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I like Verizon but… the Blackberry Warranty Principal ?

By Korifaeus

After quite a few “upsets”( for a better word) i had to decide on a new phone after holding on to my original World Edition Blackberry Classic, which had reached an Antiquity stage, at that point.

I’d been eligible for an upgrade for years but wanted to hold on to my Silver classic until a new Blackberry to my liking came out. When finally seeing the Bold of a friend – which i’d never once seen in on display in Verizon stores in my neighborhood – i decided, “That’s the one”.

Almost two months ago i got the Bold and am very happy with it. Great phone. It has keypads plus a big enough screen, plus “touch screen”, and is the perfect size for me.

About two weeks ago, however, i suddenly see what looks like a “Burn-Spot” on the mid-left side on the screen, and some odd looking dots in the interior of the screen glass. Currently traveling, i went to a Verizon store in Los Angeles, showed the Verizon folks the burn-spots, which they evaluated as a manufacturing fault, probably related to the charger. ( The burn spot, with some yellow-discoloration, is right below the area where the charger plug is. )

Since the phone is still under warranty i’m told i’ll be sent a new phone via Fed Ex. Terrific.

The Fed-Ex package arrived on monday, i open the box and see…….
(you can click to enlarge)
Certified as new

…….a USED “Certified as New” Blackberry Bold.

It’s principle. I “bought” a NEW phone almost two months ago, and that phone was evaluated as having a manufacturing fault – the phone still being under “Warranty” it should be replaced with a “NEW” Phone. Not a Certified-as-new phone, which means it was used, returned, then went through a check-up process and certified to be just as “new”.

It’s totally unacceptable to be given a “used” phone ( even if certified) as replacement for a phone showing a manufacturing fault still under “Warranty”. Thus i called Verizon wireless customer service, explaining the situation, to which i’m told by a lovely lady that they always replace phones with defects with “certified-as-new” ones.

Not so. I’ve had four World Edition Blackberries before. When my second phone broke down, due to some bug or something, i was sent a brand-new replacement phone.

My phone at the time was also still under warranty and my world edition was long out-dated. Still, Verizon had brand new ones of that model in their storage and sent it to me. It came in the authentic Blackberry packaging, with international plugs, charger plug, etc. Not a Certified-as-new phone, but a “brand new” one.

It’s common business sense.
It’s “Customer Service”.

Thus the lovely young lady of Verizon told me on the phone that’s the only phone i could get as replacement; a certified-as-new phone.

Well, i told her, i won’t accept it, it’s principle ( with all due respect) and will sent it back, which i did.

Minutes later i look at my phone and… a miracle ( or something like that ) appeared to’ve occurred. The burn-spot was GONE. Disappeared from my phone and the dots inside the screen glass disappeared by themselves as well. Left is a slight yellowish discoloration spot, but hardly noticeable – but that’s it. How it disappeared by itself, no idea. Perhaps the phone, too, felt it had to stick with me on principle and healed itself so not to be returned 🙂

It is somewhat mysterious, but then, …. it is a Bold Smart phone 😉



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