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Was the Boston Marathon Bombing just a … Joke ?

By Korifaeus

The people of the United States were numb after learning about the Boston Marathon Bombing, due to the horror taking everyone by surprise – people were in shock – the World was in shock.

The question everyone asked was,”Could it have been prevented ?”
Did Government and Law enforcement agencies do their job by surveilling the suspects thoroughly ? Was the placement of the Pressure Cooker observed ? Could the tragedy have been prevented ?

Did it really happen, since it seemed too horrifying and unfathomable that human beings could be so brutal and take advantage of a sports event with children, adults and elderly attending, cheering on their family members participating in the marathon, and place a bomb ?

When observing how our law enforcement acts, reacts and handles situations with unidentified suitcases left in public places, one could get the impression that the Boston Marathon Bombing was just a joke to “some”, because officers do not “always” take precautionary steps to at least check suitcases, or any other unidentified objects left unattended.

Homeless people are known to travel the streets in San Francisco and Los Angeles with shopping-carts loaded with enormous amounts of stuff. Many of the homeless are regulars whom neighborhood folks have known for years, thus aren’t concerned because they’re peaceful.

For the last year, however, new Homeless people appeared in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco neighborhoods, some of whom show violent tempers. Earlier this year in May while i was in Los Angeles, folks observed a seemingly mentally unstable homeless man, known to have a violent temper, throw burning matches at women walking past him.

No one tried to stop him, nor called the police and the manager of the cafe apparently felt ignoring him was the thing to do. When sometime later he took someone’s coffee off the table, then walked about the patio shouting outloud, while aggressively gesturing, everyone on the patio went inside the cafe, afraid he’d throw coffee at them.

The police was finally called, arriving after the man was long gone.

Last night a young homeless man, approx. in his early 20’s, who’d only recently appeared in West Hollywood, took two shopping carts loaded with enormous amounts of stuff – from kitchen ware, to clothing, to filled up huge garbage bags – and pushed the carts into a residential street in Beverly Hills, then threw the carts over, dumping it right next to the drive way of a residential building.

The people living in the neighborhood did the right thing and called the police immediately , since it’s unusual for homeless people to go into the residential neighborhoods, and most unusual for them to dump stuff on the streets – aside from the homeless man not being a regular.
Who is he ?
Is he American ?
Is he legally in this country ?
All questions that should be asked.

Several people called BHPD and two police cars, with each one officer, arrived at the scene within minutes. After residents described the homeless man to one of the officers and in what direction he’d walked, the police went to look for him.

No one, however, took a closer look at the enormous amount of stuff dumped next to the drive way.

Here’s a photo of all the stuff as it was dumped by the homeless man last night, approx. 11 PM. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

Homeless 1

The photo was taken at 10:21 AM this morning after residents had already called the City, the Sanitation Department,etc. to have it hauled away. In the meantime, no officer (or other), went to take a closer look as to what’s in the bags, which is the FIRST thing that should have happened and learned after the Boston Marathon horror.

Seven hours later the stuff is still there and no one took a closer look at it, nor was it hauled away.

Here a photo of it taken in the late afternoon.

Homeless 2jpg

Several people on that block have put in yet another call to city hall, with the city promising to have someone haul it away.
The people on the street are responsible folks and did the right thing calling the police right away, as “suggested, recommended and encouraged by Homeland Security and the FBI, especially after 9-11, and more recently since the Boston Marathon Bombing.

“The People” are trying to do the right thing, acting responsible, to look out for one another – being good neighbors; …….which is America to me….but where, i ask, are those working FOR “The People” – employed by the people – paid by “The People” to protect them ?

How serious did some Officers/Law Enforcement take the Boston Marathon bombing to not even take a closer look at cart-loads full of huge bags, Kitchen equipment, Pots, etc. dumped into a residential neighborhood ? Was the bombing just a farce – just TV to them ? Was it a joke to them ?



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