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Stop-and-Frisk but no BAG checks ?

This is an Update from the earlier Article, see link > Was the Boston Marathon Bombing just a Joke ?

regarding two Shopping-carts, loaded with enormous amounts of stuff, from Kitchen ware, to full trash bags, clothing, wigs, etc. dumped last night, approx. 11 PM, in front of a building in a residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California, by a homeless man.

The Shopping carts and property “appear” to belong to a black homeless woman who’d regularly camped at the bus-stop across Bristol Farms supermarket in West Hollywood – who appeared to’ve been a familiar sight to residents in the neighborhood.

The young homeless man, appeared to’ve taken the two shopping carts, pushing them into Beverly Hills, then dumping them in a residential neighborhood.

Residents of the street are appalled that after 10 hours, of the man dumping the load onto the street, no precautionary actions, like taking a closer look at the load, were taken by police, nor the city, to assure the safety of the residents in the neighborhood – considering the Boston Marathon Bombing prompted government agencies to encourage, even urge, people to call the local law enforcement when seeing suit cases, etc. left unattended. In the case of these shopping carts, the people called police right away, but……

At approx. 7:15 PM, a little while ago, a police car was once again observed to’ve driven up that street; with the officer stopping at the scene/ shopping carts, then parked for several minutes in the drive way across, but was not observed to’ve stepped out of his vehicle to take a closer look at the belongings. To give it the benefit of doubt, he may’ve looked at it when no one looked.

Here are some close-ups of the cart loads, and when clicking on the photo, enlarging it, one can clearly see some kitchen equipment, which to some people is naturally alarming, considering the Boston Marathon Bombing was caused by a pressure cooker.


Photo 2

Photo 3

Here a Close-Up

Photo 4

If law enforcement can “stop-and-frisk” people in New York city, but don’t check what’s in shopping-carts of homeless people, some of whom may not be legally in this country (?), especially some of the newer homeless, nor check what a huge load dumped in a residential neighborhood is made of, than it’s careless, to say the least.



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