcast or publish the alarming findings, which scientists believed could result in a dramatic decrease in the Honey and Bumble bee population.

Major Beekeepers were the LEAST open to suggestions of the Scientific community, “pleading” with them to put a stop to feeding Bees sugars, syrups, etc. and instead “allow” their bees to keep some of their honey for consumption. The aforementioned had none of it. Instead increasingly more Beekeepers changed the bee-feed from sugar syrup to GM Corn Syrup, which worsened the symptoms of yeast infections in bees tremendously.

Note: Bees have the best immune system of all insects, specifically Hexapoda. The immune system of insects enables an insect to “recognize” a poison ( insecticide) and immediately upon analysis/recognition produce “anti-bodies” against various poisons.

In a wholesome natural environment it is virtually impossible to poison bees, nor any other insects, due to their superior immune system. Unless spontaneously sprayed with poisons, by which bees, or other insects, have no time to adjust and create anti-bodies, poisons can’t possibly harm them.

Bees, specifically, can not be fooled due to their superior sensory system which enables them to recognize any toxins which may be harmful to them, and when a bee finds it can not produce anti-bodies against a specific poison it won’t go near plants, flowers, etc. they find harmful. When bees recognize harmful toxins in the environment, they “instantly” alarm their fellow bees with specific high-sounds, so no bee comes close plants evaluated as “harmful”.

Though there are uncountable new and very powerful insecticides in use, in 100 % healthy conditions, regardless of how poisonous the toxins may be, the toxins could not possibly cause harm to bees, but…….

Bees held by beekeepers in the western hemisphere are no longer healthy, due to the feed they’ve been given for years, developing yeast infections, which affects their neuro-system = the cells inside their body can no longer properly communicate to one another, which is pivotal to the well being of ALL species = proper Neuro/Cell Communication.

( Cells communicate: in humans, when we have a wound, T-cells ( the police force) call upon Macrophages, who call upon other cells, etc. to destroy harmful bacteria, then flush the wound ( moisture/Membranes), then close the wounds. There are a lot of tiny workers at work to heal and keep the body working properly. )

With bees being sick, lacking proper cell-communication, they’re unable to recognize toxins ( impaired senses). Aside from that, when able to recognize a toxin they can no longer produce anti-bodies, because these anti-bodies can ONLY be produced when fed with honey – bees need honey to produce anti-bodies.

Once there is “yeast” inside the digestive tract of bees, it will attract “mites” ( Varroa mite ) who live on fungi, thus are attracted by “fungi” and yeast is a Fungi. When poisons didn’t kill vulnerable bees already, the mites will do the rest.

In the meantime i’ve had long discussions with the Beekeepers Guild of Germany, i.e., Deutscher Berufs und Erwerbs Imker Bund e.V. ( via Facebook ), but regardless how much rationality i tried to add to the discussion – since i assume there is a reason why God meant for Bees to exclusively nourish themselves with honey – the Beekeepers Guild prefers to point the finger at Monsanto, etc., rather than accepting the primary responsibility of having started the Honey bee collapse problem in the first place, by feeding bees what nature did NOT intend for them, resulting in the bees’ developing yeast infections.

There is no use in playing the blaming game – nobody is perfect – we all make mistakes – we can’t go back, but we can and MUST look forward; willing to show greatness by saying, “We’re sorry, we didn’t know, now we know” – accepting responsibility and “COMMIT” to leaving bees sufficient honey to feed themselves; and the entire problem WILL be solved because when “allowing” bees the honey produced by them AND meant for them, they will once again have the ability to HEAL “themselves”.

Give BEES a Chance…….

Should this friendly plight not find acceptance in the Bee-keeping communities feeding their bees anything BUT honey, i will be the first to stop buying honey and kindly ask of everyone who wishes to save the bees, too, to stop buying honey, as well.
We can do it. Together we HAVE a “voice”.

Home is hwere the heart is



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