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Dare we share our Memories

A tree is a tree is a tree is a…….
By Korifaeus

The subject of ” Memory” is one of my favorite subjects; i’d literally written books about it, or rather stories that were supposed to become books, if it hadn’t been for this weird spam virus with which my old G4 Mac was bugged several years ago, resulting in the loss of ALL of my files, as shared in this previous article, see > Mac has no bugs …….not?

But thank goodness for “memory”, ‘cuz the essence of what i’d written i still remember and no computer virus or hacker can get into THAT space of the cells where our memory is.

Which reminds me, …. remember “typewriters” ?

If i could have been able to get ink-bands for my old typewriter i would never have moved on to the word processor. And if i would have been able to get ink-disks i would not have moved on to a Canon Word processor. And if i could have been able to get floppy disks i would never have moved on to a computer. It was not a choice – there was just no way around it anymore. Plus publishers, editors, etc. no longer sent couriers to pick up new articles or the re-writes ( after the early 20th century), nor did publishers and editors accepted “paper” letters sent via the pony express. Email became a must.

Thinking back, however, the type writer was in many ways superior to a computer – way ahead of its time. It didn’t need any electricity. No bugs could infiltrate a typewriter. It was 100 % intellectual property theft proof. In order to get to the writings one would have to find the papers, which if important, were locked up in a safe.

It had a “built-in” printer. No need to buy a printer, attaching it to the typewriter. It came WITH a built-in printer. ( how cool is THAT ? ) It could last for hundreds of years and never break down. It didn’t need any updates – it didn’t have to be registered – there were no enormous instruction manuals in need to be studied, outside of how to change the ink band. That was the only thing one had to change from time to time – ink bands.
Whoever it was having invented the typewriter, kudos to you.

But my memory goes further back than using a typewriter. I’m currently in Los Angeles thus am using a car and had to fill up the gas the other day. The tank was almost empty, thus filling up the tank cost exactly $53.00

I remember when first driving a car it cost $10.00 to fill up the tank. Ten dollars.
This was in the late 1980’s. Ten dollars had a lot more value then. One could get two bags with ten 100% white cotton socks for $10.00 back then,( one bag with ten socks$5.00 ) also during the 1990’s. Try getting just a single pair of 100% cotton socks in the United States nowadays. No really, try.

Heck, i’m old enough to remember when folks would still leave empty milk bottles on the front door stoop, for the milkman, WITH the money right next to it and it was still there when the milkman arrived bringing new Milk bottles ( and eggs and butter ). Those were “glass” bottles, btw. Talk about how the past was way ahead of its time – that was the purest way of recycling. No throw away society with cartons and plastic bottles. Back in the day, ……. uh oh, i’m starting to sound like my parents. 😉

There’s a lot i remember, for all i know i’m much older than i thought. I remember when New York City was the winter camp for all Circuses. It was New York where Circus originated. This was a long time ago and circus entailed more than acrobats and animal shows. It was theater, as well, where plays would be performed, as well as magic shows. When Spring arrived the ships would be loaded with wagons, tents, animals and all the folks, etc. would set sail for Europe, at the time called Ur-Opa, which meant as much as Original Grandfather ( great-great-grandfather) which dates back to evolution. The Ur-Grandfather of mankind being a “boar”, who originated in “Iberia”, from the German word, “Eber”, ( Abraham’s grand father ) which means “Boar”.

Anyhow, everyone would then come back in fall to spent the winter in Man-Naetta, as Manhattan was called then. New shows for the next Circus season were rehearsed and performed in the theaters, many of which are still on Broadway.

I suddenly recall originally America was called Panea, land of Pan; only much later it was named America which was a double entendre, of sort, as i recall; Ame’Rica, which stood for ” Delicious Mother”, because it was the “mother land”. Fatherland was Iberia, due to the boar, and motherland Panea, due to the “cat” ( Pan is short for Panther ).
The Boar and the Cat mated and voila, an ape like looking species was the result of the union.

As far as i remember the evolution story was encoded in ” Porgy” and “Bess”.

And “Am’Erica”, ( like, i am Erica ) as in “Erica”, which was a title of sort for Lady Liberty, whose story goes much further back then the supposed building of the Statue of Liberty in the 18 hundreds.

Which reminds me, i remember when the Dollar was called “Sol” for which the S originally stood, and it used to have “2” lines through the S. If i recall correctly it had something to do with healing; the S represented the Serpent coiled around a Staff, like the Caduceus and the two lines through the S meant “two” snakes around one staff. Hey, maybe “Staff” meant to suggest the “Medical Staff”, as in people who were Physicians.

That explains why all the ships with the red-cross flags came all the time, bringing sick people to the land, to heal them. Like the Mayflower – the red cross flags served to warn people, even pirates, not to come too close because highly infectious people were on board, brought to the America to be healed.

Goodness, now that i think about it, of course, ……. HisPania, Es’Panea was named AFTER Panea, like a second domicile of the Paneans, some of whom had established themselves over there. This goes way back; not Columbus discovered America, it was reversed. The Ships would sail from Man-Naetta ( modern day New York) in a straight line to Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico. Many Paneans settled originally on the Canary Islands. From the Canaries they’d sail to Cadiz.

Considering Espanea was basically founded by Paneans, coming from America, i.e., Panea, it seems unlikely that Columbus, probably working for the Medical Staff, went to find India through which he discovered America, since he most likely knew the way, since supposedly he was a “Spaniard” ?
He most certainly didn’t call the natives “Indians” because of a confusion with the country of India. Natives of ANY country were called ” Indae” which is latin for “native”.

Oh, i get it, there must have been a confusion of sort ‘cuz of the whole ” Conquistador” thingie. Must have been a misunderstanding that got taken way out of proportion, LOL.
It’s Phonetic code-slang”, because the Pans ( Paneans) always kissed their mate at the door when leaving and when coming back, thus ” Con” ( with) Quis ( kiss) ta Dor ( The Door).

Nina Pinta Maria

It’s a trickery slang developed a long time ago for protection and to trap folks, to see if new people coming to Panea really are who they say they are. T’was the strategy 101. When trying to find out the truth about people, one creates a lie… ( lying is NOT against the law) to see who repeats it, repeats the lie. Those repeating it, as though it’s their history or family story, too, give themselves away.

Goodness, i’m growing suspicious i’m stone old, to be remembering all these things. Apparently i have no problems yet with my long term memory.
Well, it’s usually the short term memory that goes first with older folks like me, so let’s see, what did i have for lunch today ?

Nothing, i’m fasting, i almost forgot. 😉



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